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Re: Air India non-viable, burden on taxpayer; DHN, Jan.16, 2017 ;Cabinet to d...
Corruption ridden Air India:

We all wish to see Bharat CLEANSED of all corruption, nepotism and baboodom, not only in Air India.

All relics of slavery and a coolie colony ought to have been WIPED OUT by now.

BJP has been in power for three years. POWER without ensuring clean and efficient administration and safety of girls and women in public means nothing.

It is time to do five things:

1. RECALL and COMMEMORATE "PARTITON" as proof of patriotism and renew resolve to recover AKHAND BHARAT.


3. Integrate J&K State in Bharat by repealing Article 370 and THROW OUT THE ROHINGYA MUSLIMS from Jammu. They have been settled there out of malice & MISCHIEF, to "kill" the Dogras and destroy their (native) culture.

4. Investigate all the SCAMS committed during the previous governments. Punish the culprits.

5. Write the new Constitution for "HINDU RASHTRA". Don't be fooled by lavish praises of the present document that is more for HINDU BASHING than HINDU "Raksha" (SURVIVAL).

It is vital for the HINDUS to regard HINDUSTHAN as their very own sacred "dharti" (territory) and not let it DEGENERATE into "free for all"!

Bharatiya noble lady (Mother India) is, first and foremost, HINDU in culture, civilisation and religion. It should be made clear to ALL who came from Mecca to kill & convert, and from Europe to loot & plunder the wealth of Hindusthan

Only then will Bharat survive within the present ridiculous borders (at Wagah and Hoogly- instead of Khyber and Chittagong), and from the next horrendous civil war since -

"Partition" was a hasty and (temporary) half-way EXPEDIENCY, not a permanent solution to the IRRECONCILABLE "Kafir-Momin" divide that has seen the continuous (non stop) slaughter of the Hindus in Hindusthan since 712 AD.

NB: When BIG issues are settled, tiny irritants like corruption in Air India will vanish automatically.

1 June 17
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Dear All:

Hon. Civil Aviation minister, Sri Ashok Gajapathi Raju is dead wrong in saying that Air India will be taken to a new high. It is an irresponsible statement. Taxpayers are not his uncles or aunties. Air India is not a National Asset. Shame on the Minister, who will bring the BJP Sarkar into disrepute. Air India has a lot of dirty baggage. Taxpayers cannot and shall not carry the burden any more. I request the BJP Govt. to Privatize it at any cost. Sooner, the better.

BJP Govt. is in power for three years. CBI has FIRs registered against Air India. CBI is investigating multiple SCAMS committed by Air India. Air India is corrupt to the core, otherwise why CBI is investigating Air India ?

If Mr. Gajapathi Raju has guts, he should provide an E-mail ID that works, so that the concerned taxpayers can give their opinions to him. Why is he hiding from public. His published E-mail ID does not work.

Thanks & Regards,
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Air India Rs 70,000 crore scam case: CBI registers case against Civil Aviation Ministry official
Financial Express.
By: FE Online | New Delhi | Updated: May 29, 2017 9:31 PM
The CBI has registered cases against Civil Aviation Ministry official and Air India under 120B, 420 IPC and PC Act. (PTI)
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered three separate cases in connection with the alleged irregularities in purchase or hiring of 111 aircraft for National carriers that had cost about Rs 70,000 crore to Air India
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered three separate cases in connection with the alleged irregularities in purchase or hiring of 111 aircraft for national carriers that had cost about Rs 70,000 crore to Air India during the tenure of Praful Patel as the civil aviation minister, ANI reported. The CBI has registered cases against Civil Aviation Ministry official and Air India under 120B, 420 IPC and PC Act. In January, the Supreme Court of India had directed CBI to conclude the probe in the case by June, 2017.

CBI spokesperson R K Gaur told media persons that FIRs have been registered for offences of criminal conspiracy and corruption against unidentified officials of the civil aviation ministry and Air India. The cases relate to decisions taken by the the ministry during the tenure of the UPA causing a loss of “tens of thousands of crore” of rupees to the exchequer, Press Trust of India reported Gaur as saying. A preliminary inquiry was registered to probe the merger of Indian Airlines and Air India that also led to a loss of “tens of thousands of crore” of rupees, Gaur said.

As per a report by Press Trust of India, set of three FIRs has been lodged to probe alleged irregularities in the purchase of 111 aircraft, leasing of planes while acquisition process was still on, and giving up of profitable routes in favour of national and international airlines by Air India, the spokesperson said.
Cabinet to decide on privatisation of Air India

DH News Service, New Delhi, Jun 1 2017, 2:12 IST
Govt says open to all options, including disinvestment
Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju had on Tuesday said all options, including disinvestment, is before the government to take the national carrier to a new high.
The Cabinet will soon take a call on NITI Aayog ‘s suggestion to privatize Air India, where the government is pumping in money to keep it afloat.

Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju had on Tuesday said all options, including disinvestment, is before the government to take the national carrier to a new high. A source said the Cabinet would soon take a call on the issue.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said that the government is exploring all options on the national carrier, which has a debt of around Rs 50,000 crore.

The talks come against the backdrop of arguments that there is no point in the government pumping in money into Air India as part of its Turn Around Plan and Financial Restructuring Plan (TAP-FRP). Under the TAP-FRP approved in April 2012, the government had committed to infusing equity of Rs 42,182 crore from 2011-12 to 2031-32.

The Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU) described the government’s proposal as an exercise with a “dubious intent to fritter away” a national asset to benefit private airlines.

The CITU said the move was against national interest and ill-timed as it came when Air India has posted an operating profit for the first time in 10 years since its merger with Indian Airlines.
“The privatization of Air India is not for saving public money but for frittering away a national asset and exchequer for the benefit of private corporate and private airlines, both domestic and foreign. This is an exercise with a dubious intent, totally against the national interest,” the CITU stated.
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Subject: RE: Privatize Air India- Goonda politicians are abusing it at the expense of Taxpayers. Thie Air-Line is corrupted beyond repair

Dear Hon. Modi Ji :
Please, take immediate steps to sell AIR-INDIA to highest bidder. Taxpayers cannot support this corrupted and inefficient air line any longer.

It is tarnishing India’s image.
Goonda Politicians are abusing its privileges. They are attacking employees of Air India. It could lead to disastrous safety problem.

They assume AIR INDIA is their personal carrier.

Air India cannot be fixed. Nixing it, is the only good solution.
Dear All: Please, ask concerned authorities to sell AIR India, ASAP. You will be doing a great service to Bharat.
Thanks & Regards,


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Subject: RE: Air India non-viable, burden on taxpayer, DHN, Jan. 16, ; Subsidy for Hajj pilgrims wrong, Deccan Herald, Jan. 21, Fiscal Deficit ? Jan. 17, 2017
Dear Sirs:
Taxpayers supporting Air-India is unacceptable. It shall be privatized, immediately.
Subsidizing Hajj Pilgrims is wrong. Rs. 850 crores, wasted on Hajj every year, should be used to uplift the poor and improve villages.
Eliminating the expenditures on the above could reduce the fiscal deficit, below 3.9%.
Thanks & Regards,

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Air India non-viable, burden on taxpayer

Jan 16, 2017, DHNS

It was no surprise that Air India (AI) was ranked the world’s third worst airline in an international survey on the basis of factors like cabin quality, service quality and flight delays. The airline has taken strong exception to the report and has termed it as a conspiracy to malign it. Aviation data company Flightstats, whose name figured in the survey, has since explained that it did not do the ranking but had only provided the data which was interpreted by a news agency. The issue, in any case, is not the exact place of Air India among the underperforming airlines. It is well known, without the support of a survey, that its services leave much to be desired. Delays are common, and reports of flights being held up for VIPs who did not report on time are not unusual. There are frequent complaints about deficiency of service in many other respects. Competition with private airlines, after the sector was opened up, was expected to improve the situation, but it has not.

The issue with Air India is not just poor service but it’s very viability. The national airline has incurred huge losses year after year and its capital has been completely washed away. It is living on infusion of money by the government from time to time. A funding of Rs 15,000 crore was done three years ago, and the airline has not turned around. Year after year, it has reported losses and this year, too, no change is expected. The performance in the past quarters has confirmed this. The airline is weighed down by a debt burden of about Rs 47,000 crore. It is impossible to imagine that it will be able to repay this debt. Even according to the AI management’s projections, it is going to make a profit only by 2022. It is not run on professional lines. Political management of the airline has been the main reason for the poor condition it finds itself in. But the situation in unlikely to change.

There is no logic or reason for use of taxpayers’ money to support such a losing venture which has no hope of turning green in the near future. The rationale of a government running a commercial airline is weak. No public interest or social purpose is served by it. It amounts to wastage of valuable resources which can be more productively used for other purposes. The best course for the government is to go in for divestment of the airline and ensure that no more public money is wasted on it.