Date: 01/08/2018


Dear Friends,

Modi Ji and BJP have performed super in almost all fields since 2014, except they have very carefully skirted around an issue, "Unfair expansion of Muslims in India", an issue that will wreck havoc on our future generations and will mean an extremely violent end of Hinduism in one or two generations as their numbers approach 50% in India. It will be similar to 1947 but 100+ times bigger. I am OK with fair expansion.

It is not true that proportion of Muslims in India is same now as 1947. They were 8% then, now they are 18% officially and 23% in reality. By contrast, Hindus' numbers have decreased from 15% to 1% in Pakistan and from 33% to 8% in Bangladesh. On Indian side of Kashmir, Muslims proportion has increased from 54% to 70%.

India and the tiny countries of Nepal and Mauritius are the only Hindu majority countries. By contrast, there are 117 Christian majority countries and 55+ Muslim countries. If you want to preserve 'Sanathan Dharm', the best way of life ever, we all have to get alert and wok day and night to build a fair India, free from THE POISON OF VOTE BANK POLITICS THAT ALL OF OUR LEADERS ARE ADDICTED TO SINCE OUR INDEPENDENCE.

The only assumption that we can take some solace is in the assumption that BJP/NAMO are deliberately not doing anything to prevent unfair Muslim expansion as a part of their broad strategy for 2019 elections. So, we must vote for BJP/NAMO for 2019, as other parties are horrible traitors. We can wait until December 2019 and watch the trend. If they continue with the same appeasement policies, we have to assume that the Hindus are much weaker than Muslims and have no strength to protect, their Dharm, their nation, the prestige of their wives and daughters and even their lives from marauding Muslims.

We are so proud of our gaining independence by defeating the mighty British by non violent Ahinsa of Gandhi. The bitter truth is that there were never more than 100,000 Britons in India ruling over 360 million Indians. If you analyze deeply, the main reason they left India is because the second world war (1939-1945) made Britain and France so weak that they could no longer hold on to their colonies and soon thereafter, almost all of the world enslaved by them, became free.

To prevent the "Unfair" expansion of Muslims in India, two simple, fair steps are urgent and critical. Repeal the "Polygamy for Muslims Only" law and make sure, using all democratic means, that all groups have similar birth rates. We cannot keep on waiting for the right climate, we are reaching a point of no return very soon. All our leaders know that, I have talked to some very senior among them. However, none will do it so far because of the greed for Muslim votes. Polygamy has been banned by almost all of the civilized world including the USA, Canada, all countries of South America, Europe, Russia, China, Australia etc.

Modi Ji, Amit Shah and most of the BJP are very dedicated but I can narrate examples where some senior people of BJP were openly friendly to Pakistanis and ignoring Hindus whenever they had a profit motive. So, our mother land may be sold for money or greed of power, while we, simple people, burn our hearts and energy for preserving our Bharat Mata. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN PREVENT THAT IS IF ALL OF THE HINDUS ARE AWAKE AND VIGILANT.

However, my conscience tells me that somehow Bharat Mata will come roaring back and all of her enemies will bite the dust. I cannot picture how, at the moment, analyzing the present data.

Thanks and regards,