Date: 29/11/2019


Tue, 26 Nov 2019 16:28

Dear Sirs,( To all my Patriot friends-- not individually for Gen Malik Sir--- computer generated addresses !!)
1. Interesting to read different views on the subject. The subject was initiated by me (indirectly mentioning , demographic change ,ASKING Hindus to demand Uniform Civil code and patriot friends to educate foolish Hindus) so let me give some more views of mine.
(a) If concept is survival of the fittest, then Hindus must try to be” fittest “to survive. For that they have to be united, strong and taking no nonsense from Muslims.
(b) Non violence and tolerance is a virtue to some extent. When it comes to our life, Dharma, religion, Nation, Culture and Ethics, we have to shed, non violence and over tolerance. Then it has to be tooth for tooth. We are discussing survival of our Nation that is India / Hindustan/Bharat. It is question of existence of our nation.
(c) Please read or rather study Koran to know the concept of Islam. Their concept and teaching will NEVER change. Their concept is that, “this world is for only Muslim.”And therefore all must be Muslims or else they (non Muslims) must be destroyed. Muslims concept is NOT ,”Nation First’’, it is Islam first. Muslims will never join main stream of India on their own,[ or for that matter where they stay in non Muslim countries(Dar – al – Harb, that is land of enemy)] It is not only the government responsibility to ensure that Muslims join the main stream of India , it is our Hindu societies responsibility to ensure that Muslims join. This we can do if we are brave and not get scared.
(d) Meek are non violent, tolerant, do not want to impose their belief on others, because they are scared and coward. Hindus are meek. We have examples in history where Hindus shown cowardice in majority cases. This is happening even after independence. Few examples of Hindu cowardice are given below:
(i) No Hindus, right from south of Kashmir to Kanyakumary, from Mumbai to NE India raised voice when Kashmiri Pundits, were butchered and driven away, from Kashmir. We were meek spectators.
(ii) Every city , in India, has Muslim protected zone, known as,” NO go Zone”. No one, other than Muslims, can go, in this area, because everyone is scared to go there. There are no protests also on this, from Hindus.
(iii) In spite of court order on ban on loud speaker for Azan, Muslim use loud speaker for Azan, and Hindus do not object, because we are coward or let’s say tolerant or NOT objecting.
(iii - a)When Mr Owasi says, remove Police for 15 minutes , Muslim will sort out Hindus and No Hindu mass protest.
(iv) When procession at Azad maidan was taken at Mumbai, four years back, by Muslims, for wrong reasons, and they vandalized, destroyed War memorial, beat up Police ,(Muslims even carried AK 47) misbehaved with policewomen, no Hindu protested. Even govt did not take action
(v) When Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill (PCTV Bill), (which was against Hindus), was drafted by Congress, and about to be passed NO HINDU protested.
(vi) Recently Hindu mandir, in old Delhi, was destroyed by Muslims, no protest by Hindus.
(vii) Hindu temple income is controlled by govt and given to Muslim and Christians; there is no protest by Hindus.
(d) We have classic example of our Ex Vice President of India who openly defied joining the main stream of India and after his relinquishing the post, associated with anti Indian organisations. Did Hindus protested, by coming on streets. NO.
(e)We do not protest about wrong doing by Muslims because we are scared of retaliation and then, we; hide behind the word,” tolerant Hindus” .
2. My plea, as given in my initial e mail was to educate Hindus, who are behaving like fools, (who are ignorant about history, have “sab chalta hai attitude”, and “Hamko kya pharak padta hai attitude.” )
3. Yes majority of Hindus are darpokh, they are scared about safety of their lives, families and money and NOT worried about destruction of their Religion, Dharma and country. Can we get out of this? Can we shout and act “India first”, without fear.
4. Let’s not close the matter. Yes, instead of discussing, let’s do something, concrete, about it.(Remember the aim of our Patriots group !!) I am aware that many of my patriot friends, will not like contents of this e mail and will abuse me. That is OK with me.
Jai Ho
---- V S K

This has been a long debate with no meaning, only trying to blame each other and various communities to be cowards. I totally disagree with all this chat. Truth lies in studying history in its correct context.
When Islam sprang out of the wilderness of Arabia as a brainchild of one man, who followed the example of Christians and started a religion with very strict conditions for them as the Arabian tribes were lawless and accepted no authority other than the tribal head. He imposed draconian laws and formed them into gangs to raid others who were better off than them. The sword of Islam spread havoc in Asia minor and North Africa. Its sword and atrocities accompanying them became so severe that people were forced to not accept but forcibly converted. The great Egyptian, Messipotanium and Persian civilisations fell like nine pins in one generation,besides areas of Europe including Spain.
Islam met the great Indian civilisation and it took them many centuries to convert part of Hindustan, failing completely in making it A Islamic country., Darul Islam. The Hindu and other Indic religions fought them tooth and nail. Hindu is tolerant and not a fanatic like they made the convertees.
Hindu is very strong in its beliefs, though accepting others right to believe his. I look at Hindu villages in the very centre of Delhi, right next to Chandni chowk. I am sure it was not the generosity of the Muslim rulers that they accepted these Hindu settlements right next to their palaces. It was the tenacity of these people who refused to convert. As seen in the villages, convertees are mostly low caste that perhaps found Hindu system suffocating. Some Others from the higher castes were lured due to favours or money. The example of Sikh Gurus who were beheaded and whose sons were put in walls alive. Yet they did not deviate from their religion. They were Hindus before Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, or Guru Govind Singh ji.
Islam went beyond India to South East Asian countries, but could never convert Majority of India, it remaining an island not falling prey to The so called Award of Islam, however hard it tries.
So I totally disagree with this theory of cowardice of Hindus. It is just that they are tolerant and donot wish to impose their beliefs on others. This must not be taken as cowardice. Perhaps Gandhiji s peaceful agitation gave this wrong impression. So let us stand strong. The problem today in India is that the Muslim have been molly coddled, for the last seventy years and now they find that they have to live like normal citizens of India with no extra privileges. We need to change our views of the Muslim and treat him as he should be today, a normal citizen of India. I feel sorry to be told that Hindu is coward and not able to stand to to the Muslim, a community far below the Hindus educationally economically and spiritually. JAI Hind.



I disagree with you on a few points For example

"while I tend to agree that normally a Hindu is Law abiding & by nature, compared to Muslims ,they are coward"

Truth is ancestors of all muslims of Pakistan & India were once coward Hindus who embraced islam due fear of sword.
As they were united on a single platform & had caught unsuspecting law abiding Hindus by surprise they could kill Hindus & Sikhs during 1947 partition based on religion. Their leaders had covetly planned to eliminate Hindus from Pakistan during 1947 while our coward leaders like Gandhi & Nehru had personal dreams & ambitions of name & fame. Therefore they misled the Hindu population of Pakistan.
Second point which I differ with you is

"SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" is the law of NATURE. If the Muslims are FITTER , so be it.

Whom will you call fit. Will you call the criminals & terrorists who killed unsuspecting innocent citizens fit & courageous.

or will you the law abiding citizens as fit & courageous.

By this argument, shouldn't we honour those Hindus who killed 2000 innocent Sikhs with the adjectives like
Courageous & Fit "human beings"

Why do Muslims & some NGOs cried when there were some incidents of lynching of some muslims.
Since as per this theory They were courageous & fit Hindus.

Sir we are living in a civilised world & Islam has to mend its way & come out from medieval culture & co exist with rest of the world as humans.

They shouldn't expect that they may continue with criminal activities like burning of Godra train on the name of these misplaced theories & adjectives & therefter expect that there shall be no back lash from hindus.

Same is the case with bindrawales Khalistanis backed by Pakis. They also do not deserve these adjectives.

They shouldn't have expected "No Hindu backlash" consequent to their killing of thousands of innocent Hindus till 1984 with active support from Islamic pakistan.

If they are really courageous & fit then must fight on the battle ground & not in the houses of those poor & innocent Hindus of Punjab who were killed by them.
If they want nature must decide whom it wants to reward then

"Why worry Let Bajrang Dals Karni Sena etc etc continue with their activities.
Why do they cry after every isolated case of lynching 😭

I thank you for yr mail

Sir, while I agree to certain extent with Brigadier , Shri Harwant Singh ji's theory " Survival of The fittest" but certainly NOT to what he possibly meant else CHINA wd have remained an European Colony till now or India as BRITISH COLONY TILL DATE or Brave Sikhs wd NOT have been Dragged out of their GURDWARAS , Menfolk Killed & their Beautiful women Raped & made Prostitutes in main Pakistani towns by MUSLIM MOBS IN 1947 at the time of Partition which is till going on in Europe , Uk, & both America ,particularly where Khalistan Movement is at its peak, Like Canada & Germany. ( During my TRAVELS IN PAKISTAN , I have seen with my Own Eyes that our SIKH BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ARE REGULARLY THURST INTO FLESH TRADE there ; these young GIRLS ARE NOMINALLY MARRIED TO MUSLIM YOUTHS ( DISGUISED AS SIKHS ) IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES, like USA /CANADA /UK etc , then they LEAVE THESE YOUNG SIKH girls/ brides in Pakistani BROTHELS . )

Sir, while I tend to agree that normally a Hindu is Law abiding & by nature, compared to Muslims ,they are coward ( owing to no Fanaticism Like them ), but Unlike Headless Muslims , HINDUS/ SIKHS have Heads & quite a percentage of HINDUS are Certainly EXTRA-ORDINARILY BRAVE & of extra-ordinary intelligence ( USA's GROWTH IS ITS READY EXAMPLE) & God Fearing but Hindus have to Re-learn & train themselves Common Village / COUNTRY Martial Arts & Wrestling etc which owing to the British Rule these were killed( looked Down ), thereby ,the Hindus may re-develop their lost Confidence & become fearless as they Used to be in VEDIC DAYS.

We have to Re-Write our Correct HISTORY & develop SELF CONFIDENCE & EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY CENTRES For THE OVERALL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT OF HINDUS & to make all Hindus as one ( NO UPPER OR LOWER CASTE/CLASS) & to have a proper Education System which alone can Bring overall development & Growth .

Our brave Sikhs have Not to be misled By the Anti-National Muslim propaganda & become a scapegoat to Muslim Pakistani propaganda for anti-National activities of dividing our Country & demanding separate land for Khalistan in spite of all the facilities in the country in any field of their Choice where they can reach to the highest position as frequently as they may desire subject to one's ability

Kind regards,
"SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" is the law of NATURE. If the Muslims are FITTER , so be it.

By this LAW OF NATURE, What is wrong in India becoming a Muslim Country?

Let NATURE decide whom it wants to reward. Why worry?

Dear Sirs,
1.See the attachment. In democracy vote matters. Therefore number of individuals and therefore population matters. . Number of Muslims are growing . By 2050, with increase of Muslim population, Muslims will rule India. Ex President of Pakistan Mushraf is right. Indian Muslim wants India to be Muslim country. NO HINDU should have doubt about it.
2. Hindu public, come on the streets to demand Uniform civil Code, or be ready to be slaves again. No God including Ram at Ayodhya will come to help Hindus, Did any God of Hindus came to stop destruction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya by Muslims?
3. Time is against Hindus . Wake up sleeping , Darpok, Hindu fools.
4. Members of Patriots, please start campaign to have common civil code and change of constitution to have India as Hindu Rastra. Our generation ( most of us are above 75 years. Lets educate the present young Hindus about this.
Jai Ho
--V S K