Date: 28/05/2019

Repeatedly, I had been highlighting that the most heinous strategic challenge faced by India is "Demographic Transitions" that includes population explosion and illegal migrations.

By 2050 AD, the population surge is bound to go beyond 185 crores from today's 134 crores.

After all the loot and scoot of natural resources that has taken place during the past 72 years (far more than during the British Rule) and still continuing, there is no opportunity for "value addition high, medium and low-skilled" growth and development that can fulfill the aspirations of 185 crores.

And, that too with Muslim population well over 25% (at the time of partition 24% in 1947). What does it mean? The writing on the wall should be clear to all of you. Let none suffer from illusions on the above count.

The so called highly literate South Indian States - Kerala and Tamil Nadu - failed to opt for Modi-led BJP.

For God's sake, Muslims majority, aided and abetted by State and Non-State actors, would like to reclaim their lost glory of ruling the infidels for over 900-years through Jihad.

Modi must emerge out of his fatuation with Gandhi and the First Constitution sooner than later.

Also, lay the foundation of the "Ram Mandir" if the Judiciary does not deliver a verdict by August 2019.

Time is running out even for Modi before his own strident Party MPs rebel against him.