Date: 30/01/2019


Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world, and according to the Hindu scholars, it is as old as the universe. We are the first to develop our language and wrote two largest epics of the world Ramayan and Mhabharat. Our culture is ancient. We were the first to develop the teachings of astrology. We were the first to have the most advanced medical and surgical system called "Ayurveda" in the world. We were the first to develop mathematics and gave the world the knowledge of numbers and zero, which travelled to Europe and elsewhere, through the Arab countries. We have given the world the decimal system. We were the first to build well planned cities which is a well accepted fact as seen from the excavations of the Mohenjo-Doro and Harappa area in India (this part is now in Pakistan). We were the first to have aeroplanes as described in Ramayana. Our scriptures give details of the journeys by human beings to the different planets.

Our literature and poetry and prose are second to none. There is no match to Sanskrit and Sanskrit poet Kalidas in any language in the world. No poet has written the minute and delicate details about child behaviour better than the poet "Surdas".

The nature has given us everything. We are the first to grow cotton, rice and wheat in the world. The oldest seeds of cotton have been discovered in the area of Mohenjo-Doro and Harappa.

The weather is said to be divided into six seasons in a year in India.

Our music is supreme and most effective to brain and body as a means to experience the bliss of Ishwar (God).
The spiritual songs in all the Hindu language are unique. This distinguished character makes you feel elated in spirit when you sing or hear the songs or "Bhajans". The I Hindu classical dances are superior to all the different dances in the world.

The distant past has been remarkable. Richness attracted foreign powers who attacked India again and again. As a result of that the Indian subcontinent remained under foreign rule from the 8th. century to 15th August 1947. If you take Mohammed Bin Qasim's occupation of Sind in 712 AD, then we should say from the beginning of the 8th Century. This foreign domination remained uninterrupted since then. No part of the world has lived in slavery for as long as India, which is not less than ten centuries. This is not a matter of pride for the Indians but a matter of shame.
We should think over it and analyse the cause of it. The answer does not seem to be simple but few weak points could be found.

1) First of all we were not united because we were divided into hundreds of small states and failed to understand the effect of foreign attack on the neighbouring states. We were not strong militarily although we were great warriors, which is evident from history.

At independence the British contrived to hand over the power to Pandit J.L. Nehru who was educated in England and westernised to the extreme. He neither supported the main religion of the land (Hinduism) nor ever entered a temple to impart dignity to any native faith.He introduced secularism in the country and teaching of Hinduism was never introduced in schools.

Another factor that has ruined the hopes of all people of I Hindusthan is "CORRUPTION" at every level. There is no department of the Government, from the village to Parliament, from Panchayat to the the Supreme Court without corruption.

How long can we go on like this? The demand of the present time is to compete with other great nations, but a corrupt system still accepting foreign ideologies at the top can not even think to take part in the competitions.
Unfortunately we have not taken any lesson from the thousand years slavery which is evident from the state of affairs at present in India.

We are again more divided than ever before. The people are not able to feel equal under one national flag, one Parliament and one president. . Billions of Rupees being deposited in private banks accounts abroad by the people in business and in power instead of improving the lot of the poor natives at the village level. What is the reason? How can we achieve unity in diversity? We have to solve this first otherwise this conflict of provincialism will go on and destroy the free democratic nation.

What is uniting us? If it is just the geography of the country then it is not sufficient.

The languages divide us. This we have seen since independence and to deny it is to lie. Now the states are more or less formed on linguistic basis this should not cause problems. They have enough opportunities to develop, prosper and compete with each other in fairer conditions and contribute to the general good of the whole country.
For any nation small or big, there must be a common language for communication and administration at Central Government level. Unless we have it we cannot stand on our feet and compete with other nations on equal terms with dignity and honour. Hindi should be accepted in principle and it should take its own course in establishing itself as the national language.

This is most unfortunate, tragic and a matter of shame for a great nation like India where so many languages are so rich in their literary work that English still dominates in universities and administration.

All the major languages are used at the United Nations Organisations except Hindi, which is spoken, understood, taught and written by more than 1000 million people in the world. This is because there is no strong voice from the rulers of India for its recognition.It could only happen if it became the national language of Hindusthan in practice .
Hindusthan on independence accepted that all faiths have the right to practice but this freedom is too much and has led to many riots and killings of innocent people time and time again. This secularism is at the cost of the majority and unfortunately Hindusthan has been ruled by a minority since 8th Century A.D. Even in the so-called secular west, no country has gone as far as Hindusthan to discard its own religion. The heads of other states are seen going to church, having religious ceremonies at coronation, investitures and upon taking up the oath of office. The church has immense wealth, land , power and status. The same goes for the glory of Islam in an Islamic Republic. Hinduism in India on the other hand, has been pushed into a tiny cupboard in a citizen’s house. The Hindu is still scared of worshipping in the open. India's secularism, therefore is another name for cowardice. It does not result from the strength of Hinduism but its weakness. There were no reasons whatsoever for India not declaring Hinduism as her state religion on 15th August 1947. But Nehru timidly went secular in order to appease all his foreign masters, Muslims , communists and Christians whom it benefits.

Truly speaking in India nobody knows secularism but they all claim to be secular.

Ten centuries have taught some lessons and we should think seriously on them and take some hard decisions for the future in order to shape the nation as united and strong were all citizens have opportunities for their development and progress. The countrymen cannot feel as one if there is disloyalty at the top, corruption in administration, police, judiciary and in the government. The successive governments have failed to attack on these destructive elements. The enemy is within, which is more dangerous than the enemy from outside. Today India is one of the most courrupt nation because of secularism as practiced in the country .Indian secularists are the most shameless creatures and shamelessly expert in double talks to remain in power and in this congress party of India, communists are at the top and destroying everything native or Indian.

The external enemy should be destroyed and tackled at the same time.

India is a secular country, which is most surprising to the world. The country has more then 80% Hindus in population. Rest of the population are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Zoroastrians (parsis),Jews, Buddhists and some tribes who still have their own beliefs and faiths.The vanavasis are the people who have saved our ancient culture and way of living and we must go to them to learn more about ancient knowledge.

The country has witnessed more riots between Hindus and Muslims in different states and cities in recent years. The reason is always obscured. Some people are killed on both sides then the police or paramilitary forces intervene to bring law and order after shootings and curfews for days or sometimes weeks in the affected areas.

When people have full freedom to practice or live their lives in their own way, then why is this naked dance of violence seen over and over again?

People sometimes blame the politicians. Sometimes the fanatics or the external elements are blamed. Nobody can say for definite the real reason for it but it happens several times at different places and no place is immune to it.
Is there any solution of the problem? What is the future of secularism in India? Those questioned should have been asked again and again as people should be made aware of the meaning of secularism.

According to secularism the state educations and morals should be independent of religion.

How far is it possible? This is the most difficult thing to practice in India where religion comes first in every day life. If we look up the map of the world we should find that all the countries have their state religions. This is a good thing. At least they are on one side and have declared their intentions and working for the good of their people.
In these countries there are people who follow different religions and faiths and still live in harmony.

What is the cause of the riots in India? It should be discussed at all levels and people with good intentions should come forward to bring harmony in society. The government should improve law and order, communication, transport and intelligence to tackle it at the very beginning and should punish those at fault firmly and severely. The government can act to some extent but the community at large has to take more responsibility to find the long-term solution.
We have been contact with Islam since the 8th century. I happened to ask the meaning of Islam to a Muslim scholar and he told me that it meant "Surrender to God", but Indians have found it violent, rigid, uncompromising and cruel. Since its arrival in India, peace has gone out forever. The invaders like Changhez Khan, Babar and the Mogul rulers have done more and more injustices and tried their inhuman practices to destroy the Hindus and Hinduism in India.
Islam is still active and trying from the same goal of conversion of Hindus, and all over the world by force and temptations. The 2nd Islamic conference in Saudi Arabia decided unanimously to supply unlimited amount of money in order to convert the whole world to Islam. The president of Iraq, Mr Saddam Hussein said at this conference "Allah has spoken twice to us (Muslims). Once from the above by which we got Koran through Mohammed. This time Allah has spoken from below with unlimited supply of petroleum, which would help us in achieving our goal of converting the whole world into Islam. In the past it was done under terror, as history would testify. Now wherever possible terror and money should be used for this goal".

We have been in contact with Christianity since the 17th century, which has also converted the Indians into Christianity by giving gifts, food, education, medical help and jobs. Under British Raj .This process of conversion is still going on uninterrupted, which is immoral on the part of the Christian missionaries. Above all, the Indians themselves are to be blamed who do not mind what religion their rulers profess and then cry when they see Hinduism being made ludicrous at the bottom.

The government has a duty to protect the right of individuals so that these external elements do not exploit the simple, illiterate poor citizens, mainly in the remote hilly parts of the country.

The country must choose a President / Prime Minister who is well versed in the ancient traditions of Hinduism, in the folklore of the Vedas, Ramayan and Mahabharat, who supports the native faiths and their "Ashrams" and whose bank accounts are neither abroad nor swelled through corruption and commissions. He must also impart dignity to the Indian womanhood , the Hindi languages and native culture both at home and abroad.

I wish to remind the Hindus that they have been able to survive and preserve their cultures and religion until now but it will not survive for long unless they change according to the changing circumstances. If they do not unite for their survival then their religion would remain in books for the readers and the Hindus will be put on reservations in their own country like the Red Indians or disappear altogether, as they have [Pakistan]. All the great and honest scholars of the world accept that Hinduism has the strength and vastness to become the world religion but the hard facts are different. They all admire the secularism in India but why don't they advocate secularism in their own countries? All the countries in the world have their own state religions and we should remember that religion is the unifying factor amongst people and nations.

For example the Pope is respected, loved and liked by Christians whether they are in a Capitalist or Communist country. He is equally liked by the white man and Blackman, in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. He is also liked by people of different nations even when some of these nations have their deep differences on principles, policies or human rights etc. Some of these countries have fought against each other but they are all united in the name of Christianity.
There were no Muslims in India until the 8th century and very few came from outside. They converted us into Muslims by all means and as a result of that Pakistan and Bangladesh came in to existence. Pakistan has been violating our borders since 1947 and attacked India several times but was defeated every time. In 1971, the Indian Army liberated "East Pakistan" and gave birth to Bangladesh under Mrs Indira Gandhi's leadership but soon they forgot the obligations and started troubles in Assam and Bengal. They have declared themselves as an Islamic state . There are 10-12 million Hindus in Bangladesh, she did not think for their interest at all.The Hindus are suffering in Bangladesh and are reducing in number and in a few years there will be no Hindus left. . By declaring an Islamic state, Bangladesh is united with Pakistan.Pakistan is also united within as an Islamic state. In the name of 'Jihad' (holy war) all the Muslims get united .

This is a matter of shame for the Hindus that in spite of being 80% of the population in India they are beaten and suppressed in their own country and they are not allowed to worship their own gods or goddesses.
Every now and then there are Hindu- Muslim riots in different parts of the country where ordinary law abiding citizens are killed, raped and assaulted in the day and at night in the presence of huge crowds.
This has been happening since the 8th century and the teaching of tolerance has turned into cowardice. Hindus have given enough sacrifices but have given in bits and pieces. Therefore all their sacrifices have gone in vain. Millions of them have been killed. Millions of their girls (sisters, daughters and mothers) have been raped or dragged away from their homes. Millions of their homes have been burnt down with inmates (including little children) inside, and looted. Yet they have not united or recognised the aggressor, the foreigner or the outsider within. Now they should stand up and say " Enough is Enough ".

I strongly feel that if India is declared a Hindu state then it would unite the 80% of the population which will bring good and healthy changes not only in India but all over the world. The unity and strength of 80% will also keep the rest of the 10-20% in safety and security. The minorities will be safe in India as they are in England and America. Hindus have to be prepared for the great sacrifices when India is declared a Hindu state. It will be mainly challenged by the Muslims and by the selfish treacherous politicians who depend upon the Muslim vote for their own chairs and are willing to push India and Hinduism down the drain for their political offices. The Sikhs, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Jains and the Parsees will not oppose this measure because they know in their hearts and minds that they need not fear. Because history has got an excellent record that Hindus have never troubled the people of other faiths. For example Parsees (Zoroastrians from Iran (Persia) came to India in the 7th century when they were killed and tortured by the followers of Islam. Hindus then gave them not only shelter but also helped them in their bad days to settle . Since then the Parsee have increased in number and have had no trouble from Hindus. They have kept their culture and faith intact. The Hindu way of life has also been a major factor in preserving the integrity of each other. In due course of history Parsees have taken a few Hindu customs and traditions.

Sikhs know in their hearts and minds that they have become Sikh from the Hindus and in a Hindu family there are often Sikhs . They have been living in harmony and have helped each other like brothers. The present Sikh problem is due to the treachery of the rulers of India who have adopted the lives of the colonial masters to divide and rule. They have shown rift and discord all over so that the simple people look up to them for deliverance. When Hinduism is declared the state Religion of India, such treacherous rulers will be the first to flee India to live on their vast wealth drained out of the country. Like the Rajputs and the Mahatras, the Sikhs will again walk proudly among the Hindus of India.

Christians have no quarrel with Hindus and there have never been any Hindu-Christian riot in India.
Jains are peace loving people and have no quarrel with anybody. The common enemy of India is Islam. We all have to unite together to fight it out once and for all. This fight will not be easy, (but it will be a bloody fight). We should be prepared to make any sacrifices needed for the sake of our country. Those who postpone the major issues and walk on the path of appeasement and cowardice, only leave the problems for their children, who are massacred because the problems become bigger with the passage of time.

The Muslims of India should not forget that they have Hindu blood in their veins as declared by one great Muslim leader Abdul Karim Bhai Chagala, once the high court judge in India and later on a Cabinet Minister. It needs to have determination and patriotism to declare India "Hindu State". There would be minor problems and these would settle . We are not doing it to harm and trouble anybody but to save ourselves from the ultimate destruction. Such a great country like India can follow the example of Nepal where Hinduism is the state religion. It speaks volumes for the courage and patriotism of the Nepalese to be the only Hindu country in the world. India need not be so coward as to shy away from this vital , manly step.

Time is running out fast and with each day dividing, dithering, secular India is going downhill, torn by strife and exploited by the foreigners.Under Hindu State, there will be one civil law for all.

The secularists, communists, congress I =Indira=Islam, opportunists are destroying our nation so get rid of them first then only it will be a Hindu state.

This is said that you cannot choose your neighbours I mean Pakistan[ Problemistan] Bangladesh [ Beggeristan] but you can control them. The best policy for India will be to have no contact or very minimum contact with these two countries and expel all illegal Muslim immigrants otherwise they will destroy Hindusthan the land of Hindus.
This is essential for Hindus to survive and they cannot survive without India being a Hidurasthra and I sincerely urge the Hindu leaders to wake up and work for this aim. We are surrounded by 57 Muslim countries and they are not and can never be friendly when Jihad is called for so come to the reality and consider the last 1200 years of Islamic behaviour and cruelty on Hindus and everything attached to word Hindu, our temples, women and children, places of worship, universities, libraries,.We must look back and see the atrocities of Christians in India[ British Raj]and Portuguege[ Christians Rule] rule in Goa for over four centuries who were the worst for atrocities on Hindus.We must take lessons from past so that atrocities are not repeated again by Muslims and Christians on Hindus[ Hindus,Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Vanvasis And Tribes].


The Hindus will experience dignity at home and enjoy it abroad for the first time in over1300[2012-712=1300] years.India must be declared a Hindu Rashtra. Rename India as Hindusthan the land of Hindus like England the land of English people, Ireland the land of Irish people.

The Hindu leaders in particular and Hindus in general must develop in themselves to dominate to rule and rule to dominate at all levels at local,regional and national and give up the policy of appeasement of Muslims/ Christians/secularists/opportunists because their demands will always be more and more AND WE CANNOT FULLFIL THEIR DESIRES AND WHY SHOULD WE? Then Bharat can be a Hindu Rashtra. and it can be done, so be determined and work for it. Jaya Hind . Vande Bharat Mataram.

VEER BHOGYA VASUNDHARA means brave enjoys the earthly pleasures or fortune favours the brave, so ask yourself what you are brave or coward , and who are enjoying over the Hindu land or Hindusthan or land of Hindus.
The answer is since 712 A.D.the invaders –foreigners – minorities have been looting, plundering and enjoying- ruling this land of ours so wake up Hindus.