Date: 20/11/2018

On the birthday of Mohammed of Mecca, Pakistani authorities took full precautions to prevent shooting, bombing, stabbing and slaughter. They posted thousands of police and security personnel to keep an eye on the processions and used airport like scanners to search those attending public functions. Pakistani TV showed some processions that were all male affairs, not a single girl or woman taking part.

Was it a coincidence that blood flowed in Kabul when 43 people were killed and 85 injured by a bomb blast and in Multan four followers of Mohammed were killed by a train while they were gossiping among themselves while sitting on railway lines?

Islam may be called a "religion of peace" but it is the one mad and violent religion that has wiped out native cultures and civilisations from Morocco to Indonesia while inflicting bloody devastating PARTITION on the Hindus in Bharat.

We Hindus are the only people who see NO difference between friend and foe. We are the only Hindus to whom all that territory from Karachi to Gilgit seems as worthless as the sand in the desert of Arabia. If only we could "RELATE" to Bharat Mata and fellow Hindus, fate would not have cursed us or called us "Jai Chands"!

Those IGNORANT or SERVILE Hindus who adore Italian born Sonia and any Muslim, ignoring the vast territorial surrenders in 1947 and now INVITING another Islamic ATTACK on the Rest of India, are to be taught patriotism. Who will RAISE AWARENESS of the unfortunate Hindus who were "secular" before, and are "secular" after PARTITION?