Date: 29/12/2018

That will be the day when both breakaway starving, bloodletting, hoodlum, destructive, terrorist, unstable, intolerant, separatist, lawless, Hindu-hater, and fundamentalist mad breakaway ISLAMIC republics, on either side of secular India, say,

"We have made a FOOL of ourselves by following the intolerant (anti Christian, anti Jew, anti Pagan and anti Hindu) teachings of an illiterate ARAB Bedouin and by rejecting all the divinity, sanity, morality and spirituality that is seen in Hindusthan where the "father of Pakistan", Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the poet laureate Mohammed Iqbal were born.

"We repent wailing, grieving and crying for Hassan & Hussain, the two alien Arabs of Mecca but not shedding a tear for the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji, our own race, culture, language, blood & ethnicity, who were brutally murdered at Sarhind, the hundred thousand Hindu captives, mostly women and girls, who perished in snow and cold in HINDUKUSH mountain, the thousands abducted and raped, the millions murdered and uprooted at Partition in 1947, and all the YAZIDI girls and women captured, raped and sold by the Islamic State (Daesh) in 2015, and wish to turn a new leaf by rejoining Mother India for a decent civilized & peaceful living in the future!"