Date: 21/11/2017

News has just come of President Robert Mugabe’s resignation after 37 years of endless tenures in office.

People were fed up with his corruption, collapse of economy and falling standard of living. They came out in streets demonstrating and protesting against the 93 year old President.
Then he did something that brought the army to the fore.

He was about to pass on his office to his wife!

Neither the people of Zimbabwe are “Bihari Bhayyas” who accepted Rabri Devi after Laloo prashad, nor is the Zimbabwian army like ours that would do nothing when the country was about to go down the slope of Nepotism to second and even third generation of one (Nehru) Dynasty, violating the basic laws of democracy.

The army put the President under house arrest and asked him to resign. At the same time the Parliament started the process to impeach the President.

Now army plus parliament plus people were a formidable force before which “dictator President” Mugabe had no escape. He resigned, army went back to barracks and the people rejoiced.
It is all in contrast to the situation in Bharat where the army suppressed their conscience and patriotism, and withdrew from Western and Eastern India in 1947 instead of arresting Nehru and Gandhi, then they stopped short of recovering North Kashmir because of Nehru’s illegal orders and finally they saw the second generation prime minister return their hard won EAST Bengal to ISLAM despite its liberation in 1972 while not showing initiative to recover North Kashmir when practically the entire Pakistani army was PsOW in Bharat.
Next we commend the PARLIAMENT in Harare that began IMPEACHMENT of the President. In case of Bharat the Lok Sabha did not impeach Nehru when he ordered the army to cease fire in Kashmir and nor later when due to his criminal negligence the army suffered a crushing defeat in 1962.
PEOPLE of Zimbabwe acted like those in Eastern Europe in 1989 to end the rule of Soviet Union. The Zimbabwian people came out to demonstrate. Again we notice that in Bharat people stay in their houses and lock the doors whatever blunders their government and whatever the plight of Hindus in Srinagar, Kerala and West Bengal!
People of Bharat (Hindus) can learn a lot from Zimbabwe where the people, the army, and the parliament, acted in unison and coordination, pursuing national interest and forced the useless President out of office.
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in Zimbabwe and SHAME to the people of Bharat who are not coming out to protest against the plight of fellow Hindus in Srinagar or for the repeal of Article 370 in Constitution, even against the standstill in Ayodhya because the MALICIOUS VIOLENT “second nation” is “threatening” to occupy Delhi, too, after capturing Lahore unless the majority community “behaved”!

Bharat, too, can be great again if her Army, Parliament and PEOPLE act together - for the people and TERRITORY of Bharat Mata. For this we need MEDIA and our LEADERS to act bravely (like the Zimbabwians) in the interest of Bharat.

21 Nov 17