Date: 10/05/2019

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Please allow me to add a few of my own comments also as understood or known to me :

Rajiv Gandhi, a pilot By Profession , was a Headless fellow ,a slave To that white skin Italian lady,Later His wife , Sonia, totally unfit for the post of our prime minister & an inexperienced person but who was thrust upon us as our Prime Minister by Congress's Chamchas as presently ,Congress's Chamchas are Trying to put that PAPPU or RAHUL GANDHI as our Prime Minister . Rajiv , Who who had sent IPKF to SriLanka without caring to Know the Historical Facts That Sri Lankans were also Indians till 1947 who were separated From us on 15th August, 1947 under a British Conspiracy of Partition as BURMA ( Myanmar ) was separated From Us In 1935 and That majority of Sri Lankans were Tamilian Hindus & that he was sending IPKF for killing His ( OUR ) own People & who brought Disgrace to India when while inspecting a Guard of Honour an ordinary Naval Rating of SriLanka Hit him, the only One incident Till date .

Rajiv Had not only took Huge Commission on BOFOR Guns but as Colonel Amit ji has Rightly said he allowed Warren Anderson,Chairman Of Union Carbide responsible for "BHOPAL TRAGEDY " to flee the country by accepting Just a few millions Rupees officially whereas Any Amount of Compensation or even BILLIONS were Insufficient owing to the worst Tragedy of Human loss of Life in our Bhopal owing to wholly Responsible Union Carbide's Leakage of Gas for which Warren Anderson's responsible .

Further, Owing to the Sad Killing of INDIRA Gandhi , he ( Rajiv ) foolishly Uttered that when " .... a BIG TREE FALLS , EARTH SHAKES ......." and He was responsible for the barbaric killings of Thousands of Our Brave SIKHS while Delhi Police Remained InDoors.

Sirs, I was there ( Delhi ) on that Day when I along with my Elder Brother, Brigadier Satya Prakash & his Bodyguard had moved around with Machine-gun ( Sten Gun ) Fearlessly in Most disturbed Colonies & had Saved 100's of Sikhs & Their Families & Made them Comfortable in Station workshop, EME till things subsided , all at our own Expenses. However owing To congress's Foolishness , we Have Made Sikhs our a SORT OF Permanent Enemies or at least lost our Trust with them .


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Dear Sir,

Without a Shadow of a Doubt, Rajiv Ghandy was the worst PM India ever had, the other being his grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru. Being from Musalman background, deep inside Rajiv had a killer instinct and genuine inbred hatred towards Hindus. Here are some of his heinous crimes-

Rajiv personally led the massacres of over 3,000 Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 and arson of their properties.

Rajiv's most disastrous Sri Lankan policy led to many thousands Hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka were killed and women raped by the IPKF and more so when Sikhs and North Indian regiments were sent out initially. And because of their failures and acts of gross sexual abuses of Tamil women there, Rajiv Ghandy on being advised by his Dumbass advisers then replaced the North Indian soldiers and sent out South Indian regiments, but it did not make much difference, and the South Indian regiments felt they were fighting a wrong war with heavy casualties and felt wrongly used to kill their own people in resulting many lives from the IPKF were lost and there were heavy casualties.

Rajiv allowed Bhopal tragedies mass murderer Warren Anderson to flee the country.

Rajiv was a BOFER CHOR, even his shadow could never denied that.

A great opportunity came in 1986 itself to get rid of TRIPLE TALAQ when SC gave the verdict on Shah Banu case. But for Mussalman vote bank politics, Rajiv took the advantage of his party's majority in parliament and overturned the SC's decision in parliament.

The list can go bigger and bigger. In reality Rajiv was a Birdbrain freak dumbest, who enjoyed immense pleasures killing Hindus and Sikhs in any given opportunities.

Rajiv's end reminds me of another mass murderer of Indians, mostly Hindus and Sikhs, and he was none other than Mountbatten, whose wife Edwina, internationally known Slag, was a pawn to exploit the weakness of debauch Nehru, Rajiv's grandad. KARMA DOES NOT ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE NEXT LIFE TO FACE THE MUSIC, both Mountbatten and Rajiv had exactly the similar end, and it is a well-known fact Nehru died contacting Syphilis.


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Great Blunders of Rajiv Ghandy

Since the gloves are off in the campaigning of 2019 elections with rivals indulging in ‘jibes’ against each other, particularly of the Rajiv Ghandy era, let me highlight the “Great Blunders” of Rajiv Ghandy, besides the India’s “National Humiliation” on alien soil.

The Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was sent to Sri Lanka in July 1987 under the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord signed between then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lankan president JR Jayewardene.

Ram Jethalmani stated “India's Sri Lanka diplomacy under Rajiv Gandhi turned out to be his fatal misadventure; a thoughtless military intervention under the guise of peace keeping that brought great humiliation and loss to our Army, before taking his own life.” Some subcontinent analysts termed it as India's Vietnam.

Furthermore, Ram stated also “Handling the Lanka-Tamil problem needed diplomatic skill, vision and sound advice, all of which seemed lacking.”

Natwar Singh, former Minister of External of Affairs of Rajiv Ghandy regime, stated “He was badly advised… Rajiv Gandhi sent troops to Sri Lanka without telling the Cabinet. Sri Lanka policy led to his assassination”.

Furthermore, Natwar Singh highlighted that “There was no coherence in India’s policy. MGR (then Tamil Nadu chief minister MG Ramachandran) had his own Tamil Nadu policy; India had its own policy. The IPKF was not prepared for what they were undertaking in Sri Lanka.”

The 83-year-old estranged Gandhi family friend has claimed Sonia and daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited his home to dissuade him from writing about certain specific incidents in his autobiography,

The IPKF was sent to keep peace between Lankan government troops and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The IPKF was to disarm the rebel outfit. Instead, the IPKF earned the dubious distinction of “Innocent Peoples Killing Force” from Sri Lankan Tamils.

The intervention of the IPKF ended with its withdrawal in 1990 – a la Vietnam debacle.

And, the LTTE assassinated Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991 — during a Lok Sabha poll campaign in Sriperumbudur around 40 km off Tamil Nadu capital Chennai — at a time when he was largely expected to return to power in India.

Be that as it may, more importantly India as nation suffered the worst possible humiliation When Rajiv Ghandy, the Prime Minister of India, while inspecting the guard of honor at the airport during the ceremonial send off, was assaulted by a naval rating (sailor), who reversed his rifle and attempted to hit Rajiv on the head with it, but the rifle struck Rajiv a glancing blow on his shoulder.

A Doordarshan cameraman who was shooting the departure for the news bulletins caught all this on camera. Today, the incident is available on “YouTube”.

In retrospect, not only the intervention by the IPKF was ill conceived unilateral decision by Rajiv Ghandy without taking his own Minister of External Affairs into confidence or the Cabinet that finally resulted in worst diplomatic foray not only in regional geo politics but also international affairs.

Finally, the assault on visiting Indian Prime Minister on alien soil is only one of its own incident until date that must be viewed as a “Slap and Slur” on the face of the “Nation” and its pride; but ignored.