Date: 21/06/2013

Prime Minister of India

Nehru proved that an Egotistic (AUTOCRAT) man can be the Prime Minister of India,

Shastri proved that a Poor man can be the PM,

Indira Gandhi proved that a woman can be the PM despite her real name MAIMOONA BEGUM,

Morarji proved that a Pissaholic can be the PM,

Rajiv Gandhi Proved that being a PM is an inheritable disorder that entitles him to take commission from defence deals,

V P Singh proved a Raja Can Be the PM,

Narasimha Rao proved that a Scholar can be the PM,

Deve Gowda proved that Tom, Dick & Harry can be the PM,

Vajpayee proved that a even a Patriot can be the PM who can ride the SAMJHAUTA EXPRESS to appease Pakistan,

Man Mohan Singh has proved that WE DO NOT NEED A PM AT ALL !

so what is the cacophony about as to who the next PM SHOULD BE ?