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Thank you very much for this eye-opener.


Pervez Khan5 hours ago
This was one country...What? Partition. Division . you can't divide something which is already divided. India is Not a nation state but the name given to a geography.
In 1947, there were two nations and thanks to Indira Gandhi , in 1971 there were three nations.
I am holding my breath for the 4th and 5th and Sixth and ..... Stop living in a mythical "Akhand Bharat". Get a reality check.

Here is my reaction:

1. People who lived alongside each other suddenly realised that they were Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs or Christians first.

2. People realised that a fellow citizen is not a friend but a FOE if he does not share the same religion or Faith.

3. East Pakistan soon saw the difference with West Pakistan and drew swords to kill or chase out the occupiers, in this case also MUSLIMS!

4. Sikhs, brave & proud, once the rulers of Punjab and Kashmir, saw the price they paid for being part of the demoralised & cowardly Hindu nation and not a separate identity like the Muslims.

They saw their seat of religioius and poliical power, LAHORE, their sacred spot, the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev ji, NANKANA SAHIB, and the centre of cultue, GUJRANWALA, all surrendered by the Indian leaders (Gandhi and Nehru) without consulting them, without referendum- and without any reason whatsoever except panic and fright!

Some hot headed young men ask, "If there is Pakistan, why is there NO Khalistan? Why India is using double standards?"

Ironically, Pakistan is a REALITY, Khalistan is in the AIR, but "Akhand Bharat" is dead & cremated like its champion MK Gandhi.

5. The Muslims of the sub contindent call themselves the "Brotherhood of Islam". They too got divided into THREE fragments like India in 1947.

The irony is that the Hindus may never be a united people nor keen on "Akhand Bharat" any more, but the Muslim aspiration to UNITE "Broken Bleeding Bharat" (Partitioned Indian Secular State) under ONE ISLAMIC flag, flying on RED FORT in Delhi, is irresistible and perennial. It will generate such zeal & force eventually that the three artificially created countries will again unite by the "SWORD OF MOHAMMED" into one, just like the Mogul Empire earlier.

What Sir Radcliffe did was abominable. Religious fanaticism created by him in 1947 is growing like FRANKENSTEIN instead of subsiding.

END of Bharat is foreseeable though not as early as tomorrow!

27 March 2017.

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