Date: 08/06/2020

Dear brother,

As usual, with your depth of knowledge you have given a befitting response to Gen Davar who has shown total IGNORANCE about the man who remarked, "WHO CONSULTS THE CATTLE?" when an aide suggested REFERENDUM over Partition to Nehru. That was Nehru's CONTEMPT for the people of India. He had NO mandate to surrender even an inch of India to his "faith brother" Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

IMPOSING his selective Secularism only on the HINDUS, he blessed the ISLAMIC Constitution of Pakistan with all good Will. Hindus are still among the most ignorant ;people on earth who do not understand the extent of Barrister Nehru's High Treason. India is the ONLY (STUPID) country on earth where we see a traitor's name on public roads and institutions!

The basic awareness one expected from a military man, even of the lowest rank, is the doctrine of "DEFENCE IN DEPTH". It means "smaller the country, more vulnerable it is!" That is why France was defeated within days while vast SOVIET UNION could not be defeated even in years!

Small countries like Denmark, Holland and Belgium went under the BOOT of Hitler within days while VAST Russia swallowed Hinter's army, and before that Napoleon's Army.

Hence by accepting the SURRENDER of VAST TERRITORIES, equal in size to HALF OF EUROPE, Nehru made Hindusthan extremely VULNERABLE- in fact, an ENDANGERED country from the MILITARY point of view.

In Nehru's India the PROFESSIONAL training of the Indian Army officers seems to be "RUBBISH". Even a layman could notice that Nehru DRASTICALY reduced the size of BHRAT MATA and even went BEYOND to endanger Partitioned India further by accepting HOSTILE ISLAMIC COUNTRIS ON BOTH SIDES! How he outsmarted the cleverest of Hindu brains! He put the FRAGMET called "BHARAT" wedged between TWO Islamic countries and hoped that the armies of Mohammed will, one day, advance towards DELHI from BOTH sides! That was the "poor man" Nehru's secret thought and aspiration. The basic army training requires understanding the MIND & MOVES of the enemy!

And what that "poor man" did to the State of Warriors, the PUNJAB, known as the "SWORD ARM" of Bharat, beggars description. You, Sir, must be living on another planet not to observe the "special" treatment meted out to that State whose capital, LAHORE, too, was given to JINNAH without any regard for its historic connection from Sri Ram to Guu Arjun Devji and Shaheed Bhagat Singh, and its strategic importance to the heirs of the Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh whose army captured KHYBER PASS to give Bharat a decent border. Nehru brought it down to Wagah to make the PROUD PUNJABIS "eat dust" till eternity. Gen Davar, Sir, you disappoint us.

Sir, were you given commission in the Army by paying a bribe to Nehru or his daughter, since you appear to be so naïve? It is widely known that in that CORRUPTION RIDDEN "poor man's Bharat" army commissions and civilian degrees, even medical MBBS, can be bought due to culture of dishonesty & immorality started by Jawaharlal NEHRU!

With regard to the Army we saw the (rotten) quality and calibre of the generals in 1962. General Kaul saw the Chinese and fled the field leaving the troops to their fate . Lacking self esteem, honour and patriotism neither Nehru nor his defence minister resigned!

Your crafty "poor man" was already hoping India to be conquered by China when he said, "You can scrap the army. The police are good enough to meet our security needs." That is what he thought of the Army and its generals- the "useless lot to be sent home!"

Please do not fool the nation by your bleeding heart for the "poor man".

With personal regards

9 June 2020.

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Subject: Re: On India-China Border Skirmisshes

How is it that this "poor man" (JL NEHRU) could continue his
affairs with Edwina in those difficult and turbulent

How is it that this poor man could afford to ignore
Maharaja Hari Singh, Prof. Balraj Madhok, Pandit
Premnath Dogra and embrace Shaikh Abdulla?

How is it that he took least interest in such matters
as transfer of Lahore, Gurdaspur and uttered this
non-sense that a few cities this side or that does
not matter?

How is it that he could say such non-sense and
Desh Drohi remarks. Our Land occupied by China is
barren and not even a single blade of grass grows there?

This poor man became so ethically bankrupt that he
could not attend the funeral of the first President of
India, Dr. Rajinder Prasad, who strengthened us with
his exemplary discipline and who laid the foundation
stone of Somnath Mandir?