Date: 06/04/2017

Shri Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister of Bharat.



The day the Congress Party, the arch enemy of Akhand Bharat, took over EAST Punjab, the state with Sikh majority became a “headless chicken”.

The Party that surrendered West Punjab including the capital Lahore with strong association with Sikh Gurus, and and Sri Nankana Sahib, the sacred Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev, made the neighbouring Kashmir “disputed” for ever by Pandit Nehru’s unilateral cease-fire and Article 370, has taken over East Punjab again.

Congress victory was monumental FAILURE of BJP in the State that had made an alliance with the most corrupt and incompetent man, Parkash Singh Badal. During their rule the State became awash with drugs, the unemployed Youth were given no guidance, goal or direction, and education without life skills produced only useless scholars to sit idle at home or engage in anti social activities.

Partition was deleted from the syllabus and no citizen of EAST Punjab ever asked, “Why is the chief minister of Punjab sitting shamelessly on Union Territory, not in Lahore?”

The truncated State has NO trace of the countless past battles and bloodshed culminating in its brutal separation from West Punjab in 1947. Without awareness of the Partition of Punjab, the death of “Akhand Bharat” and the High Treason by Congress Party, the people of truncated East Punjab are going about their daily lives like the sheep grazing in the field.

Governments of unending Nehru Dynasty and Congress Party at Centre were always scheming to give the Sikhs a “bloody nose” in order to destroy their martial spirit and weaken the Hindu nation. Further fragmentation of EAST Punjab, denial of legitimate grievances of the people, widespread arrests, torture and extra judicial killings became the order of the day. As painful after-effects of Partition, loss of close relatives, homes, jobs and lands in West Punjab, and despicable manipulation by Centre many frustrated Sikhs turned against their peaceful Hindu neighbours.

The policy of “Divide & Rule” of the colonial era was revived and by force of propaganda the enemy became “brother” and the “brother” became a stranger! Very few citizens could see through the source of that poison from the "Hindu-bashing" Centre on top. Pain of Partition was replaced by the pain caused by new Sikh militancy!

We request you, Sir, to hold an enquiry into the causes of failure of BJP/Akali Dal Alliance in East Punjab and make the findings public. As the benign head of State, please keep an eye on the spirited Sikhs who are brave but easily misled. The proof? Voting to power their arch enemy who will be scheming to misguide the people of the State. Earlier proofs? Loss of Sikh Kingdom in 1849. Surrendering Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib in perpetuity when led by Mr MK Gandhi and Pandit Nehru, both of Congress Party, trusting Nehru’s daughter Maimoona Begum, thus Inviting Operation “Blue Star” followed by genocide of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in 1984, trusting the same Congress Party that punished the Sikhs for passing the Anandpur Sahib Resolution and reneging on Rajiv-Longowal Accord over Chandigarh, trusting ITALIAN BORN Sonia Maino Gandhi and voting the Congress Party to power again!

The destiny of East Punjab is in WRONG hands now and alarm bells should be ringing in the Prime Minister's Office in New Delhi! West Punjab is 100% Islamic and East Punjab has gone under pro Islam Congress Party. Kindly look at the implications and the scope of Congress mischief & manipulation among the unsophisticated ignorant, gullible and simple natives.

Only 70 years ago there was unprecedented BLOODSHED in Punjab. Millions of people were fleeing for safety in all directions like the sheep pursued by a pack of wolves. A million innocent citizens of Punjab were massacred and tens of thousands of “daughters of Hind” were abducted, raped and killed, or converted to Islam.

Overwhelmed by intense & incessant Congress propaganda the people of Punjab have never questioned the quick surrender of their TERRITORY and not DEFENDING every inch of it. Congress Party, that ought to have been disbanded due to brazen betrayal of Akhand Bharat, was allowed to rule the country, exercising immense powers for several decades. They could brainwash the people and impoverish them until May 2014 when Destiny gave you victory to bring peace & prosperity to the betrayed nation. Not one citizen of Bharat, especially East Punjab, was expected to give vote to Congress Party. So where did things go so radically wrong?

Punjab is the ancient land of Sri Ram and the cradle of Vedic culture and Bharatiya (Hindu) civilisation. Later, when the persecution of Hindus was at its worst, Sikh Gurus like Guru Nanak Dev preached mercy, kindness and non violence. Sikh warriors established a powerful Kingdom under Maharaja Ranjit Singh that extended to Gilgit Baltistan in the North and down to Multan. It was finally overwhelmed by the British East India Company in 1849 due to disunity and betrayal- something we still see in our country.

The latest misfortune of the State is the overthrow of BJP/Akali Dal Government and electing a Congress Party government.

It is beyond belief that PEOPLE of the State voted for the Party that not only broke up Akhand Bharat but also fragmented Punjab like no other State in Bharat. That original Punjab is now in FIVE fragments due to ideological hostility of Nehru Dynasty and their Congress Party and the rot in the BJP/Akali Dal leadership!

Now we point to a very foolish act by the new Finance Minister of State who, instead of improving the finances of the State, has turned his attention to souring relationship with the United Kingdom.

Mr Manpreet Singh, the man who owes his first loyalty to the Italian born chairperson of his Congress Party, is about to table a Bill that aims to “banish all trace of cruel British rule”.

The stupidity of this move is two-fold. Firstly it is a matter for the Centre, not a State, to condemn or praise the former colonial power that departed 70 years ago, and secondly, Punjabis are the largest ethnic community living and working hard in the United Kingdom.

What an ingenious way to put the NRI’s in the UK at odds with the mainstream British population who have been very kind and supportive towards the NRI’s since Day 1!

The Finance Minister of East Punjab was expected to attend to more pressing issues like youth employment, industrialisation of State, eradication of drug culture, encouragement of sports & athletics, training of the police to be polite and professional, and improving the educational standards that are rock bottom at present.

Overlooking and neglecting all these challenges, the minister has aimed his “gun” at the British- having woken up after SEVENTY years.

Sir, will your Government at Centre be so kind to keep a close eye on the brave but volatile Sikhs who once brought about agricultural revolution in West Punjab (Lyallpur) in 1920’s and in EAST Punjab in 1960s, and contributed to the defence of the country so brilliantly. The first troops flown to stop the raiders reaching Srinagar in 1948 were the Sikhs!

But the brave need wise leadership. That, Sir, is the responsibility of the Centre that is now benign towards the Sikhs unlike the Congress governments during the past seven decades.

Please reprimand the irresponsible erring finance minister, Manpreet Singh, give him a lesson in history, including the fate of Punjab in, and since, 1947, and instruct him to confine to his remit, that is, improve the finances of the State, not meddle in international politics of which he seems to have little clue.

Sir, your government should watch the ITALIAN finger in the perilous politics of Punjab, the strategic frontier State of Bharat that shares its entire border with Islamic Pakistan.

At no other place has common sense flown away on the wings of Ignorance and Stupidity than under the new Congress Party government of East Punjab.

We, the NRI’s living happily in the United Kingdom since the bloody Partition of India in 1947 can do without the latest provocation from the irresponsible minister of East Punjab who could have considered us (NRI's living in the UK) worthy of consultation before this reprehensible step with negative implications for us.

If the reckless & irresponsible legislation goes through the Punjab Assembly in Union Territory, then we, the NRI’s of Punjabi origin, living happily in the UK, will approach Her Majesty’s Government to ban Mr Manpreet Singh’s entry in the UK.

He dishonestly omitted the enemy who occupies Lahore and Nankana Sahib, having slaughtered a million Sikhs, but wants to fire his Congressi "gun" at the country that gave us new life after escaping death in West Punjab.

With best regards,


7 April 2017