Date: 12/08/2013

Thank you for your esteemed comment (below).

Although you are right that UK is "soft" and London is called "Londonistan" we do, however, see the difference:

As opposed to the ignorant, intimidated and slavish general masses in Bharat, the general masses in the West are wide awake, fearless and getting into "RETALIATION MODE".

Therefore, the possibility exists that if a Government in the West does not stop patronising the Muslims, it (the government) will be SWEPT AWAY from power by the general masses.

We already see nationalist patriotic parties like UKIP, BNP and BRITAIN FIRST in the UK mentioning "MUSLIMS" by name to be thrown out for being a serious security risk!

That is something one cannot say about Partitioned India where the Government AND the masses are both scared of the Muslims- so much so that we have failed to secure the borders in South Kashmir and raise the historic Temple in Ayodhya!


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I used to think that UK and US will be different when it comes to tackling Islamic terrorism but apparently they are not that much different from secular India. Especially David Cameron. Why the special treatment for Moslems in UK ? They all already enjoy all the privileges and more, than any Britisher. Even at memorials for British soldiers they are mocked by Moslems who spew hate against Britain. Yet if any one writes truth about Islam he is the one charged with hate crimes. Is it any wonder that London is called Londonistan ?
Similar latitude shown here in New York has made NY a center for plots by Moslem radicals to target American landmarks and Americans.
Yet US gives grants to Madrasas.

Of course less said about secular India that much is better. Right now Kishtwar, J & K is facing Jihad following EiD and Hindu cleansing to this Jammu city is being extended under direct supervision of Sajjad Kichloo, the Home minister of J & K who was in mosque along with police commissioner when following prayers, the Moslem mobsters carrying Paki flags, pictures of Mohd Afjal ( attacker of parliament) and Qesab (26/11 fame) poured into streets attacking burning Hindu properties,entering and attacking Hindu homes and Hindus and no one knows as to how many Hindus got killed.
So it goes.

Compared to India, the Jihad in UK is in its initial stages because the numbers are not there nor is there a proximity to an Islamic state. Nevertheless Jihadis are doing as best as they can including hacking a British Soldier in the middle of street in broad day light just like what was done to BJP workers in Tamil Nadu.

My hope is one day soon world over, the civilized nations adversely affected with this menace of Jihad combine resources to end it.Now only lip service in this regard , like saying 'zero tolerance to terrorism' is being paid but not in action.