Date: 22/02/2019

Article 370 of the Indian constitution is an article that gives autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The article is drafted in Part XXI of the Constitution: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions.[1] The Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir, after its establishment, was empowered to recommend the articles of the Indian constitution that should be applied to the state or to abrogate the Article 370 altogether. After the J&K Constituent Assembly later created the state's constitution and dissolved itself without recommending the abrogation of Article 370, the article was deemed to have become a permanent feature of the Indian Constitution.[2][3])

Let our Indian politicians read, Pakistan's Lahore resolution 1940, WHICH CALLS FOR COMPLETE AUTONOMY, AND INDEPENDENCE FOR PROVINCES LIKE SINDH, BALOCHISTAN, NWFP. The military regime of Pakistan did not honor any resolution, though Sindh joined with Pakistan, on the basis of that resolution only, that is why people of Sindh and Balochistan are fighting for independence from Pakistan.

Historically Balochistan was never a part of Pakistan or British occupied India, IT WAS FRAUDULENTLY ANNEXED TO PAKISTAN.!!

We in India, are stuck with, TEMPORARY, senseless article 370, and 35A, since over 45 years, and call Kashmir integral par of India ( HINDUSTAN ), where over 400,000 Hindu kashmiri pundits were kicked out from their homes by Muslim hoodlums and our impotent, submissive, timid, Indian politicians hide their face, to do any justice to suffering Hindu pundits, on the blessed soil of HINDUSTAN ( home of Hindus ) !!.