Date: 02/09/2017


Please rest assured that your stand for a revised Constitution is absolutely essential if the Hindus do not wish to be "pulverised" or massacred en masse sooner or later.

The next FALL OF DELHI (seems most likely after the instantaneous fall of Lahore!) will be the end of our "way of life" as has happened in Europe, Middle East and Latin America where the old Faiths, Beliefs and Religions have been WIPED OUT with utmost ruthlessness.

Most Hindus have absolutely NO idea of the MADDENING ZEAL and DEADLY SERIOUS COMMITMENT on the part of Islam and Vatican to see EVERY human on globe converted to THEIR way of worship and life.

Most Hindus have NO idea of the TRILLIONS of dollars being pumped into their "crusade" to dominate the world. Hindusthan under today's Constitution and yesterdays leaders is not more than a MORSEL for the hungry wolves and tigers who are vying for Hindu souls as THEIR biggest challenge in life.

That chant of "Shanti Shanti" is unique to the Hindus only where we wish to live, minding our own business. It is not so with the others.

We saw the LAW of "survival of the fittest" proven in Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP, West Punjab, East Bengal- with North Kashmir, too, GONE, and UNRECOVERABLE.

It is a big worry to see the MAJORITY community living at the MERCY of the minority community even in Partitioned India. If this statement is false, then the Temple in Ayodhya would have gone up by now and Article 370, too, blasted out of existence soon after the death of Nehru, the smart traitor who escaped execution but ruled like a dictator.

If, GOD FORBID, the Rest of India, too, goes under the "Sword of Mohammed", like the ONE THIRD OF INDIA in 1947, then who shall we ABUSE for keeping the nation IGNORANT of Partition, and about the PERMANENT "Jehad" of the Muslims against the Infidels (Hindus)?

Muslim barbarity is not new. Below is an episode from the life of Prophet Mohammed himself that will prove one thing: No Hindu (or Sikh) can expect mercy from a Muslim.

Der arabische Historiker Ibn Ishak beschreibt in seiner Prophetenbiographie das Ende der Banu Quraiza folgenermaBen: "SchlieBlich mussten sich die !Quaraiza ergeben, und der Prophet lieB sie im Gehoeft der Bent Harith einsprrren. Sodann begab er sich zum Markt von Medina und befahl, einige Graeben auszuheben. Als dies geschehen war wurden die Quairaza geholt und Gruppe um Gruppe in den Graeben enthauptet. Durch diese Exekution sind etwa 700 bis 800 Stammesangehoerige der Banu Quraiza getoetet worden. Zwei oder drei Anhaenger der Quraiza entgingen durch ihren Uebertritt zum Islam der Exekution."
The Arab historian Ibn Ishak in his biography of the Prophet (Mohammed) describs the end of the Banu Quraiza tribe in the following words:-
Finally, the Quraizas were forced to surrender. The Prophet had them interned in the farmstead belonging to Bent Harith. Then he (Mohammed) went to the bazar in Medina and ordered some graves to be dug up. After this was done, the Quraizas were brought, group by group, and beheaded in the graves. Between 700 and 800 members of the Banu Quraiza tribe were killed in this way. Two or three of them escaped this fate by converting to Islam.

Source: "Sind Islamisten die wahren Muslime?" published by BoD,
ISBN: 978-3-7322-7561-8 (ww.bod.de)
CHAK 47.
If that (the above) was done by Messenger of Peace, Mohammed, in Medina 1400 years ago, his followers in West Punjab proved equally capable of such savagery and brutality in 1947.

Hindu (and Sikh) men, women and children from several villages in Montgomery district. more than 1400 in number, had gathered for safety in one large "Haveli" (farmstead) owned by a rich Sikh farmer. As the news of this "big catch" spread, Hundreds of Muslim men, carrying all sorts of weapons, descended on the "Haveli". They killed all the men and boys, and the girls and women, too, after raping them.

Did these Muslim killers and rapists spare a thought that among their prey were doctors who had treated them when they, and their wives, sisters, parents and children, had fallen ill or got injured, traders who had sold groceries and goods to their families, teachers who had taught their children at school, philanthropists who had helped out the Muslims, too, who faced financial difficulties, lawyers who had fought their cases in courts, farmers who had grown wheat for their daily bread, and even close friends?


The harm done by not LEARNING about Partition of India and the "Mindset of Mohammed" can only mean the extinction of the entire Hindu race in South Asia eventually.

1 Sep 2017