Date: 31/10/2019

Recollections, 31 October, 2019.

Today is the day 35 years ago when Partitioned India was under the despotic rule of Nehru's daughter, a secret convert to Islam, but still called by a pious Hindu name "Indira Gandi".

She was ruling by dangerous politics and incendiary plans to divide the communities, pitching one against the other. Her main goal was to make India a slave colony once again under the perpetual rule of Nehru dynasty.

Though All-India Congress Party was responsible for the unconditional surrender of one third of India to the Indian Muslims (Partition) in 1947, and Mr MK Gandhi wanted it to be disbanded, greed and love of wielding power made Maimoona Begum (Indira "Gandhi") blind and arrogant.

Like her father Jawaharlal NEHRU, the son of a Muslim, she, too, converted to Islam and hated the Hindus. Her contempt for freedom of expression was seen when she declared EMERGENCY and imprisoned thousands of free thinkers. She was also partial to the State of Jammu & Kashmir where another dynasty, related to Nehrus, had taken hold of absolute control & power to force out the Hindus. Their logic was, "With NO Hindus in the State, we can become independent like Switzerland, or join Pakistan!"

Maimuna Begum perceived the Sikhs to be an abstacle in her long range strategic plans, fearing their patriotism and courage that could be "infectious" for the wider Hindu nation.

She knew the history of the Sikhs and their sacrifices and contribution towards the destructin of the totalitarian & ruthless Mogul Empire. Hence "the Sikhs had to be subdued," so the logic of Maimuna Begum, in order to rule over the docile Hindu nation that could not raise their Temple in Ayodhya (destroyed in 1526 AD) and was prepared to be willing slaves of Nehru Dynasty, "till cows come home."

Sri Harmandir Sahib was perceived to be the place where she could inflict the maximum hurt to the Sikhs worldwide. Hence the army attack against the Sikhs' holy shrine in Amritsar. And to maximise the TERROR & CASUALTIES, she MALICIOUSLY chose the day of Gurpurb when thousands of congregation gather to commemorate the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Devji! Indian "coolie" media do not mention her vile act of choosing the day of Gurpurb for her sacrilegious army attack!

The attack was brutal and the power ratio was like that between David and Goliath! The army employed infantry, artillery, tanks and guns, and even helicopters to throw bombs from above. But the small band of volunteer defenders stood their ground till the last man, thus creating another glorious tradition of Sikh valour in battle. Indian "coolie" media have never brought out the unique COURAGE and FEARLESS resistance by the few defenders against the country's mighty army, then acting in despicable mercenary role.

The ruling "WITCH" of Hindusthan did not see a single white flag or anyone begging to be spared. The brave defenders died to the last bullet trying to save the honour and sanctity of their Harmandir Sahib and the dignity of the Sikhs worldwide.

They wrote a glorious chapter in the honourable history of the Sikhs who were known to defend the Hindus and their mandirs and daughters during the previous Mogul era but did not see any popular uprising by the Hindus against the army attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984.

In that former slave colony under the Mogul swords and the British guns, there is still none to speak about the TREACHERY of Nehru, who surrendered West Punjab and East Bengal and also North Kashmir, and his daughter, who terrified the Hindus by her EMERGENCY and tried to terrify the Sikhs, too, by choosing the time and place of her army attack to hurt the world SIKH community the most.

She attacked the hallowed place where Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers had walked bare-foot to pay respect and seek divine blessings.

When the "Sardars" in East Punjab recover their PRIDE & GUTS, and the spirit of sovereignty as citizens of FREE BHARAT, they will declare Maimuna Begum a political "WITCH" and her father the "TRAITOR OF MILLENNIUM" (the counter part of Jai Chand who helped the Turks capture Delhi in 1192 AD).

Let there be grand (impressive) MEMORIALS to the sacred memory of the brave and the honourable stalwarts who "despatched" the EVIL autocratic and devisive dynastic prime minister of "Broken" Bharat who ventured to destroy the peace in EAST Punjab and caused grievous hurt to the Sikhs worldwide, instead of spending the State money and thought on EDUCATION, JOBS and SANITATION (LATRINES) for her impoverished (ignorant, illiterate & starving) subjects.

31 Oct 2019 (Hallowe'en)