Date: 22/06/2017

One of the cities which was sacrificed at the altar of partition was Multan.

Multan is located between Lahore and Karachi on the banks of mighty river

Ravi in West Punjab.

It is the great heritage of Maharishi Kashyap. It is also blessed with the legend

of Narsimha Avtar and blessed with the birth of Bhagat Prahlad. I had the fortune of being

born in Multan. The City is like a fortress with several doors around it.

I went to the Primary School in Haveli Noori Shah area and Middle School at DAV

Middle School, Harrum Darwaza. Here I was in the fifth form, when my studies

were disturbed because of the Disturbances.


I have a vivid memory of Pandit Nehru, visiting it. My elders who attended the

meeting at Kupp Chowk talked about it and the vibrations which came out gave me

an impression as if he was a clueless soul. He was taken around the torched properties,

destroyed homes and businesses. He kept mum. Even some ladies pleaded him for safety

and were so emotional that they ties Rakhis on him, but nothing concrete came4 out.

Like his mentor Gandhi, perhaps he too was in an illusion that things will sort out themselves.

These both enemies of the Hindus and Hindustan thought they were unchallenged and unchallengeable lots and a miracle will happen.

On 4th March 1947 a procession of young students passed through Bohar Darwaza, a Muslim area.

These youngsters were chased out with iron bars and sticks. I happened to be a witness to it. This

was a turning point and a Meeting was called, where Sardar Nanak Singh thundered that partition

will happen on his dead body. The next day Sardar Nanak Singh was assassinated for his views.

Multan is famous for Prahladpuri, a huge and giant beautiful complex place of pilgrimage. It was


Multan was famous for its active part in Cultural Affairs, event such as Convention on Bhagwat Gita

were hosted by it. Swamy (Tyagmurti) Ganesh Datt too graced it. It had a GYAN THALLA, platform

for spiritual discourses. It was a City of celebrations and festivals too..

At that time the Great persons, leaders of Multan were Mukhi(Chief) Pera lal, Advocate Sardar Nanak

Singh, Social and Community Leader, Bhagat Parmanand, Chaudhari Gela Ram, professionals like

Bhutani Brothers, the Eye Specialists, Balkrishan Batra, philanthropists li8ke Lal Chand Bhutani.

They served it diligently.

Multan was famous for Dussehra, Ram Leela, and its Holi Celebrations, people from far and wide admired it.

Those who managed to reach the truncated India, have tried to keep alive its glorious tradions, which

include serving people with Lassi, Sharbat on such occasions as Nirjala Ekadashi, resetting up of the

Multan Seva Samiti, annual Multani Jot at HJaridwar and its famous recepies are still available im Multani

Dhandha area of Delhi.

Till 60s and even in 70s, persons like me said "we were born in that part of India, which is now occupied by Pakistan. Now the young generation says our parents were born in Pakistan. This is an unfortunate and dangerous trend.

When I discuss it with their parents, they show helplessness and say VATAN HAMSE GAYA, HAM VATAN SE GAYE


Multan, along with Muzzafar Garh, Dera Ghazikhan and Miyanwali is a SAIRAKI speading area, but Multani

Sairaki is unique and sweet.

My grandfather's generation always blessed with SEHAT DI BAADSHAHI HOVE (May you remain Healthy,

hale and hearty.