Date: 06/11/2019

When masses gather to move, i.e., gather MOMENTUM, individuals can only be surprised or shocked. This was the case in 1947 when the Muslim masses moved they got out of control of Gandhi and Nehru. Pakistan was born at the cost of Indian territory. INITIATIVE rested with Jinnah while Gandhi and Nehru merely watched the break up of our Bharat. They had no breath left even to respond! But they are honoured and revered by the nation! A cowardly nation can only have rotten leaders who surrendered Lahore and Kasur with zero allegiance to Sri Ram's two sons, Luv and Kush. A cowardly nation will also touch the feet of their conquerors (and concede Partition) while treating own family harshly like step parents.

The present Sikh movements are taking roots & shapes due to power vacuum in Hindusthan. The reason for this power vacuum is the Constitution that sees neither a HINDU in Hindusthan nor mentions PARTITION. If the nation cares two hoots for Lahore then it will not shed a tear when Amritsar, even Delhi, is gone! Cowardice and lack of attachment and commitment, that is, betrayal, is embedded in its genes from the first to the last page!

Significantly now we see a vast difference in conviction in religion among the Hindus, the Sikhs, and the Muslims. Pakistan was created on the basis of their RELIGIOUS zeal. Sikhs re-built Sri Akal Takht Sahib WITHIN DAYS in 1984 due to religious fervour while the greatest Hindu Mandir on earth is still in ruins since 1526 AD! With 'held breath', we (the nation of pygmies) are waiting for the decision by Supreme Court. In those three days in 1984 when the innocent Sikhs were being savagely killed in their thousands in Delhi neither the Supreme Court nor the Supreme Commander showed any sign of life. Please ask the Sikh widows and orphans!

At this time we expect the Government of India to see the Sikhs' love of gurdwaras and show moral courage to blame both Gandhi and Nehru who accepted such "Partition" that put the main Sikh gurdwaras in Pakistan, that is, OUT OF BHARAT MATA! If the Hindu psyche is centred at Ayodhya and Mathura, where is the Sikh psyche centred? It is centred at Sri Nankana Sahib, Kartarpur and Sri Amritsar!

Rashtrapati and Lok Sabha may seal their lips on PARTITION, but the NUCLEAR (ideological) BOMB did explode over India if Sri Nankana Sahib, Kartarpur, even Gilgit, Sylhet and Chittagong are OUT of Bharat and the Hindus became "secular" to appease the Muslims and the Italians, as confirmed by Constitution. Hence Aurangzeb Road could not be named Guru Tegh Bahadur Marg nor the New Delhi Airport be named after Prithvi Raj Chohan or Guru Gobind Singhji or even Maharaja Ranjit Singh but given a name of the vindictive, vicious and arrogant dynastic "Witch" (Maimuna Begumm) that recoils with disgust and anger in EVERY patriot's mind, not only the Sikhs'!

Maimuna Begum (aka Indira Gandhi) much adored by ignorant Hindus, reminds the whole world of the idiot who used the sword to kill the fly sitting on her father's head! The damage caused to the grand historic building (Sri Akal Takht Sahib, a priceless national heritage!) and the invaluable Sikh Reference Library by the army under her orders was immense and irreplaceable. For the sacrilege she committed to hurt the feelings of the entire Sikh community worldwide, she got off very lightly by just losing her life!

Sikhs may be a small and powerless minority but they will NOT forget that unnecessary (malicious) army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib and forty other gurdwaras and curfew imposed across the whole of East Punjab in June 1984! There should have been mass revulsion & retaliation across the whole country when the innocent Sikhs were being massacred in the open, and inside their own homes, in Delhi and across Northern India after the assassination of the evil woman of the "Hindu bashing" Nehru Dynasty. After all, what is the definition of a nation? Maimuna Begum should have lost her head then, by an infuriated angry mass of HINDUS when the Sikhs were being targeted. Will it be wrong to say that our Hindu nation failed the country in 1947 and failed the Sikhs in 1984, and failed the Kashmiri Hindus in 1991?

At ant's level we see the excited and happy Sikhs in their much truncated East Punjab going in their thousands to their holy places in Pakistan while at the elephant's level we see the treachery, cowardice and zero patriotism of Gandhi and Nehru whose cowardly collapse in 1947 is never mentioned by Parliament or Prime Minister. One has the choice to become an ant or an elephant to look at the scenario while our dear motherland ("Matribhumi") is still in a state of flux. Partition is an open book of vengeance, NOT YET CLOSED!

The nation is also expected to apologise to the TAMILS of Sri Lanka who were not only betrayed but also maliciously killed in their thousands by the SAME Evil force in Bharat that had enslaved the Hindu nation in truncated India. Political, not ideological*, Liberation came only in May 2014.

6 Nov 2019
* Ideological liberation will come with NEW Constitution for "Hindu Rashtra" that will show Pakistan as "Occupied Indian Territory"! That is where the real challenge lies after we bring back to Srinagar all the Kashmiri Pandits who were forced out of their homes in 1991.

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There should be a referendum to create independent Sikh homeland in Pakistan's Punjab since Pakistan stole Sikh homeland of Punjab which is 4 times the size of Indian Punjab. This Sikh homeland should include Khartarpur, Gujranwala, Lahore and all the areas with Sikh temples in Pakistan. Since Pakistan has been showing so much interest in Khalistan, it is they who should take initiative to respect Sikh's right to an independent homeland. They have the space, they have Guru Nanak's Birth place and they initiated the very concept of Khalistan - World will salute Pakistan for its magnanimity. India will support such a move by Pak wholeheartedly just as it did the initiative Pak took over the Khartarpur corridor...