How ABSURD the conjecture but how PLAUSIBLE the connection!

Date: 17/03/2020

How ABSURD the conjecture but how PLAUSIBLE the connection!

The news is grim and the whole world is in lockdown. Caronavirus is the whip to lash the criminals, and the negligent fools.

"Such hard punishment to mankind, what could be the crime? What could be the reason, O God?", I asked.

THUS SPOKE GOD, “Pick up the pen, O illiterate uncouth "Jaahil" Beduine of the desert, and write! The crime is clear when you notice the MAIN sufferers, CHINA and EUROPE.”

“What’s the connection, O Almighty? They lie at opposite ends of the world,” I asked, shocked & astounded.

“China has been supporting Pakistan as her best friend instead of questioning her (Pakistan's) ILLEGITIMATE birth and High Treason- and Europe for accepting the MILLION MUSLIMS whose future contribution to peace of the continent will be exactly the same what they did to the Land of their birth, India, in 1947.”

Shudder & shock! I was a tiny speck of dust, spoken to by Lord of the Universe, God Himself!

That’s what makes me believe THERE IS GOD TO DISPENSE JUSTICE. And “Well said!” to the sage who pronounced, “deir hai, andher nahin!” I saw the fate of Pakistan. She perished the way of Yemen. The CRIMINAL can never escape!

17 March 2020
PS: Only "Akhand Bharat" (India back in the frontiers of 1947) is the best guarantee of peace on the sub continent.