Date: 30/08/2018

Re: Rohangiya Muslims slaughter Hindus, Buddhists

Thu, 30 Aug 2018 17:19

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Why don’t you address this to Modi , VHP and RSS ? It is they who have settled Rohingyas in JAMMU ! On whose side is Hinduatva just as Congress settled Muslims in Assam the waged a war created another Islamic state
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Subject: Fw: Rohangiya Muslims slaughter Hindus, Buddhists

India was attacked by her INDIGENOUS Muslims, who were like the “indigenous” Muslims in Myanmar.
The INDIAN Muslims attacked their own land of birth and broke her up into THREE fragments, two were named West Pakistan and East Pakistan respectively. The collateral damage were the TWO MILLION people slaughtered and tens of millions more forced out of their homes. What role did UNO play to prevent that Himalayan tragedy? .

And now if the victim (India) is quiet due to "terror of Islam" does it mean that partitioning India was right? Has that Partition brought peace to the sub continent? Why are there Muslims still living in Partitioned India? If the victim (India) is weak, should the UNO not step in and ensure complete exchange of population to give legitimacy to Partition?

UNO has got extremely concerned with the plight of Rohingya (Burmese) Muslims in order to serve the cause of Islam and the West. It is definitely NOT in the interest of Myanmar to have a "stone in stomach", that is, an anti Kafir rebellious Muslim enclave within that country.

The Rohingya physically live on land and that land can be called “Islamic”. There are implications.
1. Bangladesh can always cause an uprising there and then annex the territory-just as Russia did in Crimea and Kaliningrad, and now in Eastern Ukraine.

2. Since the Muslims will always be up in arms against the Infidel neighbours and rulers, Myanmar’s economic development will be ruined. She will be busy repairing the roads, bridges, rail tracks, burying/cremating the dead and rebuilding what the suicide bombers and Jehadis destroy. To wage relentless "Jehad" (war) against Infidels is the Commandment of Allah in Koran.

3. A Muslim “Fifth Column” will eventually declare civil war or demand Independence for itself and partition Myanmar. Can UNO deny this?

4. Western agents and NGO’s can enter Myanmar easily through this Islamic corridor to keep an eye on the general public and the authorities. Conversions to Islam will be FUNDED & ENCOURAGED, not only through "mixed" marriages where the groom is always a Mohammed and the submissive bride Hindu, Buddhist or Christian, even a Sikh, daughter of proud Sikhs!

UN never showed such concern when Hindus were fleeing newly established Pakistan in their MILLIONS?
UNO never showed any interest when the surviving Hindus are fleeing Bangladesh and Sindh EVEN NOW.
UNO has never appeared in Srinagar to watch the Hindus there vanishing. UNO has shut their eyes with regard to all the ISLAMIC Constitutions that regard the non Muslims second class degraded citizens.

Why has UNO not openly condemned Bangladesh for rejecting Secularism, for treating the Hindus as second class citizens? WHY is UNO seen on the side of fundamentalist Islamic regimes?
Why UNO is not helping the YAZIDIS return to their homes in Syria and Irak? But they have all woken up for the Rohingyas, seeing the golden opportunity to destroy the Burmese Buddhist society by putting a perennial predator in there.

How does UNO serve the cause of peace in South Asia by planting the Muslim community in a Buddhist country? Has UNO shown such concern for the Hindu community in Sindh or the Sikh community in West Punjab?

Why does UNO act like the mouthpiece of Global Islam? When have the “Excellencies” there noticed the Hindus or the Buddhists or the YAZIDIS fleeing the Muslim aggression? WHAT ABOUT THEIR RIGHT TO RETURN HOME?


When the Hindus (and Sikhs) were being massacred in their MILLIONS, and when the Indians were booted out of Uganda and Fiji UNO posed to be a dead body. But suddenly woke up on behalf of the Rohingya since they see the good prospect of Partition of Myanmar in the near future!
UNO knows fully well that the Rohingyas will be busy with JEHAD, get Western arms smuggled through Bangladesh and then create conditions for the “helpful FOREIGN FINGERS”, including the ones from ITALY, to come in and then ensure the death of UNITED Myanmar.

Do we see Hindusthan or China coming to the rescue of Myanmar? SHAME ON BOTH. They both should know that THEIR turn will also come since GLOBAL Islam will not stop at Myanmar or Kashmir!

28 Sep 17
The Burmese authorities have revealed that the Rohangiya Muslims chased Hindus out of their hearths and homes and attacked them with Sticks and Knives. So far mass graves of 92 Hindus have been unearthed. They did not spare even pregnant women and one of the survivors says she had to deliver her baby in an open Stadium.