Date: 04/03/2018

4th. March, 1947. What happened on that day?

Dark ominous political clouds were rapidly covering the grand province of Punjab that stretched from Attock in the North down to Delhi.

Pakistan was not there yet though our leaders were discussing the possibility of partitioning India to create a separate ISLAMIC country for the INDIAN Muslims whose leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, was adamant that the Muslims will not be safe in Hindu majority India after the departure of the British from the sub continent.

Mr Jinnah’s mind was like a mirror and since he knew what the Muslims would do to the non Muslims after capturing their country, he ascribed the same frightening, appalling, mind-set to the submissive peaceful and gentle Hindus who, despite their majority, were taking ten steps in order to appease the fundamental separatist Muslims with promises to keep their well-being above that of the Hindus and the promise of sharing, not exercising, power with them.

But Jinnah brushed aside all these grovelling appeasing, conceding moves and took them as proof of Hindus’ weakness and cowardice. The PREDATOR KILLER instinct of Islam (“religion of peace”!) emerged rapidly and the demand for creating Pakistan got the wings to soar high over us, casting a dark shadow.

It was intimidating, even terrifying, for the Hindus who were reminded of the dire consequences of refusing Jinnah’s demand. After all, the Muslims had ruled Hindusthan for long CENTURIES with whip, gun and Koran (Sharia). The British had come as deliverance from forcible conversions of Hindus, abductions and the sale of Hindu girls, ban on their riding a horse, carrying a weapon, and the Jezia tax.

Old memories recorded by historians and passed down the generations of Hindus by word of mouth cast a shadow of fear for future. Only those who were alive on March 4, 1947, can visualise and realize our precarious state of mind on that day. We were staring into death.

We were in West Punjab and the prospect of having ISLAM, that was 95% “separatist intolerant brutality” and 5% “tolerant Akbar”, on top again, was like the worst nightmare. And one also knew the reason for Emperor Akbar’s kindness towards the Kafirs: The subjugated Rajputs had to send their beautiful virgins to his palace one after another at 6-month intervals to take his majesty’s mind off the “Infidel scourge” that he perceived surrounding him!

In such political uncertainty & climate of fear a meeting of the minorities was hurriedly called by the local Hindu/Sikh leaders in Multan, the holy city where Bhagat Prahlad was born at least a thousand years before the birth of Mohammed in Mecca.

At this meeting in Multan speaker after speaker denounced Partition and pointed to the misfortunes that would befall the nation. None thought that within weeks over TWO MILLION would be slaughtered and millions more forced out of their homes to become refugees in their own country! Islam, kept under check, and in order, by the British might and statesmanship, started growing rapidly like Frankenstein.

A popular Hindu leader, Master Lal Chand Button (“u” pron. as in “put”), Congress leader Saifuddin Kitchlew and Sardar Nanak Singh, President of Minorities Federation, Multan (a devotee of Bhagwad Gita and Guru Gobind Singhji), were among the speakers. All those present were “electrified” by patriotic sentiments expressed at the meeting, and dispersed with the resolve to “do or die” to keep India united, from Khyber to Chittagong.

Unknown to Nanak Singh, who repeated the earlier pledge taken by MK Gandhi, “INDIA WILL BE CUT UPON MY DEAD BODY!”, before the assembled gathering in Multan, the price of patriotism proved very heavy. He was assassinated the next day, March 5, 1947.

That was the fateful moment in India’s history when the “first shots” of Partition were fired by the Indian MUSLIMS like the first shots fired by Al Qaida that shook the United States on September 11, 2001, that cracked the mighty British Empire, never to recover again, and that was the moment when law and order “evaporated” completely, and mayhem ensued with arson, loot & plunder, abduction and rape, and widespread massacres taking hold across (Muslim majority) West Punjab that carried the flag of TREASON from one end of India to the other. Significantly, the "fires", that were to consume whole of India, started from Multan, the city of defiant Bhagat, a mere child, PRAHLAD.
That was also the moment when Gandhian philosophy of non-violence proved a “death trap” for the Hindu nation, and that was the moment when we saw the great traitor, JL NEHRU, who “went along” with “Brother” Jinnah to break up our ancient land of wisdom & spirituality called “Hindusthan”.
What happened on the following day, March 5, 1947, must be known to all.

4 March 2018.


Pakistan continues to experience significant terrorist violence, including sectarian attacks. Foreign and indigenous terrorist groups often resort to kidnapping for ransom. Religious conflict has been a problem for years. What also contributes to Pakistan’s low safety ranking are raging militancy and deteriorating law and order.