Date: 15/08/2013


I maintain that the biggest threat we face is not from Pakistan or China but our own selves ! The former are painted for public consumption as diversions and ploy for churning money and political mileage and arm chair occupations . For us soldiers threat is from very own institution of Generalship now a club of ignominious upstarts not worthy to adorn any trappings of profession of arms. This is the message even from rank and file in villages the back bone of our military sinews. Not only is our very foundation for military grooming awry steeped in colonial anachronism like everything else a washout but on this very account the appraisal system itself has become spurious . What we are witnessing is testimony to our free fall in all areas of governance the military not wanting to be left behind . The submarine disaster must not be weighed against loss of money or lives but much more as a black face for our leadership another blow to our national self esteem . Those who are ready to pass this off as sabotage even if it be so only subvert accountability with grave consequences . If it is truly sabotage then one more feather in our adversary’s cap! Our Navy has been coming in lime light for not so creditable achievements , espionage right under the nose of its Chief and by his own kin, for moral turpitude involving wives and graft in procurement of ordnance . A nation and society cannot be downed , drubbed or stamped out unless they are culpable themselves ! We are heading for this state .There is a strong need for introspection .


XXXXXXXXXXX India's submarine sank, sabotage not ruled out.

We were desperately looking for some good news on the eve of India's "Independence" Day that turned out to be her PARTITION Day when we received the news of sinking of the Navy submarine.

Loss of military equipment of such strategic importance and high value, and the loss of specialist crew, is a NATIONAL DISASTER and we should both condemn and mourn it.

For our Navy, and us all, it is the worst news since the so-called “Inependence” (1947)!


15 August 2013.


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Navy loses INS Sindhurakshak, no contact yet with 18 submariners

The chief of Navy and several ex-Navy officers are of the opinion that sabotage cannot be ruled out in case of explosion and fire that sank India's submarine along with 18 soldiers. This is a great loss both in men and material. Coming the wake up of repeated violations of ceasefire at LoC , kidnapping and beheading of Indian Soldiers, if this too turns out to be handiwork of Pakistan which wont be surprising because it has friends in high places in UPA government which goes out of the way to cover up or provide apologia for Pakistan so that PM, MMS can save comng talks with dear friend Paki PM, N Sharif, it will not be surprising at all.

That security is lax both at border and in coastal area is evident. After 26/11 attack which was staged after Paki terrorists sailed all the way from Karachi, held the city hostage for 3 days, even rag tag Somali pirates got so emboldened to repeat the feat of Pakistan. They sailed to Mumbai. Fortunately coast guard spotted them and the attack was thwarted.

Of course the responses of UPA of Sonia G to any of attacks by Pakistan are as follows judged from recent history.

1. Prime Minister office comes out immediately ruling out any military reponse.

2. Statement comes, 'we are not afraid to resume peace process'.

3. Announcements of Cricket matches.

So Pakistan kept on increasing its attacks especially at LoC.

Indian army had standing orders to keep quiet not respond to either taunts of verbal abuse by Paki soldiers and not even shoot back. So Indians continue to suffer casualties. And of course response of Congress spokesmen is nothing but contempt for Indian soldiers loss of life= After all they joined army to die if necessary, said Digv Singh.

Recently even Defense Minister of India joined the ranks of Pakistan apologists. He said that some in Pakistan military uniform came and killed Indian soldiers after abducting them. He apparently made this statement in parliament at behest of Prime Minister office which is preparing for talks with Nawaz Sharif and nothing not even loss of lives of Indian soldiers would not be allowed to come in the way.

However only after yet another abduction and killing of Indian soldiers , with a smirk on his face, Defense minister in Parliament stated that Indian forces are now free to respond to attacks. So what happened before ? Their hands were tied by orders said to be passed on informally, not to retaliate.

However when there was hue and cry, then Defense minister back tracked and mentioned that Pakistani special forces were responsible. But the harm was done. Pakistan kept harping on different statement ,instead of being placed on defensive due to appeasement policies assiduously adhered to by SoniaG's Congress.

So now with sinking of Submarine only after all evasive possibilities to absolve Pakistan are exhausted, then only its role will be noted officially by Congress government. Thanks to increasing revulsion in the country both at continuing proxy war which is much cheaper for Pakistan to wage than buying a submarine, and nauseating appeasement of UPA, most likely PMO office will refrain from announcing any of the 3 steps noted above. Perhaps even the talks will be delayed by few hours if not cancelled and will be held after some decent interval when the news disappears from front pages.

One wonders why wait till next year, why not opposition bring a no confidence motion to bring SoniaG's UPA govt down? Just how many more lives have to be lost and how many more attacks should go unanswered from most favored nation of Pakistan ?

People of India ,judging from the mood, it appears want the Congress government out and bring Modi in. Why not hasten the desirable change ?