Date: 15/10/2020

Bhai Sahib,

You are right.If they (GANDHI & NEHRU) had the LEAST bit of patriotism they would=
have REJECTED Partition then and there, or, later after the departure of t=
he British.

In reality NEHRU was the ENEMY WITHIN. He was a MOHAMMEDAN by conviction an=
d HATED THE HINDUS & HINDUSTHAN. (By the way, has anyone explored the reaso=
n of Nehru's hatred of the Sikhs and of his daughter's hatred of the Tamils?)

MK Gandhi "went along" like a sheep with the "shepherd" Nehru.. He did not =
boycott discussions over Partition nor suggested POPULATION EXCHANGE nor ev=
en undergo fast for two minutes in protest, but lived sulking thereafter. H=
ardly a counterpart of Netaji Bose!

When we take the side of BHARAT, not of the BANDIT or the STOOGE, we shall =
see a different perspective.

Mother India was BETRAYED, her SACRED soil was thrown to "dogs", FREE OF CO=
ST, and the valour of those SIKH troops who captured KHYBER PASS a century =
earlier, badly INSULTED.

The proof of GRAND BETRAYAL, that may eventually cost even DELHI, is the ne=
w FRONTIER at Wagah/Atari, insult enough already for PUNJAB, the Land of Sr=
i Ram, Vedas, Rishis, Guru Nanak and Granth Sahib- and FIVE rivers, but the=
entire country what we, the demoralized nation of pygmies, call Bharat "MA=

What a tragedy, the "jackals" are sitting on the throne, fully reconciled w=
ith the unwarranted brute aggression and surprise attack against our magnif=
icent Hindusthan, the Land of Sri Krishna and Guru Gobind Singhji!=C2=A0
We did not see a single DEFENDER.

ccccccc15 Oct 2020PS:

A friend quoted "Discovery of India" (below).

The question is, "What did Nehru DISCOVER? A banana republic? A worthless land=
that could be surrendered without price or condition?=C2=A0We should not r=
ead Nehru like ZOMBIS but look through his character, ideology and core loy=
alties, his biological father, and how he was about to serve the ENEMY of I=
ndia with a PERMANENT gift of our sacred LAND ("dharti Mata"), the size of =
HALF Europe!That land (OUR LAND) is now rapidly metamorphosing into FRANKEN=
STEIN.=C2=A0And we still call a University in the capital "Jawahar Lal Nehr=
u (JLN) University"?