Date: 16/03/2019

When the (ideological) water was rising on the boat due to a leak at the bottom, all on board were either drunk or asleep.

Only ONE saw what was happening and shouted, "Wake up!", but "pc" had put them to deep sleep.

One more woke up only to hit the first guy on the head, shouting, "LET US SLEEP, YOU TROUBLE MAKER. ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD!"

It is for the rulers, the media, the intelligentsia and the patriots in a country to be honest, brave and realist, and allay the fears of the citizens at large – fears that are historic - fears that are deep rooted.

Has the UNO, EU or the USA asked Pakistan* to put down her separatist sectarian ISLAMIC flag, UNDO Partition, and rejoin secular India?"

(* Pakistan was born when- metaphorically speaking, excessive "Islamic water" capsized the boat called "Akhand Bharat", subjecting MILLIONS to drown, simultaneously creating the Kashmir "dispute"!).

In order to improve public perception of Islam across the globe (including New Zealand and Australia, East Punjab, West Bengal and Kashmir), the MUSLIM countries (NOT the non Muslim countries!) have to condemn, catch and punish those criminals who destroyed the entire peace loving Yazidi community, the ancient relics in Syria, abducted the school girls in Nigeria, destroyed the two World Trade Centre Towers in New York, beheaded the social,

humanitarian, workers, seduced and raped over 1,400 school girls in England, and then CONDEMN THE PARTITION OF INDIA that was an affront to the values and civilized norms of New Zealand & Australia, and a permanent blot on world conscience.

Now to New Zealand:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (like Mrs Merkel of Germany) will welcome even more Muslims fleeing Syria and Irak not realizing that when the boat fills with water it sinks!

It’s so ironic that NO fellow citizen of hers, a Christian, can ever seek refuge in any Islamic country. There were Pakistanis and Bangladeshis among the dead. How many Christians from New Zealand are living in safety in these countries where they would be regarded Kafirs (Infidels)?

So, after the Muslims eventually attain majority will they not vote for Sharia Law? They most certainly will!

Then, Madam Prime Minister, it will be inevitable that you will have to cover your head, even wear burka and accept & tolerate one or two (even THREE) more women sharing the bed of your husband.


Madam Prime Minister, after the Muslims gain majority, ethnic cleansing will take care of the Christians living there (who are offering the other cheek right now!) and within a few more years your beautiful prosperous country will join the family of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

Madam Prime Minister, since you are leading your country in the manner of our own Gandhi and Nehru in 1947, history is about to take revenge from your people in a strange way.

Earlier, the Christians (Europeans) overwhelmed the natives. Muslims are now coming, under the Law of Divine Retribution, to overwhelm the Christians. And then you will be dressing in public quite differently!

Madam, the only way to straighten the “kuttay ki poochh” (e-mail below) is to persuade the Muslims in New Zealand to revise the Koran. The book written in the 7th century AD according to social and judicial system of the time (called “Jehaalat”) ought to be re-written according to the social norms & values of 21st century New Zealand.

Among the words to be expunged, will be “Kafir, Jew”, and the loathsome “pig and dog”. Monogamy will replace polygamy, women will be granted equal rights with men, “Tableegh and Jehad” will be replaced by “cultivating bonds of love with the entire human race”.

Madam, with regard to co-existing with Islam, I think, you are as naïve as a “virgin” on her wedding night. Please look closely at India’s PARTITION to see what happened there after Islam arrived.

Indians were (and are) a lot more welcoming and trusting people than even the New Zealanders. So why did India curse her stars in 1947 for having offered the “other cheek” for over 1,000 years and then finally got mutilated and fragmented?

Since history is bound to repeat itself, you ought to know that Islam is a political ideology with its goal to bring the whole world to submission & slavery before their Prophet. It’s an aggressive political ideology, not a peaceful tolerant religion like Christianity. Please ask yourself: “Why are the Muslims not heading towards any Islamic country?” Obviously, they cannot get “girls, gold and LAND of Infidels” there.

Madam, you may read about the bloody struggles by Bulgaria, Greece and Spain for their freedom from Islam. Are you not leaving it to your coming generations to recover the land that is firmly under your feet right now. How easy was it to concede (surrender) one third of India on one day in 1947 while now it is impossible to get even one inch back!

Madam, Your greatness is not in conceding and surrendering but in resolutely defending what you have. Additionally, you have achieved equilibrium between the natives and the Europeans. Adding the disruptive “Muslim factor” is bound to have devastating consequences for New Zealand in the near future. You have allowed the adversary with hostile ideology to establish its “bridgehead”. You did not have to.

You have already seen the consequences of having too many Muslim migrants in your country. The inhabitants are nervous, if not scared. You had a massacre for which the killer will waste his whole life languishing in jail. You had one senator in Australia splashed with egg, dividing the society, and you have worldwide publicity for wrong reasons.

Madam Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the wise learn from the blunders of the OTHERS. The fools walk into the tiger’s enclosure holding a copy of Bible in one hand and a branch of olive tree in the other.

Please get informed about Islam. Note the duty of each and every Muslim to do “Tableegh” (actively convert the non Muslims) and “Jehad” (non stop struggle, including war). There will be grooming, seduction and even rape. There will be “triple talaaq” and “fgm”. And there will be ONE-WAY mixed marriages, that is, every Muslim groom will force his own Islam on his Christian (or non-Muslim) bride. Muslim families will be a lot more bigger under their political agenda than your present norm.

Those already allowed in will become a powerful magnet for the others standing in the “world’s longest queue”, waiting to reach New Zealand. You ought to have known the reaction among your settled population about Islamic immigration. You already saw one last Friday!

Madam, you have the fate and destiny of your people in your hands. Please work in their interest. Think of their future and also think of the established religions and “way of life” in New Zealand. There is no need to disturb the present social equilibrium or status quo. One tiny wrong move today can result in a great tragedy including civil war or Partition (as in India) in the future.

Thank you.