Date: 30/06/2013

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Mr Prime Minister.


Roseburg , OR ( USA ) June 24, 2013

With giving no thought to the sentiments and anguish it might cause to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains, Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, (a Sikh himself) is visiting Kashmir to inaugurate among other things a historic 84-km road which has been purposely titled as “Mughal Road Project” that connects the Kashmir Valley with the Jammu division through Poonch. Singh will be accompanied by his boss and UPA Chair, Sonia Gandhi. According to the known schedule the two day tour will commence tomorrow.

By honoring and glorifying Mughals, the most barbaric occupiers of India, who did not only kill and enslave Indians by the millions, looted and destroyed millions of their temples and places of worship and built Muslim mosques on top of them but worst of all killed thousands of Hindu saints and Sikh Gurus, the UPA’s has created this political plank for appeasing the Muslim populations of Kashmir and India. Emboldened by this treacherous policy of the Congress regime no wonder that Mughal descendants of the region including Al Qaeda, Taliban, Mujahideen, Pakistan and Islamists in general, have declared that “India remains their unfinished business.”

The Diversity-USA has condemned the attempt at glorifying Mughals by the two top most congress leaders. With this shameful act they are humiliating the patriotic non-Muslim populations of the J&K State and India. Honoring the Mughals, the barbarian occupiers of India who committed the largest genocide in the human history to accomplish their failed goal of Islamizing Hindustan is the last thing India should be doing. Catching the ideological sense of the Indian ruling class Al Qaeda, Taliban, Pakistan and all brands of Mujahideen have declared their mission to Islamize India in its entirety for establishing what they call Nizam-e-Mustafa in the Indian sub-continent.

How unfortunate it is that India’s Sikh Prime Minister without any regard to India’s national sentiments and contempt about the murderous history of the Mughal conquerors should happily go to Kashmir and inaugurate the MUGHAL ROAD PROJECT. Besides the crimes against the general population of India does he not know what kind of inhumanities the Mughals had inflicted upon the Sikhs and Sikh Gurus? Manmohan Ji do you know:

1. Who put Guru Nanak Dev Ji in jail for preaching Sikhism?
Yes, it was the founder of tyrannical Mughal dynasty – Zahiriddin Mahammad Babur the butcher who enslaved and killed Indians by the millions;

2. Who arrested, tortured & beheaded Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh Ji for the crime of protecting Sikhism and Kashmiri Hindus from being forcibly converted to Islam?
Yes, it was the contemptible Mughal murderer Aurangzeb who killed Indians by the millions to fulfill his dream of converting the Indian nation to Islam and set up “Nizam-e-Mustafa”. Hindu & Sikh women by the millions were kidnapped, raped and sold “dollar a dozen” to Muslims and his Muslim army men; The Guru sacrificed his life to protect the religious freedom of non Muslims in Mughal India.

3. Who killed two grand kids of Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh Ji (sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji)?
Yes, it was the same enemy of humanity and human dignity – despicable Aurangzeb;

4. Who stabbed to death the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Guru Tegh Bahadur’s son)?
Yes, it was a Mughal assassin by the name of Wazir Khan.

5. Who ordered the torture, dehumanization and ultimately murder of the 5th Sikh Guru, Guru
Arjun Dev Ji?
Yes, it was that Mughal human animal called Jahangir.

To jog the memory of the Sikh P.M. of India these are just a few notable examples of the inhumanities, crimes and contemptible acts committed by the Mughals against the Sikh community and its religious hierarchy. The history of India not written by Mughal agents is replete with such examples. Even then pouring salt in the wounds of Hindu-Sikh India and to promote electoral possibilities via vote bank strategy, under the command of an Italian Catholic Lady, Manmohan has chosen to honor the Mughals, the worst tormentors of the Indian nation.

While strongly denouncing this un-Indian, extremely insensitive and totally unpatriotic act of the PM, Joginder Singh Johal, a principal representative of The Sikh Jatha of the American West Coast joining Dr. Jagan Kaul of Diversity-USA demand that Govt. should re-name the Mughal Road Project and call it Guru Tegh Bahadur Highway (GTB HIGHWAY). The Guru richly deserves this honor for he sacrificed his life for the religious freedom of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs. Additionally for demonstrating his slavish mentality and loyalty to Mughals so blatantly the Prime Minister owes an unconditional apology to the Sikh community and the Indian nation. If there is any integrity left in the Indian ruling class they should shun the idea of honoring the bloody Mughals and instead honor Indian national heroes. Such an action by them at this critical juncture will further reaffirm that Kashmir in fact is an integral part of India.