Date: 05/06/2013


Sikhs are a vital element of Bharat. Can we imagine India without Sikhs?
This is exactly what the Dynasty and the Congress Party want- to destroy the defence potential of Bharat and then take over the country of Vedas and Rishis for rapid enslavement and conversions of the docile servile Hindus who now sit at the feet of Daughter of Pope called Sonia Maino.

The rift between Hindus and Sikhs and between the Brahmins and the Dalits and between the North Indians and the Tamils is all the MISCHIEF of Dynasty and Congress Party. We should have been smart to comprehend this decades ago!

The dynasty is planning to hold the Hindu nation (Bharat) under its FOOT for ever and go on further LOOTING and PLUNDERING till the Hindus become impoverished beggars on their own territory. In Western and Eastern India the Hindus are already EXTINCT.

Hindu leaders ought to have understood the Congress plan to ISOLATE the Sikhs. And, they were expected to respect the Sikhs and gather their MARTIAL potential to ask them to (1) DEFEND the bordersf; (2) Go and settle down in SOUTH Kashmir to protect the Hindus (who are now refugees); And (3) LIBERATE the historic Temple in Ayodhya.

The Sikhs would have reached AYODHYA, that was bypassed by the TEN MILLION Hindu pilgrims gathered at Kumbh recently, in 10 days and started the work on reconstruction!

Yes, even now if Shri LK Advani puts his own ego aside and goes to Sri Amritsar and REPENTS in Golden Temple, where there is still the PAIN & ANGUISH of 1984, and then APPEALS to the Sikhs to LIBERATE Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, one will see the JOB DONE!

Thereafter the Hindus can bask in glory for ever and make the city a world wide centre of pilgrimage like The Vatican!

One can compare the guts and spirits of the Sikh MINORITY that "beheaded" Maimoona Begum (aka Indira Gandhi) for her audacity to attack Golden Temple in June 1984 with the LACK of GUTS and CONVICTION of the one billion strong HINDU majority community who are doomed to see the RUINS in Ayodhya till eternity.

Do we see a stir among the Hindu MASSES to move an inch towards that direction?

It is time to respect all elements within the great HINDU family and UNITE them to confront much bigger threat from the Pope and the followers of the savage Beduines from Arabia known as the Muslims. One should recall as to how easily on ONE day in 1947 they conquered one third of India and sent the Hindus fleeing in panic in all directions. THE ENEMY IS STILL THERE!

The challenge before the Hindus is to shout "AKHAND BHARAT" once again and then to GO STRAIGHT TO AYODHYA. Yes, GO ON!

5 June 13
ps: In OCCUPIED Bharat's "surcharged" and tense atmosphere no one should lightheartedly and irresponsibly say "Khalistan" before saying "PAKISTAN" a hundred times!