Date: 10/08/2013

It was MK Gandhi’s innermost yearning as an emaciated Hindu to see strong Mogul Raj re-established in Bharat after the departure of the "British Lion" so that by paying Jezia the Hindus could “buy” their safety and the safety of their virgin daughters from the Muslim predators.

Gandhi was well known for his appeasing the Muslims and admiring his Muslim friends and hosts. That is why when his friend MA Jinnah demanded Pakistan in March 1940 Gandhi did not protest or go on “fast unto death” as he used to do so often over much more banal issues to "move the conscience" of the European rulers.

Isn’t it amazing that MK Gandhi, the "Father of Nation" did not take much notice of "Pakistan Resolution" passed in Lahore on 23 March 1940 that demanded five provinces outright, and the right to deal with the trapped Hindus “as per Sharia”?

In Jawaharlal Nehru, senile Gandhi had a ready made accomplice to realize his dream to see the Flag of Mohammed of Mecca flying in Delhi as well as in Lahore.

Hindu leaders and intelligentsia are invited to THINK about the “Father of Nation” of Hindusthan who did not notice that India had GANGARENE and needed amputation of the affected limbs. After Partition India got CANCER that is spreading, and TERMINAL.