Date: 26/12/2018


The defeat suffered by Raja Dahir of Sindh in 712 has had repercussions up to this day. The history of Hindusthan would have been entirely different had all the neighboring Hindu rulers UNITED to chase the wild Arab barbarians back to Mecca to repent and sulk there in the desert till the end of time!

Two serious flaws in the Hindu society became our nemesis: 1. Hindus did not “relate” to one another; 2. Hindus did not “relate” to territory. In other words the Hindus showed NO attachment to either fellow Hindus or to LAND (“dharti”).

It is shocking to note that these two deadly flaws in Hindu society were responsible for our Holocaust and the vast territorial surrenders in 1947. Sadly, under “secular” Constitution there is no mechanism to look at the Hindus’ misfortune separately in order to take any corrective step!

The question arises, ”Why did the Hindus not unite in 1947 to repulse the last concerted attack by the Muslims, described “indigenous” by Gandhi and Nehru?”

The reason was two-fold: 1. Not relating to fellow Hindus; and 2. Not relating to territory. These are the SAME two blights that cost Raja Dahir his life, wife and Kingdom!

Here one must pause to reflect: An intelligent person makes one mistake due to ignorance and does not repeat it for the rest of life. A fool will learn after two mistakes and an IDIOT will learn after five mistakes. So what to say of the Hindus, collectively speaking, who are going about normally, as if nothing happened in 712 AD and 1947 AD and a THOUSAND TIMES IN BETWEEN? Dear readers, YOU decide!

Is there any other nation on earth that does not learn a lesson despite the passage of a millennium? That the Hindus are incorrigible and doomed is seen from the presence of ITALIAN BORN Sonia Maino Gandhi who leads the country’s biggest political party! Many Hindus are quite prepared to hand over Bharat of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna to her and her son Rahul, still sincerely BELIEVING that the Catholic pair will be loyal to the Hindus and Hindusthan! Hindu ignorance (and stupidity) is beyond belief!

The loss of Hindu POWER (“SHAKTI”) & CHARISMA was seen clearly through the events unfolding in the middle of the last century (1940’s).

By a remarkable coincidence or Divine Destiny, there were THREE significant DEFEATS and territorial SURRENDERS on earth within just two years (1945-1947)!

It is unbelievable that such a nexus of galaxies could take place so miraculously- all together, and only once in the entire human history!

First we look at Germany that was proud of shared heritage of the Indo-Germanic tribes. Hitler, believing in his Aryan descent and due to nostalgia for Hindusthan, Sanskrit and Vedas, chose SWASTIKA as the national symbol of his country. Little did he realize that India in the meantime had become a SLAVE colony of another European power and Swastika belonged to the defeated race and was completely bereft of its original spiritual “Shakti”.

7th. of May 1945, was Germany’s darkest hour when she surrendered to the Allies unconditionally, conceding vast territories in the East, including the enclave of Kaliningrad.

Germany, like India, not only shrank in size (surface area) for ever, but was also partitioned between East Germany and West Germany.

Next we look at Japan where Buddhism had come peacefully from Hindusthan. Gautam Siddhartha Buddha experienced his enlightenment in Bodh Gaya in Hindusthan. That spiritual connection of Imperialist Japan with the enslaved Indian colony influenced the fortunes of the former adversely, and the surrender of Japan was announced on August 15 and formally signed on September 2, 1945.
Just like Germany, Japan, too, was made to surrender her territory in perpetuity just like Germany and BHARAT.

Finally we come to Bharat (Hindustan). In order to complete the ”TRISHUL OF MISFORTUNE” she was FORCED to sign the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of vast TERRITORIES on August 15, 1947, shrinking her by one third in size.

That was the end of our “Akhand Bharat”, the cursed land that saw its Western frontier come down from Khyber Pass to Wagah- all for the sole reason that our ancestors had failed to repulse the savage invaders in 712 AD but simply sank the HINDU ship mid ocean in company with Germany and Japan.

What about the future? Has Hindusthan done anything to acquire “SHAKTI” to stand up on her own feet, recover the surrendered territories or declare the country “Muslim-Mukt”?

What lessons were learnt from the first defeat in 712 AD and from the last defeat in 1947? NONE!

Don’t let the Lok Sabha show their blank expressionless shameless face but demand Recognition of Partition, erecting Memorials to the dead of 1947 (and 1984) all over, not forgetting to write up the new Constitution, building the national Temple at Ayodhya, and the Hindu Holocaust Museum at WAGAH!

Bharat is a great country with utmost wisdom and great potential to overtake any super power on earth. Therefore, the world should not see “the elephant being driven by ants”. That means, those ruling Hindusthan should have the stature of an elephant, the cunning of a fox, the gentleness of a cow, the stamina of a husky, the ferocity of a lion and the wisdom of an owl.

27 Dec 2018.