Anil Ambani and Rahul Gandhi

Date: 16/10/2020


Anil Ambani's tremendous attack on Rahul Gandhi

A man, not worth a pinch off salt, whose family has always robbed the country, denounces me in every election meeting,

I want to ask him some questions today, hopefully the media will ask off him the answers.

(1) My family and my myself pay tax of 50000+ crores rupees every year to the country. Pay Millions of people, salaries every month, help in running the livelihood of millions of families.

How much money does Gandhi family contribute to this country ????

I have heard that the whole family has been released on bail, by a court, in a case of tax evasion. Your mother has, reportedly become the fourth richest woman in the world. How has she become so ? Is it by robbing CRORES, through CORRUPTION ?
Would appreciate if you let all INDIAN’s & me know, the business, that your Mother owns & runs, for her to have accumulated, such immense wealth ? Pls reply....

(2) We have been taking loans from banks for the last about 40 years and have payed / are still paying CRORES as interest, payed back the full loan & retaken, new Loans for new business opportunities, all businessmen & industrialists, across the world, without exception, have to, if they want to run any business. We also give guarantees & collateral to the Banks, for atleast, their basic safety, the interest that we pay, allow banks to pay the salaries and interest on all the deposits that the Banks have received from crores off depositer’s & account holders and others.
Tell me how leaders like you and people like your brother-in-law have got interest-free loans from Banks ??? What business he is in, that gets him such privileges ???
In which country does these businesses run ??
From which country & Banks has he received such loans from ?

(3) As widely publicised, how has your great brother-in-law, who started his business, with a paid up Capital off ₹ 1 lakh, 15 years ago, become owner of CRORES worth off hotels & property, which is running into hundreds off acres off land, all this in a mind boggling 10 years !! How was he able to get such large amounts off money, which was obviously needed to acquire such large tracts off land ? Where did your family get the money to buy & own 2 bungalows and 6 flats in London ???

My dear countrymen
When I came to know that this family is a foreign agent, this party supports anti-nationals. I have stopped giving donations to the Congress Party, since then they are after me, they are hellbent on defaming me.

Answering to some of allegations against me, my family & Companys owned or run by my family, let me ask, a few pertinent questions, answers, of which, too, I would like to get from the Gandhi family, CONGRESS PARTY,
why wasn’t the contract off the Delhi Airport Metro Project, The Mumbai Metro Project, not awarded to multiple well regarded, Government Companys, but to private players & Pvt Company’s, by the Manmohan Singh led UPA Government, if that is valid, what is wrong, if my Company, was chosen as a partner, by Dassault. This agenda, is not only hurting me, personally, but also hurting our Country’s image, WORLDWIDE.
Even In Delhi (formerly DESU) DVB's power supply contract, worth 1200 crores, was given to my Company by the Sheila Dixit Government in place of NTPC (government company) ... WHY ?

Between 2004 and 2014, why did the Congress government, at the Centre & multiple States give my company Reliance Infrastructure a total of 8 national highways and projects (worth 25350 crore) in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Punjab ??
While there are many government companies that could do this work ???

"These are some aspects & truth that the public does not know & should know."

Please copy paste and share and forward this information to the whole country & oblige.

Anil Ambani