Date: 05/02/2019


We (Hindus) shall be embroiled in endless discussions and deliberations on the issue of MUSLIMS IN PARTITIONED INDIA. There will be talks and discussions but NO action "till the cows come home".

There would have been NO issue at all, had NEHRU ensured POPULATION TRANSFER when he signed the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar and DHAKA in 1947! The barrister knew the plight and fate of the Hindus during all those previous CENTURIES. The other barrister, too, who "went along meekly" like a goat with his charismatic Pandit ji, shoving aside NETAJI Subhash Chandar Bose, had, surely, heard of the fate of Somnath Temple and the Ayodhya Temple, the Jazia tax imposed on the Hindus, the JAUHAR by the Rajput girls and women, the fate of the little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji, and the NOAKHALI and RAWALPINDI massacres! Yet they both (Gandhi & Nehru) DELIBERATELY & KNOWINGLY SENT THE HINDUS OF WEST PUNJAB AND EAST BENGAL TO DEATH!

Since for the Hindu nation NEHRU is "GOLD" while our TERRITORY was "DUST", none dare mention the real culprit. ALL (ONE BILLION OF US!) ARE RECONCILED TO THAT BOGUS (undemocratic, unconditional, without referendum, without a single condition!) PARTITION!

The second EYE OPENER is that Islam is "at War" with the Hindus (Kafirs) of Hindusthan from Day 1- as per Koran!

During the past long centuries, the Hindu nation had PEACE only when the top RULER was a Muslim Emperor. This "tradition of dogs" started in 1192 and continued UNBROKEN till 1857 AD, when the British East India Company "dispatched" the LAST Muslim Master (Emperor MOHAMMED Shah Zafar) of Hindustan in exile to Rangoon.

During the British and Congress/BJP eras since, we have had "COLD WAR" with ISLAM just as it was the case in Europe till 1991 AD. By the way JAPAN is still technically at war with Russia that occupied two islands to the North within a few days of the final surrender by Japan. South and North Korea, too, are in the state of COLD WAR with guns at the ready.

Out of all the COLD WARS on earth going on right now, the one in BHARAT is the longest and still the most dangerous due to the "SPARKS" FLYING IN SOUTH KASHMIR. But those who are BLIND fail to see them, too. When did the "Rashtrapati" mention "PARTITION"? Aren't we all POSTPONING the final Day of Reckoning as long as possible?

Now to the Muslims in "BROKEN BHARAT": Of course, they will demand and expect EQUAL STATUS with "The Rest". (Remember the final verdict in 1947, "India will be divided between the Muslims and The Rest!"?). We cannot even dream of the Muslims saying honorably and honestly, "We captured ONE THIRD of India, then established our SEPARATE EXCLUSIVE, ISLAMIC Homeland PAKISTAN for ALL the Muslims of the sub continent, but since we had NO say in Partition that took place BEFORE we were born, you lot cannot now expect us to go there, or treat us badly!"

"Yes, Sir," we hear South Bloc and North Bloc saying, "You are more than equal in our PARTITIONED INDIA and we also give solemn undertaking never to repeal Article 370 that showers benefits upon the Kashmiris that make the Hindus in U.P. and Maharashtra green with envy."

5 February 2019.