Date: 24/01/2020

BRAVE, HONOURABLE, PATRIOTIC AND BRAVE NATIONS HAVE MEMORIALS TO THEIR DEAD. The biggest Holocaust Museum in in Jerusalem visited by millions of visitors and tourists every year. It is so well made that to visit it is a life time experience.



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, The Daily Telegraph, Friday, 24 January 2020, p. 17.

Holocaust memorial

SIR- As parliamentarians from different faith communities, in the run up to Holocaust Memorial Day, we write in support of the proposed Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens.

In May 2019, Theresa May, then prime minister, and three of her predecessors from the Conservative and Labour parties, spoke out strongly in favour. The plans have also received unequivocal support from senior faith leaders such as the Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

We believe that the new structure will stand as a poignant memorial to the darkest of chapters in human history, and remind us of the consequences when hate is allowed to go unchecked.

The learning centre will focus on the Holocaust, when six million Jewish people were killed, alongside others vilified by the Nazis, such as people from the gay, Roma and disabled communities. It will also tell the story of other genocides, notably in Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia.

The proposed memorial will remind us of the importance of dialogue and understanding across boundaries of faith and ethnicity. Its location next to Parliament could not be more powerful.

Signed by NINE Lords of Indian origin in the House of Lords, London.
London SW1.


COMMENT: BHARAT ought to set up a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM right next to Rashtrapati Bhawan or the Lok Sabha in New Delhi. That will be the day for the Hindu nation to pass the test of courage, honour, patriotism and pride!