Date: 03/10/2020

Indira Gandhi was killed by her own guards.Who changed the guards half an hour earlier than the stipulated time?The nation must know.Rajiv Gandhi 's assassination in Sriperbatthur was also preplanned. Why did the Dhavan and Fodedar insist on the meeting at such a place in spite of the TN Congress pleaded to change the venue because it lacked security and was too open.In spite of their pleadings the Delhi insisted on having it only there.Why was Dhanu the human bomb staying with Margatham Chandrasekaran's(the candidate for whom RG went to canvas) daughter's house in Annanagar?Why did the security allow RG to mix so blandly withe crowd.Why were all the TN leaders not hurt and kept their distance?Why did the candidate for whom RG went to canvas was not with him but was asked by her son(who had married a Srilankan girl )to stand far away/The nation would like to know .Why was Shastri's death not investigated and autopsy conducted?Why was there investigation and probe on the death of Sanjay Gandhi.How did Zail Singh die in an accident on the high way/This after he had stated that he was writing a book which would be a time bomb.These and more one can point out which the nation would like to know .So there was no sacrifice by the so called 'gandhis'.It is all the dealings withe aid of 'Q' .By the way it comes to my mind that Indira Gandhi was taken first to Lohia M's hospital and then to IIMS .The doctors said that she did not die of gun shot but of loss of blood.The 'Gandhis' need to answer the nation.Not the other way.So where was the sacrifice etc they and their supports speak of.The guard who shot at Indira could have been overpowered but he was shot at-thus crucial evidence was lost.This and more the nation need to know.So it is inhuman and blandly wrong to think that the people of India had wronged the so called gandhis.It is the other way round .The nation need to know know this and more.The fake Gandhis hands are soaked in blood and the poor Indians trust and believe in them.The hard earned money go to keep the dynasty in a cocoon and in style.I small doubt if Sonia Maino and her children are so hurt y the distress of the farmers-the immigrants and unemployed et al.Let it be shown in their actions.A small step towards this will be to vacate the No 10 Janpath.It costs the people hard earned money .Mrs Miano is entitled only to an MP's bungalow.Let the faked gandhis account for all the trusts and the monies and produce a detailed account.Even the rape cases are being exploited for votes-nothing more and nothing less.It is not as though there were no rapes during the faked gandhis regime.Now the media is more alert and the Opposition wants to use it for vote catching.What a shame.It does not want to heal and to protect.Where was its distress when the Hindu Pandits were driven out of Kashmir.Why the silence in the nuns rape cases in Kerala.Why this selectivity.So even in such heart rending situations it is only for votes that the Gandhis and the Vadras shed tears and take up the cudgels.They have no empathy and love for the people of India especially the poor. Their crocodile tears are just that and nothing more.Was not Nirbaya who was violated and brutalized in a running bus and thrown on the road in that condition cremated during the early hours of the morning during the regime of Sheila Dixshit. Why did Mrs Miano not allow the body to be taken by her parents when it arrived from S'pore and why were people not allowed to gather.So one rule for you and another for others especially the BJP.HR