Date: 18/01/2020


Indian Muslims are being asked by anti-Indian leaders not to give their required details for NRC, NPR,CAA

Mr. Mathew Jeff has clearly said this.

No one is going to send OUT the Muslims en-block. But the following is likely
to follow.

Almost everyone now has Aadhar & PAN cards. If anyone denies to provide required details/documents for NRC, NPR Govt will release a letter with the names of those people who did not provide required details for NRC after Sept. 2020

No one will come to their homes. They'll have to go to the specified offices and submit their details.

If they do not give details, they will get a message on their mobile, mentioning this and after few days their mobile will be "out from net work", then their bank account may be frozen.

At this stage also, they can provide details and set right their mobile and bank accounts.

Suppose they still do not cooperate, their Ration card, Gas connection may be frozen.

By this time 90% of KAKKAS will provide the details even upon digging of their Grandpa's burial place.

The remaining 10% may still continue . Then the next step is ... they disappear from the voters lists.

Since only citizens can Vote. With this half of 10% Kakkas will lose their control. If they would not have the voting power, they won' be able to fight with the Govt?

Next step is.... Government will disconnect Water & Electricity supply.

Thus they will not be able to make any legal transactions from their properties.

Property ownership will get seized.

Nothing to be given for a person who is not an Indian citizen. 😊😊😊

At this stage most of the Kakkas will run and lick the feet of Govt officials. 😊😊

Now 1% may remain, those intruders from Bangladesh and Rohingyas. The Govt shall know how to deal with them. 😁😁😁😁

Pinarai said today that CPI(M) will resist this and that they will never co-operate with the Central government.

Let him not give details and face the consequences.

As a "nationalist Hindu" be prepared for this ultimate war.