Date: 15/10/2018


Ignorant and slavish people of Partitioned India have yet to realize that Indira Gandhi was a curse for the country. She was arrogant, autocratic and wanted to get Hindu votes for looking brave by persecuting the Sikhs, a tiny but fiercely patriotic minority in Bharat..

It is unique distinction of the sacred blessed Land of Five Rivers to liberate the enslaved Hindu nation from the foreign yoke.

During the last days of the brutal Mogul rule the Sikhs rose along with the brave Marathas and Rajputs to wipe out the Moguls. Hindusthan has not openly acknowledged the sacrifices of the Sikhs in that struggle when the Hindus were perishing in 'life and death' struggle with all their temples and institutions razed to ground.

Afterwards, Hindusthan was again easily enslaved by the British and the country was further impoverished, degraded and exploited. Barrister MK Gandhi was shrewd enough to know that Punjab will give the lead in his Freedom movement. So overlooking Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and even Ahmedabad in his own Gujerat where he was born, he gave the call for grand protest rally against British rule in AMRITSAR. The brave and honourable people of Punjab, mostly Sikhs, responded to his call willingly and we saw what happened at Jallinawala Bagah on 13 April 1919. That sacrifice by the Sikhs signalled the end of mighty British empire in India.

Then the cursed Hindu nation, reduced to the level of 'cattle' by 1947, watched helplessly when the Indian Muslims united to conquer FIVE provinces on one day without firing a pistol. Nehru became the autocratic prime minister of Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) on August 15, 1947. Under Nehru's watch the frontier fell from Khyber Pass to Wagah- a disgusting HUMILIATION that does not seem to bother the Indians!

With utmost contempt for the Hindus and democracy Nehru groomed his own daughter, Indira Nehru, to succeed him after his death. And in the rotten democracy of Hindusthan, she automatically became the prime minister of the "coolie colony" called Bharat. Do we see such a despicable practice in any other democracy? Please name one!

Hindus revered her, comparing her to "goddess" lndira, and none bothered to notice when she fell in love with the Muslim grocer's son called Feroze Khan and secretly married him in a mosque according to Muslim rites. She acquired the Islamic name "MAIMOONA BEGUM". Again the people of Bharat, so servile, timid and brainwashed, never bothered to find out who the parents, cousins and grandparents of this Feroze Khan were! The nation of fools continued to live like the slaves of Nehru Dynasty. No questions asked about Maimoona Begum ("Indira is India") then, and Sonia Maino Gandhi ("Rashtramata") now!

In a country with NO investigative journalism none enquires about the Partition of India any more. That BLACK day when Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal vanished from the map of India overnight, the brainwashed people of Bharat celebrate "Independence", instead of crying and grieving at the loss of one third of India and the slaughter of TWO MILLION innocent Hindus and Sikhs at Partition!

We now want to know as to why Nehru and his daughter Maimoona Begum were so dead set AGAINST the Sikhs. Here are some reasons:-

1. Nehru knew that ONLY THE SIKHS will avenge the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Lyallpur, Sri Nankana Sahib and Gujranwala and assassinate him while the entire Hindu nation will wash his feet and drink the dirty water calling it "amrit". After Nehru died, that FEAR went on to his daughter. She felt most uncomfortable seeing a Sikh. Her father's High Treason made her afraid of assassination either by a Maratha or a Rajput but overwhelmingly by a Sikh.

2. Nehru knew that he could rule like a Sultan or Emperor as long as he lived and there wasn't a native who would challenge him. But he did fear the proud and patriotic Sikhs who would not tolerate his bogus secularism and fraudulent sham democracy. So, according to Nehru and his daughter, the Sikhs had to be intimidated & degraded, and made to live as willing slaves like the Hindus.

Unfortunately Hindu leadership has proved most useless who could neither mobilise public opinion against the vast territorial surrenders of 1947 nor did anything to ELIMINATE the Nehru dynasty that ruled over them like dictators. In fact, most Hindus worship both Nehru and Gandhi even today instead of taking them to task for surrendering one third of India to the indigenous Muslims in 1947 UNCONDITIONALLY and without Referendum!

Most Hindus do not mind if the grand temple at the birth place of Sri Ram is still a ruin and the Lok Sabha (Indian Parliament) couldn't care less if NO other State in Bharat enjoys special status, privileges and funding like J & K State!

Nehru Dynasty and their Congress Party followed the policy of "divide & rule" instead of uniting the nation. Instead of encouraging healthy democracy they instigated the Dalits against the Brahmins and the Hindus against the Sikhs and so on.

The worst crime of both Nehru and his daughter Maimoona Begum was to "abolish" religion of the subjects and make them all "secular" by Law. Please note that their secularism (and enforced "family planning") was only for the Hindus and Sikhs while they recognized Islam as a force to reckon with and welcomed the birth of Islamic Pakistan on the soil of India. It's a tragedy that most Hindus are still ashamed of being called Hindus and don't mind being Secular as per Constitution. On the other hand the proud Sikhs reject Nehru's selective secularism after surrendering West Punjab and East Bengal to ISLAM!

Here lies provocation to both, Hindus and Sikhs, when Nehru put Delhi and Amritsar under his secular hammer while Lahore and Dhaka went free under the blue sky of Islam.

CONCLUSION: IN HINDSIGHT we think that the German generals ought to have "eliminated" Hitler on September 3, 1939, instead of trying to do so, AND FAILING, on 20 July 1944 when it was too late!

Similarly, Hindus ought to have ELIMINATED both Nehru and Gandhi from high pedestals on the day our secular India was mutilated (partitioned) to create Islamic Pakistan. Thus there would have been NO Operation "Blue Star", no terrorism or militancy in Kashmir, nor the Emergency of 1975 when free expression was banned, and nor the Sri Ram Temple still in ruins.



1. The Sikh lad who shouts "I want Khalistan BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN!" is to be shot dead for treason but ISLAMIC Pakistan is recognized as an INDEPENDENT sovereign State by the Parliament (of "goats) in New Delhi. None has questioned the bona fides (LEGITIMACY) of Islamic Pakistan ON THE SOIL OF SECULAR INDIA!

2. Islamic Constitution in East and West Pakistan was ACCEPTABLE, but Hindu Constitution in "Broken" Bharat, and a separate sovereign Sikh State in South Asia, NOT ACCEPTABLE, both being the "filthiest things" on earth!