Date: 20/08/2013

Fellow patriot,

Today, I visited the innocuous 'Yummy Yummy' sweet shop*, in the heart of Islamic East London.

This shop is where the notorious, vile Muslim extremist leader Abu Izzadeen works and also where his fellow fanatics meet.

Seriously, this mad, hate filled extremist peddles his hatred from a sweetie shop!

After filming a short clip outside, I ventured inside, only to be subjected to a furious torrent of abuse and threats from Izzadeen, who must be reeling from the pressure that 'OPERATION FIGHTBACK' is putting on him....he isn't a happy bunny!

Islam responded in the typical Muslim fashion: by attempting to physically attack me!

Hate preacher Izzadeen, convicted terrorist, who lives in a nice council house situated at 18 Brierley Road, Leytonstone, demonstrated his true credentials as a venomous scoundrel without the courage to debate and as a man of violence.

When are the police going to arrest this man who has plenty of form for violent outbursts?

When are the council going to evict him from his taxpayer subsidised home?

This is the poison that now lives within our midst!

This is the Islamic invader who spits on Britain and all we hold dear yet who is still happy to hold out his hand for a giro and a council house from us "infidels" while he sells his sweeties.

Please click on the image below to view the video from today's confrontation:
We wish to send a clear message from Britain First to all of the Islamic preachers of hate:

The fightback has begun, we will not give you a moments peace, we - the true people of Britain - are going to hound you from dawn till dusk!

You are not welcome here, and we're going to make damn sure you know it!

Stand with us fellow patriots, it is time to take this nation back for our own people!

We intend to bring the struggle to their doorsteps, to expose their venues, to lobby their local newspapers, to locate and publicise their extremist meetings, and much more!

We will do the donkey work and take the fight to their doors but to produce leaflets, posters and all the other campaign stuff, we look to YOU for assistance!

Will you chip in?

Please click below and send a gift to 'OPERATION FIGHTBACK!'...every penny counts:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

Britain First