Date: 04/07/2017

"Modiji in Israel".

One is really thrilled to see Israel and India shake hands after 70 years. For seven long decades (a human life span!) our Hindusthan has remained cowed down by the powerful "Hindu bashing" Nehru Dynasty and their Muslim allies.

In all the past DECADES proud Hindus were ashamed to see India partitioned, and then acting as the "TAIL OF THE PALESTINIAN DOG". For example-

During all the debates at UNO one could safely say that "India will vote as the PLO dictates."

When Yasser Arafat, a bosom friend of Indira Gandhi, used to come to be honoured (with grants of millions of dollars) by New Delhi one often wondered as to why the Indian "coolie colony" does not mention our own "Partition" to the Arab visitors while shedding copious tears over the Partition of Palestine!

Thank God, at last the "Era of Dog & Dynasty" is OVER and India can have SPECIAL relationship unilaterally with Israel without FEAR of the belligerent (violence prone) "second nation" at home, like USA and UK and like Canada and the USA.

India stands to benefit enormously from the intelligent and hard working Jews than from the lazy, disruptive & destructive MUSLIMS who are like the rocks (dead weight) on our Hindu boats and who have already captured our Lahore and Chittagong.

Question: Why are the Indian Muslims so UPSET over Modiji's visit to Israel?
Answer: Because they wish to link the restive Palestinians with the rebellious KASHMIRI MUSLIMS!

Hence India must not fall into this TRAP being set for Bharat by the likes of Akbaruddin Oweisi and the scholars of JL Nehru University in New Delhi!

4 Jul 17