Date: 28/05/2013

Subject: Why Congress Party Will Win Over Next 100 Years? .- A Perspective

Unless Hindus register for vote en-masse and also exercise their votes diligently!!

Congress has divided the 70% Hindus into a) into st, sc, mbc, bc and others with different quota in education, govt.service and promotion b) rigging voting machines c) bribing voters.

This is one point of view. In the recent elections corruption was on top of agenda in minds of the voters. The days mentioned herein, may be changing for the better!.

Reasons why Congress is winning for the past 65 years and why it will win in the future:

Currently, on an average (over states) there are 15% Muslims, 8% Christians, 7% Others and 70% Hindus.
That is out of 100 people, there are 70 Hindus, 8 Christians, 15 Muslims and 7 Others.
Voter registration is as follows:
90% of Muslims, 90% Christians and 60% Hindus and 90% Others.
This means, that is out of 100 people, 42 Hindus, 14 Muslims, 7 Christians and 6 'Others' will Register for vote.

Now, interesting point
Out of the registered voters having voter ID or at least having interest in selecting their representative....
Have a look at the number of turnouts 50% Hindus will vote, 90% Muslims will vote, 90% Christians will vote and 90% others will vote
That is ultimately 21 Hindus will vote, 13 Muslims will vote, 6 Christians and 5 'Others' will vote during election and these people are responsible for selecting the representative and deciding the future of our Great India....

That is these, 45 people of total population. It is highly likely that out of 13 Muslims, 10 will vote for Congress,
Out of 6 Christians, 5 will vote for Congress and out of 5 others, 3 will vote for congress.
That is Congress will get 18 non Hindus votes, BJP may get 1 Muslim or Christian and 1 others vote.
That is BJP may get 2 non Hindu votes. Other parties, that are third front, may get 2 Muslim or Christian and 1 vote from others.
That is, 'Others' may get 3 non Hindu votes.
Coming to Hindu votes now Out of 21 Hindus. If 5 vote for Congress, 10 vote for BJP and 6 vote for other parties
Final result will be Congress 23 votes, BJP 12 votes, other parties will get 9 votes.
This has been the trend since 1990, therefore, Congress does not bother for Hindu vote.
Congress loses in States where the Muslims do not vote for them.
If Congress scares minority from majority, which is easy in the name of secularism, their 90% work is done....and they have been doing so.. religiously..
It is highly likely that the trend will continue and may vary by few percent and the Congress will remain in Power, as minority population increases, for the next 100 years..