Date: 12/08/2020

Dear All,

Let us imagine that we are witnessing the world from Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala or Rawalpindi on 13 August 1947 when our world was pitch dark. There were howls of "Kill the Kafirs" all over with the stench of the dead wafting through the air.

The following will be understood in context only if we put ourselves in the 'eye of storm' where death stared at us. God had purpose for the survivors. And that was to TELL what happened.

It is unfortunate that all the "survivors" are now "dead or dying", and neither they TOLD us nor the Prime Minister or Parliament of India.

This is typical "Indian" weakness because there is no dearth of written, spoken or filmed material on every detail of the Jewish Holocaust and the concentration (death) camps and the total destruction of big cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden and Hamburg, even Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fate of the residents there.

In fact, the State of ISRAEL has established "Holocaust Museums" all over the world, the biggest being in Jerusalem. A visit there speaks to our inner selves, "Why isn't there one like this at Sri Amritsar, Chandigarh or DELHI?" But we can understand why a virgin denies being raped in order to save her family's image in society. In the event she is raped again and again! FALSE PRETENSIONS are the promise of further disasters and calamities.

Sad to say that on August 15 every year one would expect the Sikhs all over the world to wear BLACK ribbons to recall the "unconditional surrender of Sri Nankana Sahib, Sri Kartarpur Sahib and Punja Sahib gurdwaras" (along with ONE THIRD OF INDIA).

13 August 2020



Written on 14 Aug 2012. Reproduced on 13 August 2020.

Degraded, defeated, enslaved & brainwashed Hindu nation celebrates the "mutilation" (unconditional surrender) of Mother (India)!


MUSLIM AGGRESSION bore fruit. They succeeded in occupying one third of India overnight, and in exterminating the Non Muslims (i.e., HINDUS) living there.

HINDU RESPONSE was Surrender unconditional, and RUN.

Response by Indian Armed Forces: ZERO. They, too, packed up in utmost haste and vanished from their own cantonments.

In 1940 we had All-India Congress Party in league with All-India Muslim League that was suddenly thrown into limelight by the British rulers who believed in the policy of “Divide & Rule”.

It was the separatist Muslims who had thought of creating an Islamic country within India as early as 1936 when a few Muslim students in London coined the word “Pakistan”. To the discredit of Hindu leaders none took a serious note of the new destructive idea that started growing rapidly like poisonous weed among the Indian Muslims.

After the end of World War 2 in August 1945 the seed had grown full height into a poisonous tree.

While senile “Bapu” MK Gandhi lived in his own make-believe unrealistic world of “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai”, it was cunning and crafty Jawaharlal Nehru who stepped in the power vacuum and began to seriously represent India at the so-called “Independence” talks that ended in PARTITION, that is, the mutilation of (Akhand) Bharat.

Nehru’s conduct needs a closer scrutiny. That he never mentioned to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the leader of Indian Muslims, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” is no more a mystery. Nehru was literally the “Son of a Mohammed” himself, and his job was tough and dangerous: to destroy the Hindu nation from within by agreeing to break up India while at the same time projecting himself as a champion of Secularism and an indomitable freedom fighter. Hindus swallowed his High Treason hook line and sinker. None pointed finger of betrayal or treason at him. Such were the slavish subservient times!

Hindus have never dared to look at their rulers with a critical eye since the first Hindu critic had his eyes gouged out before being beheaded in public by the Mohammedan invaders from Arabia in 712 AD. Thereafter it was the British who shot and hanged the critics of regime in their thousands. Thus a tradition set in to blindly follow the one in front like the sheep approaching the edge of the precipice.

How wide awake could the Hindu nation have been in 1940’s can be judged even today in 2012 AD, from their dog like loyalty towards, and blind faith, in the corrupt anti national Italian born Sonia Maino Gandhi who is called the “uncrowned Empress of Hindusthan”.

Nehru himself had described the state of patriotism and awareness of the Hindus more accurately than anyone else. When an aide pointed out the possibility of a patriot firing a shot at him if he agreed to Partition, he quipped, “Hindus will not only accept Partition but also celebrate it, giving me the credit for their Independence!” The aide was left speechless.

Haven’t we often wondered as to what the terms and conditions of Partition really were? Shame, if we haven’t!

“We wish there were some, or at least one!”, replied a Hindu professor of history.

And what would that have been if there was to be just ONE condition?

“Expel the separatists from Partitioned India,” said his wife instantly as if by reflex action.

But actually, there were conditions, though not from Nehru or Gandhi, the leaders of Hindusthan and the sons of soil, but from the leader of the MUSLIMS, Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Offensive and preposterous though they were, Hindus' perennial ENEMY met with no resistance, challenge or fight from the Secular all-embracing side.

Neither Nehru nor Gandhi mentioned exchange of population or Referendum. Neither did they demand time to comprehend the future implications of Partition for the Muslims in Bharat and the Hindus who would be trapped in Pakistan, or, merely to think it over.

The conditions that were then dictated were fully backed and endorsed by Britain, our colonial master, and, astonishingly, accepted by Gandhi, Nehru and their “All-India Congress Party” that claimed to represent ALL the Indians throughout the country-from Kashmir to Kerala and from Khyber to Chittagong.

Demoralized Hindu & Sikh leaders, who became even more self-negating and self-sacrificing “secular goats” under Gandhi’s influence, held their breath while cancer eaten “skeleton” of Mohammed Ali Jinnah proclaimed his conditions, one by one. (Jinnah died an agonising death in Karachi on 11 September 1948, just over a year after Pakistan's creation. We ought to reflect on his company in Hell.)

At that critical juncture in our history Jawaharlal Nehru was correctly noticed by some smart Hindus to be the illegitimate son of a Muslim, the secret agent of Anglo-Islamic Axis, who stood solidly on the side of Jinnah.

Nehru never uttered a single word to support “Akhand Bharat” as if our ancient land of Vedas, Gurus and wisdom was a mere rag bag. With Nehru turned into an enemy, the full brunt of opposing Partition fell on “Bapu” Gandhi who had already shown his commitment to non-violence, conciliation, appeasement and, therefore, unconditional surrender.

This put the Hindus (and Sikhs) in extremely vulnerable and dangerous position. Mohammed Ali Jinnah had his Pakistan in his hand and Hindusthan under his foot.

Emboldened by British support, Jinnah’s dictation to all the Hindu leaders seemed like one determined cat addressing the vast assembly of rats.


1. LOCAL (not overall) MAJORITY. “Wherever we are in majority that territory will belong to our Rasul Allah Mohammed of Mecca, in perpetuity. You will surrender all that land unconditionally.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru, listening meekly.


“For those territories that you surrender we shall write up, and enforce, ISLAMIC Constitution that will be based on the teachings of KORAN. We shall treat all the KAFIRS, i.e., Non Muslims, as prescribed in The Book.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, trembling while listening.


We reserve the right to carry out total ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs by murdering, abducting, raping millions and expelling tens of millions from their homes, degrading them in our ISLAMIC Pakistan by denying them EQUALITY with the Muslims who will be free to rape a non-Muslim female and if she complains, she will be required to produce FOUR male witnesses to support her accusation. You will watch like the sheep in abattoir your fellow Hindus killed in Kashmir, East Bengal, Sindh, even Uganda and Fiji, but do nothing while silently waiting for your own turn. In the case of all mixed marriages, the non-Muslim spouse will embrace Islam at once, or face DEATH.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, listening.


“Thou shalt not touch the whiskers of a Mohammed in Hindusthan. Your government will undertake to safeguard life and property of each and every Muslim citizen while we reserve the right to do ethnic cleansing in accordance with the Will of Allah. In cinemas NO Hindu actor will be seen doing any love scene or dance with a Muslim actress while Muslim actors will have full freedom to dance, kiss, play, strip & bare (naked) any Hindu actress.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray, hurry up. We need to start breathing.” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, holding their breath.

5. TERRITORIAL ENCROACHMENT. Finally let it be clear upon you that any territory or land that is once under the foot of Mohammed (i.e., “Islamic”), will belong to MOHAMMED of MECCA in perpetuity. Any territory or land that is once ours will never be yours. Accordingly, not only West Pakistan but also East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and any part of Kashmir captured by us, will remain ISLAMIC for ever.”

“Yes, Sir, we agree. Thank you,” said Gandhi and Nehru, mighty relieved that the Islamic “PANCHSHEEL” had come to an end and they could breathe normally once again.


YES, the lives of our despicable cowardly “netas” had been spared though MILLIONS of ordinary citizens of Bharat lost theirs as a direct result of “buying peace” from the Devil.

It was like Chamberlain’s “Peace with Honour” agreement with HITLER in 1938.

Hindusthan, known as “Bharat Mata”, or “Mother India”, shrank in size and acquired her most disgusting map outline. Nehru was an accomplice while Gandhi had “bought” his peace. The new "Islamic" border sliced through the grand provinces, BENGAL and PUNJAB, and the Princely State of JAMMU & KASHMIR.

Dear honourable & patriotic citizens of Bharat and NRI’s across the world, this then is the Truth, nothing else but the TRUTH, behind that word “Independence” that the Government of India, especially “All-India Congress Party” and all those who form part of the EVIL AXIS of “Italy, Islam, Nehru Dynasty & the Hindu slaves” celebrate year after year on August 15.

It is up to us (and our genuine leaders) to encourage the entire brainwashed and demoralised nation to become bold and brave in order to revive our stand on “Akhand Bharat”.

It is up to us to open our eyes and see the Truth. It is up to us to demand a TRIAL of Jinnah, Nehru and Gandhi for HIGH TREASON. Such trial can never be time barred like the trial of Bofors Chor.

It is up to the PEOPLE of India to unite and then become a MIGHTY FORCE to reckon with.

Shedding the traits of “jackals” but acquiring the guts of “lions” we all should step forward and exterminate the anti secular and anti national “vermin” who have been ruling and fooling our great nation of one billion since the Day of Partition in 1947.

Partition was the DEATH of our cherished “Akhand Bharat” (Divine Mother India).

Who on earth is such despicable scum (“ZALEEL”) to “celebrate” the death of his mother?

Accordingly, on August 15 next, there should be nationwide BLACK FLAG rallies and black ribbons to remind us of the worst defeat and surrender in our history, and then to rejuvenate the supine nation to recover the surrendered territory and march towards the goal of “RAAM RAAJYA”.

oooooooo- Date: 14 Aug 2012 (Reproduced on 13 August 2020) -oooooooo


13 August 2020


The Muslims of THREE countries will live in ONE. The Sikhs will have free and unhindered access to their holy gurdwaras right up to Khyber Pass. United Kashmir will again have TOURISTS as in pre Partition days.

Only a UNITED India can stand with PRIDE beside United Kingdom, United States, United Germany and United Vietnam. Vast sums of money spent on weapons of destruction will be used for economic uplift of the entire country.

We can recreate that "PARADISE" of social harmony that existed due to British GENIUS up to 1947 when there was ONE LAW FOR ALL and religion was one's PRIVATE affair but NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION!