Date: 10/11/2020

Ambitions of Islam --Goals of Islam


Wage war till only Islam is left on earth.----Quran. 8;39


This article has been prepared for non Muslims in general and Hindus in particular who have 't got time to look out and purchase a copy of Quran and read and know the message and contents there in, because you accept it or not, it has adversely affected you, your children, family, friends, community, country and the whole world due to the plans, aims and ambitions of followers of Islam , who are very active to change the demography of a village, street, town, city,country and all the continents to Islamise the entire world and this is going on since the seventh century, but now it is being realised everywhere so the problem is at your door step in many forms so do not think that this would not affect you, so open your eyes ,ears and use your brain before it is too late too be further harmed by those who claim to represent the religion of peace ,which in fact is a religion of violence, terror, sex, lies, conversion, destruction and is against peace, democracy, freedom ,progress and modernity and rule of law.

To Islamise the whole world is the top most fundamental goal of all Muslims wherever they live . This is on top of the agenda of Islam since its beginning in 7th.century in Saudi Arabia.The followers of Islam have been working for this goal and now they have 57 Islamic countries and Muslims are increasing in number at alarming rate in all the continents more so in non- Islamic countries . How will this adversely affect must be taken seriously by all non Muslims in their countries ?Muslims are always at war in Darul Harb [ where Muslims are a minority ] countries with the non Muslims until they convert that country in to Darul Islam country[ruled by Muslims ] for which they can do anything because they believe that that is justified on the name of Allah/ Islam and they would be rewarded if they die in advancing the the cause of Islam.They are brain washed since childhood in Madrassas that they would go to Jannat [ heavan ] .

All Muslims leaders and ordinary Muslims without exception are together and united to establish Celiphate means Muslim rule in that country , there should be no religion other than Islam and no other God than Allah, means God of Muslims only according to Quran.NO GOD BUT ALLAH . They have been absolutely ruthless, unapologetic,unwavering in this work . The 1300 +years history of Islam is the witness. BUT NON-MUSLIMS HAVE FAILED TO UNDERSTAND THE MUSLIM MIND DUE TO IGNORANCE BUT IT WOULD COST THEM EVERYTHING DEAR TO THEM LIKE FREEOM AND DEMOCRACY and above all decent progressive,innovative,artistic and scientific life with rule of law,.Islam and democracy are two parallel lines which can never meet .There is no true democracy in Muslim countries.

Ignorance about Islam's aggressive teachings , aggressive attitude, brutal and ruthless killings,rapes, assassinations,loot, plunder,kidnapping,conversion,Jazia taxes on non Muslims under Muslim rule , burning houses and crops by Muslim soldiers , polygamy,lies,betrayals, torture, terrorism, forced feeding of beef to Hindus for conversion , lying to defend and promote Islam,sharing goods won in war including women, wealth and girls, and inhuman practices led to failure and defeat on part of non Muslims throughout the history. In the last nearly 1400 years of Islam from desert of Saudi Arabia.As result there are now 57 Muslim countries[ non- Muslim free areas means all non Muslims either converted to Islam or killed in these countries ]. Islam is the fastest growing religion due to ignorance amongst non Muslims about Islam. Islam and its rise due to terrorism and conversion of non Muslims is the biggest danger to the democratic- free world in all the continents /countries without exception, if you care to see what Muslims are slowly and secretly doing to younger generation mainly to poor girls in cities / streets, work places and universities. Saudi Arabia gives money to Muslim boys to marry non Muslim girls to increase the Muslim population in the host countries through Muslim organisations . Young and old Muslims are misleading the young poor vulnerable girls in most of the cities for sex ,in all the cities. In Roheram, England fourteen hundred girls were raped over the years and similar situation is in other cities of England/ Europe .The authorities failed badly to protect poor and vulnerable young girls .Police , council leaders, politicians knew what was going on but they all looked the other side.Why ? WHY? WHY ? To keep harmony and peace in the community according to police statement ; Shame on such administration in England.

Unlimited amount of money is available as promised in the 2nd. International Islamic Conference held in 1982- 83 ,in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . Saddam Hussein then president of Iraq , proposed by saying that Allah had spoken twice to them, in first instance he gave Quran and in second instance he gave us liquid gold-- the petrol, so it was agreed to provide unlimited money unanimously to fund to Islamise/ convert the whole world as mentioned in the Quran.They justify whatever wrong or unlawful they do to convert non Muslims to Islam for this .Allah will reward them.Islam permits and encourage the followers to lie or cheat or do anything to promote Islam.

The kaffirs [ all non Muslims] must know about Islam because Islam has aim to dominate at every level to convert this world into Islam by every possible way/ evil way.They are actively doing this so do not ignore if you have any pride in yourself, your children, your ancestors/ culture/religion/nation/ heritage/ music/language freedom and democracy .Two faces of Islam is actively working and non Muslims are confused because of lack of knowledge about Islam, contents in Quran against Kaffir, failure on the part of ignorant parents and weak leaders of Kaffirs .
Who rules a Muslim as an individual, Muslim community or a Muslim country. It is not the head of the family, president, prime minister ,the cabinet, an individual or the constitution but Koran/ Shari law/ Hadith in all the Muslim countries . where ever Muslims live as minority they repeatedly ask or try for Sharia law to be followed in non Muslim countries.

There are 85 Sharia courts in England for Muslims.They are constantly demanding more in European union.They have endless demand .They have enormous money available through Mosques from rich Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia and others .
Muslims in non Muslim countries do not respect the law of the land and start demand for sharia law as soon as they have sufficient Muslim population. This is a myth that there are moderate / liberal/ secular Muslims ,this is just to fool the host country/friends they sometimes call themselves secular/moderate . This is just to fool others that what Muslim terrorists are doing is against Islam or they are misguided or radicalised and their interpretation of Koran is wrong but in fact these terrorists are doing what the koran says.The Ayats in Koran clearly say a lot against non Muslims and these Muslims terrorists follow that and this is the fact.
If you have any doubt then read Quran and see the facts yourself.Quran is available in all the languages.
Quran motivates, incites, encourages, empowers .energises and commands Muslims to act to harm non Muslims.This is very well organised declared/ undeclared/ proxy war at individual, local, regional and international level by Muslims wherever possible. Their organisations act against all non Muslims as declared by Quran.

One or two good quotations the Mullas mention from Quran to fool and confuse the Kaffirs/ non Muslims
Non Muslims are absolutely ignorant about Islam because they never cared to know about it and even so called educated think that only a few extremist are doing this terrorism but this is not true. Under the slogan of Jihad / Islam in danger they are all for one and one for all and all for one .Slogans like 'Islam is in danger' Allahu Akbar -- Muslims join each other against non Muslims/infidels/kaffirs/pagans/idolators/christians/Hindus/ Jews/ Sikhs/Jains/ Buddhists .This is the war against all kafirs by all Muslims with all the possible assistance and help in all possible way by fellow Muslims and their organisations all over the world .

A few words one must understand with their meaning.

Kufra=unbelieve. Kafir=unbeliever or infidel or idolator= who does not believe in Allah,God of Muslims only .You are non believer if you do not accept Allah as God .So God strictly speaking is not God for Muslims. The word God is not synonymous for Allah as far as a Muslims are concerned.

There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah. ---Shahada [ Islamic declaration of faith.] There have been many prophets of Alllah but Mohammad is the last prophet of Allah.If you are a Muslim then Allah is God for you otherwise you are Kaffir.

In Koran the word Allah is used exclusively for Muslim - God, who revealed Koran. NO GOD BUT ALLAH.Allah is not synonymous with God.

All other God/s or god/ goddesses are false according to Quran [ and Muslims].

It must not be mistaken for any other God.When Koran refers to God it refers specifically /exclusively/solely 100% to Allah or Muslim God.

Darul Islam= means where there is Islamic majority and there is Islamic rule in that area or country like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan + 55 more Muslim countries.

Darul harb= Where Muslims are not in majority but may be Islamic rule as it was under Moghuls in Hindusthan/India.All countries where Muslims are in minority are called Darul harb countries and their aim is to convert into a Darul Islam country slowly but surely.

In a Darul harb country the Muslims have undeclared war with non Muslims when they are in minority and as soon as they have say 2% to 5% Muslim population they start unending demand for sharia law/halal meat, hizab, bourka, Muslim schools, Muslim councillors, Muslim Members in the Parliaments and many other things shamelessly and never grateful for the facilities they have from the host country.Muslims have no regard for the law or constitution of the host country and this is the reason for the demand for Sharia law and continuous conflicts with the host population.

The conversion of Hindus started in 711 A.D. in India and since then it has been going on everyday by all the evil ways you name it by force, rape, forced feeding of beef, forced marriages, destroying Mandirs ,kidnapping of girls ,loot, plunder.burning houses, Muslim invasions, Muslim rule, and terror, kidnap, loot, set fire to non Muslims and their homes, false promises etcs.

When Muslims are in good number the demand for a Muslim candidate as councillor or Member of Parliament and they vote that candidate only.Their votes are decided by Mullas and only two or three days before the election they announce in the Mosques whom to vote .Almost all Muslim votes go to the chosen party or candidate.This exploitation of democratic system and in long run it destroys the system.

What is the aim of Muslims?

It is a sacred duty of a Muslims to convert non Muslims to Islam by numerous ways since its beginning by force, terror, tricks, lies, betrayal, forced marriage, bribes, kidnapping, fear of death, rapes, gang rapes, black mailings,forced feeding of beef to vegetarians [Hindus Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists ],fighting, invasions, Zazia or extra tax ,false treaties,recitation of koranic verse under threats, killing children and family members before own family members, beheading people and showing pile of heads of those who refused to convert to Islam , to people to create fear and terror so people would convert to Islam and many other methods.

The use of petro-dollars or money from oil rich Muslim countries is playing major part in converting poor people all over the world.They have limitless fund for this as agreed in Riyad, Saudi Arabia in 1982-83 during 2nd.International Islamic conference on the suggestion by Saddam Hussein of Iraq, that Allah had spoken twice to them .First Allah gave Quran and secondly Allah gave them black liquid gold [ petrol] so let us use it to Islamise the whole world. They all agreed without opposition .

Islam means submission to the will of Allah , the Muslim God is called Allah. No God but Allah.Those who submit only to Allah are called Muslim.Those who do not accept Allah are Kaffir or non believer and are disliked by Muslims and are target for conversion into Islam and this is the root cause of all the problems between Muslims and Kaffirs [ all non Muslims ].

There are five conditions or principles for every Muslim to follow. [I] Faith in Allah and Mohammad as His last prophet on earth. [2] Praying five times by kneeling daily in the direction of Mecca , Saudi Arabia. [ 3 ] Giving of alms. to support Masjids and poorMuslims from own income. [ 4 ] Fasting throughout in the month of Ramadan, the 9th month of Muslim calendar from morning until evening.[5 ] Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca from own income once in life , dressed in white cloths.
Muslims call themselves believers means those who believe in Allah only and all others are called non believers/ kaffir/ infidel/ idolators or pagans by them .

Muslims are extremely intolerant/ violent /abusive and do not like non Muslims and this is the root cause of all the problems in the society all over wherever they live because according to them the ideal society is which accepts and follows Islamic theocracy.Whatever others believe is false and whatever Muslims believe is true.They do not want to change or reform.They think and strongly believe that only their way is right.Any advise or suggestion leads to quarrel /fight or violence, riots and death.

This is a myth that there are moderate Muslims/secular Muslims .Muslims rich or poor, educated or uneducated, a villager or from city, from Arab countries or Europe, from Asia or Africa, white or black or brown, in business or manual worker, Sunni or Shia or Ahmedia or of any stock they are all united against non Muslims under the slogan of Islam in danger/ Allahu Akbar.This is also true that Sunnis and Shias have very deep differences. Ahmadias are not considered as Muslim by Sunnis either. This is the truth that the non Muslims must see and decide their behaviour , voting in elections and dealings or accepting them as worker or refugees or partners.

There is no peace in that region/ community/ country wherever Muslims are in minority -.

Islamaization of the whole world is their aim and work for this has been going on since 7th. century because there was not a single Muslim1400 years ago. Now they are more than 1500 millions. Their aim is clear [ 100% ] and they are working on it, but the tragedy is that the non- Muslims leaders in particular and people in general have never taken it seriously so Muslims are increasing in number more than ever before at present.This is the game of numbers and in democratic countries if you have numbers then you can win elections. Once Muslims have majority they will win elections and impose Islamic rule and that will be the end of pre- Islamic culture,languages, way of living and the beginning of destruction of temples,schools churches, freedom of expression and democracy etcs.Kindly refer to Muslim countries that preIslamic history in these countries almost destroyed completely

Muslims are brain washed since childhood and they follow Quran, sharia and Hadith. All the rules in Kaffir countries are false. So their aim is to establish Islamic rule which may take long time but once they have it that is the end of Kaffirs and everything non Islamic in that country.

Kill those who worship idols.--- Quran 9;5. Women are inferior, flog them if they speak.--Quran 4;34

Wage war till only Islam is left on earth.---Quran 8;39. Kill the Mushrik [ idolators ] wherever you find them------shoot them if you can, stab them, throw stones at their heads, poison them, burn their fields-----and if you are unable-----spit on their faces.

Spilling the blood of civilians and soldiers are both permitted----[for] the blood of unbeliever [ non Muslim] is like the blood of dog.----Quran.

The non Muslims must come out of confusion created by their leaders and Muslim leaders. In fact there is only one Islam and all Muslims follow the same one Prophet Mohammad and one book Quran.

Muslims who are in public life try to distance themselves from Jihadis, Wahabis, extremists, terrorist and barbarians are fooling non Muslims since 7th. century.The lie is not a lie if it promotes the cause of Islam for Muslims according to Quran.Any crime done on the name of Allah is not a crime and Allah will pardon according to Quran. Muslims commit more crime than others according to details available from different countries and their numbers in the prisons .

We must observe and see that brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is the brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only.

There is fraternity but its benefits is confined to that corporation only .There is nothing but contempt and enemity those who are out of that fraternity.


In broad day light a young English soldier Lee Rigby was killed by two British born black Nigerian Muslims in Woolwich, England in presence of many passers-by on 22nd. May 2013 .The killers are in Wakefield jail for life.

The ISIS beheaded two Japanese in 2014.

The list is too large to mention here.

This is a shame on the part of Britain that there are now active 85 Sharia courts in England. Why two laws in one country?


They have named Europe as Eurabia and within few years small countries in E.U. will see the Islamic state of Belgium/ Belgistan . Small countries in Europe will be under Islamic rule like Sweden, Norway, Belgium. At present Sweden has become heaven for Muslim rapists so Sweden is a lost case and others will follow. Then others will follow all due to increase in Muslim numbers.Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe.

Islam is an evil cult and it destroys everything it touches which can be seen in all Muslim nations that pre Islamic things are not seen in there countries.Muslims destroy all pre Islamic symbols and monuments.
This is the great game of numbers to win in democracy.This democracy will last until they have the power because Islam and democracy are incompatible. There is no democracy in Muslim countries.They will take the power by democracy but then over night change to Islamic rule/sharia law as they have done in 57 countries by destroying pre Islamic religions, heritage, traditions, languages, culture dress, food habits , music,dance, arts, fine arts, museums, schools, monuments , statues,destroying places of worship, universities, libraries and way of clothing and administration according to past records of Muslims in the countries they are in majority.

This is a declared war against all non Muslims by Quran since 7th, century . Muslims have followed this to the letter so have no confusion . They are ever prepared for this and they are working on this to Convert you,your family, your community, your country by every way possible or evil way.

The non Muslim leaders in particular and people in general are confused about the intentions of Muslims and as result Muslims are fooling them and winning in their aims and ambitions.

Read Quran in English published by Penguins and you will find all above quotations in there.

For a Muslim supreme is Allah but even Mohammad is above Allah.For a Muslim all the laws made by man are inferior to Quran/ Sharia and Hadith. A Muslim is NOT loyal to any country which is Darul-Harb or where Muslims are a minority and there is no Sharia law. He is loyal to a Darul- Islamic country where Muslims are in majority and Sharia law practiced and if he is citizen of that country.That is why they are in dispute for everything with locals and governments in nonIslamic countries. They have never ending demands according to teachings of Quran. Where ever Muslims are the peace has gone away for ever because they cannot live together with fellow Muslims such as Sunnis and Shias and other Muslim sects. This is clear from past and more so from present never ending problems, infighting, killing and problems created by Hamas, Al Quada, ISIS and countless other Muslims terrorist organisations being created to cause problems, chaos and conflicts all over the world.

Islamists practice Taqiya ---that is lying in the service of Islam which is justified.Islamists justify the means and complete disregard for the truth in order to dominate at local, regional and global level to establish Islam--Sharia laws.They are ruling in 57 Muslim countries and goal is to rule over the world and are working for it for the last 1400 years. Islam is at its fastest speed now a challenge to all Kaffirs in all the countries.See the census of of all the countries of the world in Google, it is alarming because Muslims are producing 5 to 10 children per couple more so in nonMuslim countries to win the elections for influence and domination. Their votes go to one political party and decided by Mullas who declare from the mosques to the followers only a day or two before elections.


The holy book states: 273 times that Muslims must kill Kaffir; 164 times states that Muslims must start Jehad/

holy war to control the world; it also states 109 times to behead non Muslims if they refuse to become Muslims/convert to Islam and to terrorise for domination over Kaffirs all over whenever possible since 7th.century.


Who is a Kaffir?

1.Anyone who does not believe in Allah. Allah is exclusively a God for Muslims only. Muslims always use the name of Allah in their teachings 'There is no God but Allah.' Allahu Akbar, Insa Allah etc.
2.Anyone who does not believe in Quran.

3.Anyone who does not believe in prophit Mohammad.

A Kaffir must be converted to Islam if he or she refuses then kill them.

Allah is supreme in Islam and God for Muslims only.

Allah is not synonym with God or other God/s for Hindus/ Jews/ Buddhists/ Christians/Pagans or any other religion.


Islam has stood against all the religions of the world throughout its history since its origin in 7th. century in Saudi Arabia. This is because of two faces of Islam and ignorance on the part of non-Muslims/ Kaffir.

[There is no God but Allah. Allah is the only God all other God/s are false according to teachings of Quran and this is the cause of all the conflicts, riots, violence, Jihad or holy wars between Muslims and non Muslims .This war must go on until all Kaffirs are converted to Islam and this is undeclared- declared war since 7th. century by Quran which must be understood by all non Muslims.This is the most important reason that Islam has 57 Islamic countries. Now Middle east countries are using Petro -Dollor to dominate in all the continents and targeting smaller nations .In these countries their aim is to get in and increase Muslim number by producing more Muslim children or converting locals slowly but surely by all evil ways.]The mass migration of Muslims from Middle east and Africa is the latest trick to invade Europe. The European leaders have failed to understand its devastating effects presently and in very near future it will be too late because they will dominate in number and declare Sharia law in the country by achieving Islamic state .

Chancellor Angela Merkle of Germany accepted one and half million Muslim refugees in 2015 and on 31st. Dec 2015 on new years eve what happened in streets of German cities is shocking and disgusting that hundreds of girls and women were molested and raped by these refugees in open and in streets should be taken seriously.

Don't be ignorant about aims and ambitions of Islam. Ignorance about Islam is weakness and is the root cause all the problems for non Muslims .Ignorance invites aggression. Non Muslims have been losing the fight without much resistance at local, regional, national and international level. As result there are 57 Muslim countries today in the world . Many countries would be losing to Islam and these countries [ Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Australia,Scotland, New Zealand, India ] will soon become Islamic countries due to increase in Muslim population.Muslims do not follow family planning.They have five to ten children per couple.The 95%refugees are male Muslims so they will mary the local girls and increase the Muslim number sooner in greater numbers.

Muslims do not practice family planning They have five to ten children per couple .This is their 21st. century winning plan to increase the Muslim number to dominate locally, regionally and nationally and win the elections to over take small or big nation so open your eyes and see what is happening around you and look after your interests to defeat Islam/ Muslims .It is getting too late in many small nations and many parts of the world.


Terrorists are not misinterpreting the Quran.It is clearly written in the Quran that non Muslims must be killed. Secularists who defend Islam have never studied the Quran. The Quran is the root cause of terrorism by Muslims. --------------Taslima Nasarin. Muslim Author, Exiled from Bangladesh.


To conquer Europe we do not need to go to war but increase number of Muslims in these counties as immigrant and win the power and declare Islamic state.--------------Col. M. Gaddafi.


Can a Muslim be a good human being???……………?


Let us discuss with open mind and history of Islam and records of Muslims since birth of Islam in the 7th. century in Saudi Arabia and wherever Muslims are .

[1]Theologically---------No because his\her loyalty is to Allah only and Allah means God of Muslims only as clearly written in Quran. This is taught to all Muslims since childhood.

[2]Religiously-------- No. Because no other religion is accepted by his|/her Allah except Islam.

[3]Scripturely------- No because Muslim is committed to Allah,five pillars of Islam,Mohammad and Quran. All other scriptures are false.

[4] Geographically:-----No.Because his allegiance is to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to which he turns for Namaaz/prayers five times a day wherever he or she may be.

[5] Socially---------No, Because his allegiance is to Islam which forbids him to make friends with non Muslims or kaffirs, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others.

[6]Politically-----No. Because a Muslim must submit to Sharia,Quran Which teaches annihilation of NonMuslims.Through Mullahs annihilation of Israel and America the satans.

[Islam is incompatible with fundamentals of democracy as declared by European Court of Justice in 2003]

[7] Domestically------No. Because Muslims are instructed to have four women as wives and beat and scourge them when disobeyed. ---Quran 4:34

[8]Intellectually --- No. Muslims cannot accept the democratic values and constitution.They accept it when in minority but not when in majority .As a minority they always demand for Shari laws and courts in all the non- Muslim[ Darul Harb ] countries.

Because of inbreeding in Muslims they have low I Q so hardly any contribution in science, technology or medicine etcs.

[9]Spiritually-------No. Because Allah is never referred as loving in Qurran's 99 names of Allah.

The Muslims cannot be good human beings because they are taught to like only Muslims and hate all non Muslims, This is the reason that they are in conflicts with others all over the world.

Jihad is far bigger and deeply rooted in Muslims than we know or understand because of ignorance about teachings of Islam in Madrassas and Majids by Mullas as written in Quran.

Can they be human beings? NO---NO---NO.


You cannot get a sweet fruit from a seed of poisonous fruit. Can you ?

Mohammad fought 86 battles in his short life,23 of which he led himself, he killed many innocent people in these battles , yet Islam says: if you have killed one innocent life you have killed them all.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Islam.

The truth must be told. Violence is the weapon of Islam/Muslims. Islam is born through violence, raised by violence, thrives on violence, spread through violence and dies without violence. Sharing loot, bounty and women during and after wars is the greatest temptation to join in the war.

Jihad called holy war if you die for islam. You go to heaven where you will get Hoors-- the virgin girls/ boys to enjoy and best wine to drink.[ In Islam alcohol is banned. ]

Ghazi means Muslim who kills non Muslims. When he/she dies directly goes to heaven and can enjoy there as written in Quran and preached by Mullas.


The religion which requires prosecution to sustain, it is of devil's propagation.----------Hosea Bllon.


William Ewart Gladstone [ 1809-1898 ] , the Prime minister of U.K. called Quran an accursed book and held it up during a session in House of Commons [ Parliament ] declaring-- so long as there is this book-- Quran, there will be no peace in the world.

Doctrine of Islam as practiced by Muslims and supported by silent Muslims, the so called moderate and majority of Muslims as mentioned in Quran , because they are pleased to see that Islam is advancing to dominate at every level,

1. You can rape, marry and divorce pre pubescent girl.65:4

2. You can enslave for sex and work.4:3, 24 :4 :,33.50, 70,29,30.

3 You can beat woman,4:34.

4. you will need four witnesses to prove rape 24:4

5. Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jazya tax,9:29

6, Crucify and amputate non Muslims, 8;12;47:4

7. You will kill non Muslims to receive 72 virgns in heaven, 9:11

8. You will kill who leaves Islam2:217;4:89.

9.You will behead non Muslim, 47.4

10. You will kill and be killed for Allah.Verse of sword 9;5.

11. You will terrorise non Muslims.8:60.

12. You will steal form non Muslims. Chapter 8. booty and spoils of war.

13. Lie to strengthen Islam.354,9:3.188.106.

Taqya deception 2:25

Whatever bad/evil/ a Muslims does to advance the cause of Islam, on the name of Allah is forgiven by Allah according to writings in Quran.Such Muslims are rewarded in heaven promised by Quran.

In all the Muslim countries non- Muslim are decreasing in number because of conversion to Islam or they are expelled or terrorised so they run away to save themselves from abuse, rape, conversion ,torture and murder.


This must be understood by all non Muslims that a Muslim poor or rich, villager or urban, Arabic or non Arabic, black or white, young or old ,man or women , educated or uneducated, student or professor, officer or farmer, doctor or an engineer, celebrity or fan, scientist or lay man, goes fanatic when he hears the slogan that "Islam is in danger, Allahhu Akbar'; there are no moderate or secular Muslims, they are moderate or secular when in minority in a host country but when in majority or in power they are to convert you, your family and whole country to Islam by every possible evil tricks and this is the history of all the 57 Muslims countries since 7th.century where either no Muslims and those non Muslims present are living in fear of abduction, terrorism, loot, plunder, assassination, forced marriage murder, conversion, rape and expulsion example is Pakistan /Bangladesh. In all 57 Muslim countries pre Islamic things have been destroyed or being destroyed as far as possible. Wherever Muslims are the peace has gone because they cannot live in peace. There always in dispute with neighbours for something or the other and they are not loyal to the host country. Muslims have divided the world in two [A] Darul Islam country where they are in majority and ruler so they wish to make that country 100% inhabited by Muslims only, for this they trouble the non Muslims for conversion to Islam. [ B ] Darul Herb country where Muslims are in minority so they do not respect the constitution or the laws . They demand for Sharia laws and they are demands are never ending according to Koran and they create problems all the time. This we hear all the time from media.


Further to all the ambitions and aims of Islam/ Muslims , there are specific aims or targets and one of them the most important one being discussed ,planned and organised is '' GHAZWA - E -- HIND means the military expedition or battle to conquer [ partitioned ] India, to bring it under total Muslim/ sharia control again according to prophecy of Mohammed. This is being discussed by Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and all over .They have got Pakistan and Bangladesh out of India and their aim is to take rest of India/partitioned India. Slowly but surely they are working on it with old and new methods to increase Muslim number by having more and more children. There is no peace on India -Pakistan, India -Bangladesh borders. There is infiltration into India since 1947 partition. Pakistan and and Bangladesh are now Hindu Mukta means all Hindus have been converted to Islam in 73 years since 1947and now all Muslims have priority to make India Hindu free by all their evil policies .

Hindus must be rather more careful from dangerous, barbarism and most violent nature of Islam since 8th. century in India and its followers by keeping them under full control now .This is needed for their survival/ existence, law and order , peace and development .


Know your neighbours well and safe guard your family, property, community,culture , heritage, traditions, customs, history, languages, music, scriptures, temples , literature, institutions and country for security, peace , prosperity, modern developments and progress in technology and sciences. Hindusthan is full of terrorists and surrounded by terrorist countries [ P.A. B.] so Hindus must fight it out to survive and exist and dominate. Hindus have been living in constant and continuous instability in Hindusthan since 712 A.D.and this can be changed and reversed in their favour by their unity only and there is no alternative than to unite against the common enemy because they will never change for the good of Hindus or humanity according to facts of history since their arrival in 712 A.D.Two hundred million Hindus have died in 1400 years and have lost the peace for ever in India and constantly troubled by Muslims in India and surrounding Muslims countries since 7th.century and more so after partition on 14 Aug.1947.


To treat a patient the doctor attacks the root cause the disease . Muslim terrorists are sick people and Quran in Islam is the root cause of the problem. To finish the terrorism the Quran must be banned.------Dr.Vafa Sultan.


Why Muslims are like this? Wherever they are peace , tranquility, ,equality , rule of law , progress and development are not the priority. Why?

If you care to observe closely you will find that Muslims children are taught from the very early

age to hate non Muslims. They are asked to call that others are Kafir and different from you. Muslim God is Allah.NO god but ALLAH. All other gods are false. There is no god but Allah. All other religions are false except Islam. Idolators are your enemy. Demand Sharia laws in Darul Hearb countries again and again. Only true book is Quran. All other religious books are false.If one does not accept Allah and Quran then harm them, burn them, destroy/ burn their homes and kill them, rape them, torture them, loot and plunder. Madarasaas - where Muslim children are brain washed, are the places where young Muslim children are taught Quran. These places are the factories to produce terrorists, suicide bombers. These Madrassas are established wherever Muslim live. Their aim is to dominate at local, regional and international level by any possible way right or wrong. They are taught that a Muslim will be forgiven by Allah and if he or she dies for Allah/ Islam, and after death will go to heaven to enjoy the best grapes, wine and virgin females or hoors.

Muslims do all these crimes hoping to get reward in the heaven.
It is not possible for everybody to read or know the contents in Quran against non Muslims. Non muslim leaders in every community must know what is written in Quran. Terrorism by Muslims in every country is the most common news on television screen. It is better to be prepared to prevent terrorism.This is only possible if you know the mind of a Muslim.

There is no peace wherever Muslims live even in Islamic countries because of infighting based on their religion and history.
Peace with Muslim can only begin when they realise, learn and practice tolerance , equality,mutual respect for non Muslims and their religions ,which is impossible to imagine considering their record of violence, terrorism, forced conversion, forced marriages, kidnappings, assassinations, loot , plunder, killing, Jihad and beheading of kaffirs since 7th. century whenever and wherever possible in the name of Allah the God of Muslims only as mentioned in Quran.This must be understood by Kaffirs.

They will never change this is a fact and this is all due to contents in QURAN.

Who is a Momin ?

Islamic believer or who believes in Allah,Mohammad, Sharia and Koran.

Why the Muslim refugees do not go to Muslim countries?

Because firstly they do not wish to go to Muslim countries , secondly these countries do not accept Muslim refugees. Why ?

[Islam teaches its followers to practice Taquiyya. This is Islamic justification for lying and deceiving kaffirs to advance the cause of Islam to any extent.They even lie to win the trust of kaffirs to destroy them when time comes. This is the only religion which teaches to lie to its followers.]

This is taught to Muslims in Mosques and Madarassas that they should go to non Muslim countries as refugees they will get help on the name of humanity and in long run it will spread Islam and ultimately the host country can be converted in to a Darul Islam country from DarulHarb country. According to Koran it is called Hijirah means migration of Muslims to non Muslim countries.

No Muslim countries accepts Muslim refugees but they talk all the time of Muslim brotherhood.Saudi Arabia and other 56 Islamic countries on the other hand facilitate Muslim refugees to go to non Muslim countries. This is to fool the stupid ignorant non Muslims and their leaders about dangerous Islamic strategy.

Large number of Muslim refugees to European countries , and many other countries is the well planned strategy to Islamise these countries by increasing number of Muslims.

Muslims label others as Kaffirs and consider it right in their laws to mistreat or even kill/rape/enslave non Muslims. men,women and children. They also have polygamy through which they steal other people's women.


What is the main aim of Islam in Partitioned India since 14 Aug, 1947 the day Pakistan came into being as a separate country. Wage war till only Islam is left on earth. ---Koran 8;39 .

What does it mean for Hindusthan acceding to history of Muslims since 7th. century. Take the history of Hindusthan since 712 A.D.See the present state of affairs in 57 Islamic / Muslim countries. The preIslamic traditions,heritage, way of living, dresses, food habits, way of religious living, languages,festivals, marriage ceremonies , monuments, libraries, centre of educations and many mor institutions e destroyed completely. Forced conversion to Islam by terror, kidnapping of women and young girls,raping them as common as it was in the 7th. century.

Pakistan and Bamgladesh have become 99% Muslim. All Mandirs/temples destroyed and many converted into toilets.

Muslims and their leaders have a plan for partitioned India. They are busy in doing this with help from petrodollar rich countries. They are providing unlimited money which has become clear from the current events of 2020 in Delhi and other parts of the country. They created chaos, lawlessness and total disruption against citizenship act which had nothing to do with Muslims in India. This bill is to help minorities being prosecuted in Pakistan, Banngladesh and Afghanistan .These minorities are Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsees, Christians and Jews. Muslim agitators were given money, food and support to create chaos.They were fed free and given money daily for their presence in Shahin baag in thousands to paralyse the administration and the government.

There aim is to make portioned India a HINDU MUKTA Hindusthan means there wouldn't be a single Hindu in Hindusthan just like Pakistan , Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

At present Hindus are 80% and Muslims are 20% in India but it will not be the same for long unless Hindus wake up and fight to survive . Hindus must increase their number.They must pelage to make Hindusthan a Muslim Mukta country.

Muslims have already made Pakistan and Bangladesh Hindu Mukta,It has taken them 2020- 1947 =73 years.Tit for tat is the only way.Hindus must make Hindusthan Muslim Mukta if they want to survive and there is no alternative to this.This is the very big challenge for Hindus .


IGNORANCE IS WEAKNESS and WEAKNESS INVITES AGGRESSION at individual level. family level, local level, organisational level ,regional level, national level and international level so be strong ready to challenge and plan to fight to win and crush the enemy . Be prepared for such situations .SATHEY SATTHYAM SAMACHARET or TIT FOR TAT according to teachings of Chanakya, Guru of Emperor Chandra Gupta Morya.He wrote Chanakya Neeti. Every Hindu ruler/administrator/leader and a family man must read and apply Chanakya Neeti to rule to make the country strong at all fronts and to deal with enemies of state without delay.

Whatever one may say about Islam the followers of Islam do not care and would never change their ways according to laws of the host country and carry on according to the teachings of Quran and would intensify their demands for changes and create instability as their numbers would increase until their demands are met.

This must be understood by the people of non Islamic countries that their top agenda is to increase numbers of Muslim to convert each and every country into Islamic countries and this is the game of number and they are far ahead so European small countries would become Islamic and ultimately Europe would become EURABIA before the end of 21st. century. White couple has an average of less than one child whereas Muslim couple has five to ten children per couple according to census. So it just a matter of few years not only in Europe but they are doing this wherever they are.

Islam has never been a religion but played dirty politics and tricks against non Muslims since its origin in 7th. century in Arabia and spread with two weapons sword an sex causing terror and personal and familial humiliation. Further to this used all the inhuman ways and means leading to assassinations, murders, betrayals leading to conversion to Islam and today there are 57 Muslim countries where remaining minorities are under constant attack by Muslims where they kidnap non Muslim girls and women and marry them under force. This they even do in non Muslim countries under love- Jihad so once the girl is molested they never come back to their parents.

Muslims wherever they are in minority in non Muslim or Darul Herb country they behave reasonably well say up to 2% in number but after that they start demand for Sharia laws and courts and truly speaking they have no respect for the laws and constitution of the host countries.

The crime by Muslims goes up and this is clear by the fact that their number in jails is by far more than the people of the host country according to the research done in many countries.

The emigration of Muslims as refugees for asylum in Europe and elsewhere is part and parcel of Islamisation of Europe and rest of the world .

Their demands are endless namely opening of Madarsa, separate Muslim faith schools, halal meat, use of hijab and sharia courts. They do not want to accept the man made laws so want separate civil laws and demand goes on now and then. They do not believe in democracy but as long as they are in minority they carry on but bring their own candidates to fight elections and later on Muslim candidates and a stage comes when they are in majority as it happened in India it was divided on the basis of religion and same is happening in Lebanon and Yugoslavia and similar situation is going on in European countries and this all part of Islamisation of the world which non Muslims must take seriously to stop Islamisation of their children and country. This is getting too late for many countries because once Muslims are in majority Islam dominates and all the democratic values are gone over night see what is going on in 57 Muslim countries same will happen in England and France soon

----------------------------------------------------------------------. Debt, fire and enemy must be dealt with immediately and destroyed completely otherwise you will be in trouble again and again and ultimately it will destroy you.--------------------



English translation of Quran published by Penguin Publisher is available all over .Quran is available in all the languages so read and know the facts for yourself. Do not live in ignorance if you want to live in peace with security then learn about Jihad, love- Jihad and terrorism caused by followers of Islam in your neighbourhood and the country you live in.

Do not depend only on police, security forces see what can you do to prevent and stop them coming near you or in the country. Islam is a slow poison and once it gets some spec it slowly starts to spread its wings and later on shows its true colour and grabs the whole country by destroying all non Islamic


Islamic policies " advocates the world's greatest double standard: if you come to our country, we won't let you worship the way you want, we won't let you say what you want to say …However we have come to your country , therefore we have the right to do whatever we we want to do, including kill you if you make us mad."-------------Former US President Bill Clinton on Islam.


WAGE WAR TILL ONLY ISLAM IS LEFT ON EARTH.----------------Quran 8 ; 39


A nation that perceives NO danger, will not unite.

Muslims proved to be the BIGGEST danger to Bharat in 1947. Could there have been worse disaster for us than losing two million lives, vast properties and wealth left behind, and one third of India (LAND, that is, "Dharti Mata"), to the ENEMY?

But how clever was Nehru, the barrister, the secret friend of the enemy. Did he mention PARTITION in his first speech after taking over PARTITIONED India? Did he mention the fate of the Hindus (& Sikhs) of Lahore, Multan, Karachi and Noakhali? Did he say, "Sorry" for Lahore and East Bengal where the Hindus will be treated as animals and their daughters will be "game"!"

NO. Not at all. He only spoke of "India's tryst with destiny," and Independence, encouraging the slaves to celebrate, sing and dance. And that's what the PEOPLE of Broken Bharat did from that moment onwards.
Dear Hindu patriots, here is an exercise I invite you all to do.

Please imagine that you were the man (or woman) who got PARTITIONED (BLEEDING) INDIA from the British rulers on 15 August 1947. PLEASE PREPARE AND CIRCULATE THE SPEECH ("ADDRESS TO THE NATION") THAT YOU WOULD HAVE GIVEN.

It's not for fun, but a SERIOUS request for those who love "Bharat Mata". Do spend about half an hour of your precious time, and DO PLEASE WRITE UP THAT SPEECH, and either send it to Dr Kumar Arun, Shri SC Jhansi, or circulate it among the Patriots' Lists.

NB: I shall be posting my own.
10 Nov 2020
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Subject: Why was it always "easy" for foreign invaders to make Snatani Hindus their "slaves"?
Subject: Islam

Our Hindu Puranas are filled with evil acts of both Devta & Asurs. Rishi Kashyap, s/o Brahma, had 13 wives. Among 13, first wife Diti was mother of Devta and second wife Aditi was mother of Datiya (Asur). Without going too much in chronology, Hindus must realize that both; Devta and Datiya were engaged in evil acts. Devtas (Indra, Surya, Chandra, Sagar and Quber, etc.) were involved evil acts in lesser degrees than Datiya ( Lineage of Hinrankahspu, Ravan, Tarkasur, etc.) Most Hindus understand the difference between Ram & Ravan in Tretia Yug. Similarly, in Dwapar, it was between Krishan & Kansa.

There is a widely believed theory that Hindus and Muslims are representing themselves in current era as Devta and Datiya respectively. I am no scholar on this subject but self destruction of evil does sound same as Ghazni's attack on Somnath Mandir. There were thousands of Pujari-Brahmins nearby, supposedly guarding gold and precious stoned engraved in the Mandir. Majority of those Brahmins were enjoying good life on the income of this Mandir but when Ghazni attacked with only a dozen of men on horses, thousands of Brahmins gave up, didn't fight against these looters but rather allowed them to loot the entire wealth of the Somnath Mandir watching helplessly.

Don't we see the same type of parallel going on in India today?

No, evil is not self-destructive rather need to be destroyed by any and all resources one can have. Ram & Krishan had to destroy during their time.


Subject: Islam




"Islam is a big problem for the world."

Our response:

Sent: Mon, 9 Nov 2020 15:49
Subject: Re: Islam

Islam is a big problem for the world.
France is the latest victim of Islamic terrorism.
UK is mum. And so are other countries.
People in USA have forgotten 9/11.
Muslims have penetrated Democratic Party in USA.
Rarely Muslims join Republican Party.
Democratic Party is heading towards Muslim appeasement.
All Muslims and Jews care for their country of origin.
But Hindus are divided.
They think USA their country.
Nothing to do with India.
Very sad.
India was ruled over 1000 years because of internal divisions.
That is the way we are always.