Date: 21/03/2019


All nations celebrate their victories in order to feel brave and great, but the brave and the fearless also show courage to look back, and commemorate their days of shame and disgrace.

Tomorrow is 23rd. March, the 79th. anniversary of that cursed day when “death sentence” was pronounced on our happy united country (“Akhand Bharat”) by her Muslim citizens who always felt aggrieved, frustrated and angry,

imagining themselves to be the offspring of Mohammed Bin Qasim, Mahmud of Ghazni, Babur, Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan. Even the road sweepers, the toilet cleaners and the illiterate louts believed that royal blood of the past Muslim conquerors is flowing through their veins while the rest of us are inferior scum, like the Jews in Nazi era.

That separatist, destructive and intolerant lot, who were blind to the divinity and spirituality at home but always looked far beyond the frontiers towards the desert of Arabia, thought little of Sri Krishna, Mahatma Buddha, Sri Ram and Guru Nanak Devji.

Vedas, Gita and Granth meant nothing to them but the controversial long diatribe of hate against the Hindus, written in the Arabic language, was the “word of God” for them.

It was an unprecedented occurrence in history when one community, living in a bountiful, tolerant, secular and civilised country, opted out, and rejected secularism & democracy but chose the long dark tunnel called “theocracy”.
World War 2 was raging in Europe and our colonial masters were engaged in a bitter life & death struggle to crush another kind of “theocracy”, that divided mankind between Aryans and Non Aryans. We in India had its exact counterpart- the book that divided mankind between Momins and Kafirs, i.e., Mohammedans and Infidels.

On March 23, 1940, All-India MUSLIM League, a sectarian party with tunnel vision and zombie outlook, passed a Resolution in the historic sacred “Hindu” city where Luv, the elder son of Sri Ram, was born, where Guru Arjun Devji was tortured to death, where Maharaja Ranjit Singh had his golden throne and where a young patriot called Bhagat Singh kissed the gallows for the freedom of Hindusthan- all of Hindusthan that stretched from Khyber Pass to Chittagong.

On this day in 1940 the “Chandaal Chaukdi” (Gang of Treason) met in LAHORE, the capital of Punjab Province, that in grandeur & prosperity was no less than Paris or Berlin.

But what took place on that day ruined the future of the entire country, not just of the Punjab.

It is hard to find another example of citizens of a country, who instead of swearing loyalty to their Motherland, decided to partition it in pools of blood and sow the seeds of strife among its citizens till eternity.

The demand for a new separatist, terrorist, Islamic country, to be carved out within the borders of India, was the worst event in the entire history of the sub-continent. The negative results of that evil step are so many that a book could be filled.

The “Pakistan Resolution” passed in Lahore on this day in 1940 produced an illegitimate “child” named Pakistan at whose birth we saw the Viceroy acting as the facilitator, Jinnah (citizen of India) as the rapist and the graceful divine Lady Hindusthan, with hands and legs tied up, the wretched victim.

Qaid-i-Azam Mohamed Ali Jinnah, born of Hindu parents, married to Parsi women, was keen on putting West Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and East Bengal under Islamic Law, but spared Gujerat where he himself was born.

History compares him with Ravana who had TEN heads (exceeding the wisdom of a ‘barrister-at-law’ from London) but the IQ of a donkey, an ass.

Watch the brainwashed Pakistanis celebrating the ‘Day of Conception’ of their separatist Islamic country tomorrow while the masses over there are starving, thirsting for a drop of clean water.

With the Koran in Constitution, there will be no development or progress and the country will resemble Irak and Syria of today in ten years’ time. Hard working and honest Non Muslim minorities have already been exterminated.

After the present low level but widespread violence takes a turn for worse the country will perform a nose dive into widespread violence and mayhem. When at last the Spirit of Qaid-i-Azam becomes the Ghost of “Fitna”, all Pakistanis will curse Mohammed Ali Jinnah for his rebellious Resolution passed on this day in 1940.

Finally, a comment on the real MASTERS OF LAND, who ought to have been fierce Defenders of Land, the HINDUS, the original natives of Bharat who are known as the “majority community” of Hindusthan.

Let us recall the reaction of the HINDU leaders on that day. Unfortunately when most serious threat was posed to Hindusthan they were all sleeping or unconscious! The much revered “Father of Nation”, Mahatma Gandhi, did not even pray humbly to Mr Jinnah, “Brother, withdraw that Resolution otherwise in protest I shall miss my glass of goat milk tomorrow!” Many patriots drew the conclusion that “dharti” (sacred soil) of India meant “sh*t” to Gandhi (and Nehru)!

People ask, “How is it that none got up to ELIMINATE the ‘Traitor of Millennium’ who conceived the idea to break up our noble and decent united country boasting of her glorious past and ancient civilization?

22 March 2019