Date: 18/11/2019


The day Mr Jinnah passed the Pakistan resolution in the city founded by the son of Sri Ram, he condemned millions of fellow Muslims to backwardness, fundamentalism, lawlessness and even impoverishment, misery and death.

Pakistan since the dark midnight of 14/15 August 1947 has been in agony and chaos. Mostly misruled, often ruled by stick and gun under military generals, she had to suffer a crushing defeat and humiliation in 1971 when East Bengal said "good bye" to Urdu and Islam, and became sovereign. Koran and Islam both FAILED to "glue" the broken parts together. The whole ghost of Islamic ideology was laid bare as a HOAX, for all to see. But this will not be the case with India. Her broken parts will come together (UNITE) eventually due to native genius and due to the divinity of her soul and sacredness of her soil.

Thousands of Baloch have been shot dead by security forces since then for aspiring to the same sovereignty like Bangladesh. Since our own cowardly rulers ACCEPTED Pakistan's LEGITIMACY by allowing the Pakistani High commission in New Delhi from Day 1, some Sikhs also thought, "if Pakistan, then why not Khalistan?" They too were badly served by the separatist "devil" Jinnah, and have ruined heir precious lives. Many are in jails, away from families & children- all due to Jinnah's fascination for the 'Religion from Desert' and his evil sectarian Pakistan Resolution.

Kashmir is also proving embarrassment and humiliation for the Pakistanis. They could not capture Srinagar but were THROWN BACK. Chinese also became wise on their own million Muslims, and are treating them for "schizophrenia", that is, the madness due to swinging like a monkey between the Chinese and the Arab cultures (that are POLES APARTA) and ways of life (four wives, amputation of limbs and learning Koran by rote, etc.).

Millions of Pakistanis then found their ISLAMIC way of life such "rubbish and UNBEARABLE" that they unashamedly fled their ISLAMIC homeland to find peace from Mullahs in Europe, America, Australia and even in distant New Zealand. But lacking brain, and being "zombies" (morons), they never stopped to think about what ruined their Pakistan and what made them flee the Islamic Paradise.

At last a modern Muslim of Tehrik-i-Insaf took over Pakistan, replacing the extremely corrupt and feudal lords (Zardari and Nawab Sharif). He had lived in England, studied in England, played cricket in England and married (a Jew) in England. One can't be more liberal, progressive and tolerant! He had great ideas of opening up the inward looking backward Islamic country, infiltrated by Taliban and Terrorists, introduced modern curricula at schools and invited the tourists. He was liberal & tolerant enough to allow the Sikh pilgrims to visit their holy shrine at Kartarpur Sahib without visa.

But it is here that the fanatic, silent, poisonous Islamic rattle snakes, the mullahs, could not tolerate any more. They saw Islam in danger, and they are mobilising their forces to oust Imran and re-enforce even more rigorous Islam, Koran and Mohammed, once again on the masses. They dream of General Zia Ul Haq who imposed fundamentalist Islam on the nation, making everyone's life miserable. With all fun and music banned the country resembled a graveyard at midnight.

Maulana Fazul Ul Rahman gathered his million and marched on Islamabad threatening to enter the Prime Minister's house, catch him by the neck and force him to resign. Pakistani politics are violent, rude and crude- and barbaric. After many days he lifted his raucous camp in Islamabad, ended his vocal protest and threats, but resorted to blocking highways. That is what his frenzied followers are doing now, causing a lot of disruption to civil life, adversely affecting the trade and industry, RUINING THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN PAKISTAN.

Another Maulana, Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi (totally unfit for 21st century modern Punjab but perfectly suitable for the old desert), has suddenly surfaced now, not to miss the opportunity to be outdone by his rival. He is threatening and abusing Imran Khan over his liberal policy towards the Sikhs. He is using the most disgusting, even vulgar, language not only for the Prime Minister of his own country but also for the Sikh pilgrims and Maharaja Ranjit Singh who ruled from LAHORE in the 19th century AD. Anger is burning his nostrils and splitting brain. He, too, wants Imran's head and wishes him to take his hands off the goodwill towards the Sikhs and Bharat. If It was up to him the new bridge to Kartarpur Sahib would be burnt down in a day and Jihad declared on Kashmir tomorrow.

With these two evil fundamentalist forces advancing towards Imran Khan, what will happen, only God knows. If, God forbid, some crazy fanatic shoots him like Governor Salman Taseer of Punjab, mayhem will break out in Pakistan. Since Imran is a Pathan, the BRAVE Pathans will rise in revolt. Taking advantage of the chaos the Baloch, too, will pick up their guns. PAKISTAN, THE DREAM OF JINNAH WILL FALL TO PIECES LIKE A HOUSE OF CARDS.

Will our moribund lacklustre "Gandhian" Hindusthan next door act fast & smart, to avail of the opportunity and immediately recreate AKHAND BHARAT, thus bringing permanent solution (peace) to the problems of the sub continent? A lot can be achieved instantly if the political players are smart, bold and united, and can recognize "the moment" in history just like Jinnah who had the acute sense of history recognized the moment in 1947!

But first we have to get rid of the frustrated, disgruntled, remnants of Nehru DYNASTY and their allies who are acting as spokes in the wheels of Mr Modi's "rath" (chariot)!

18 Nov 2019
The FREE world is watching the rigours and pains of Pakistan. The Pakistanis themselves, caught in the Islamic trap, see no way out but to kill one another.