Date: 09/03/2017



Thank you once again for reminding us of those terrible DARK days when we became so helpless after the protective umbrella of State vanished overnight, and our collective WEAKNESS promptly invited aggression.

Our WORST memory is about the women & girls who were snatched or abducted violently to become SEX OBJECTS for their attackers after their guardians, parents and menfolk had been massacred, often in front of their eyes.

If anyone deserved to be honoured and remembered even after 70 years, it is them.

Inspired by your e-mail below, I would like to appeal to the ONE BILLION STRONG Hindu nation in Bharat and the NRI's spread across the globe from Fiji to London and from London to Las Angeles, to HONOUR OUR NOBLE WOMANHOOD by erecting memorials. CAN WE TRUST THE HOME MINISTER OF INDIA TO COMMIT HIMSELF TO THIS PROJECT?

There should be not one, but FOUR such memorials honouring HINDU womanhood who PERISHED because THEIR COUNTRY BETRAYED THEM and their men could not defend them!-

No. 1. Dedicated to the two daughters of Raja Dahir of Sindh who were sent as "gift", one each, to the Imam of Mecca and the Caliph of Bagdad in 712 AD.

No. 2. The Rajput GIRLS AND WOMEN who committed JOHAR (self-immolation in FIRE) at Chitod, not once but THREE times.

No. 3. The girls and women raped, killed and mutilated in NOAKHALI district of Bengal in August 1946.

No. 4. Hindu and SIKH girls and women in West Punjab who were driven, STARK NAKED, in processions through towns, and those who fell into Muslim hands while fleeing with their parents, and those whose fathers and grandfathers killed their own bright and beautiful teenage girls to prevent them being captured by the pursuing MUSLIM gangs keen on capturing and RAPING them, apparently to the Glory of their Rasul Allah!

If the ONLY reason in not constructing these MEMORIALS is FEAR OF PROVOKING the Muslims, then ours is a "DEAD NATION" and we can be certain, 100%, that SLAVERY is coming back to (what is left of) Hindusthan and EVERY Hindu/Sikh boy and man ought to look forward to being circumcised, and every girl and women ought to be prepared to be CONFINED to homes and forced to wear BURQA when venturing out! To see what it will be like in Bharat under the Islamic flag, one should go and see the life of women in Islamic State (Daesh) in Syria, even closer to home, in Pakistan!

On a few points, such as expulsion of Rohingya Muslims from Jammu, raising a Memorial to all the HINDU girls and women captured, raped and killed at Partition, providing security to the Pandits in Srinagar, re-construction of the Great Temple at Ayodhya, prosecution of all those who indulged in scams and took bribes and commissions, writing a new Constitution, the ANGRY nation should relentlessly and ruthlessly “CHASE”.the cowardly Government of India till "cows come home".

9 Mar 17

PS: The biggest SHAME is for the Chief Minister of East Punjab, now ruling his State from Union Territory instead of LAHORE, who is concerned more with keeping POWER in his own family than "relate" to the Sikh grandfather seen in the video below!

Mr Badal neither issued a Directive to all departments and schools to wear BLACK ribbons on 15th of August every year till Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib are BACK in Bharat, and nor, indeed, raised a tall Memorial to honour the memory of the girls and women abducted, raped and KILLED in West Punjab in 1947. What "RUBBISH" chief ministers our Bharat has! (We are also looking at Mamata Banerjee of West Bengal!)


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Bhai Sahib

A good number of our cherished" MUTIAARS"
were put to death by parents to protect the sanctity of MATTRA SHAKTI.

I remember a Grandpa in Loyall pur had to face a problem, when Our Beloved Mutiaars
offered to die before the others. The Grandpa had a serious problem but he did his duty with
heavy heart and tears in his eyes.

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Subject: Re: "How Sikhs saved their women from Muslim Mauradars during Partition of 19...

Thank you, Bhai Sahib for reminding us of those "devis" (daughters of Hindusthan) who jumped into wells along with their infants to death, instead of letting a "dirty" Mohammed violate their Hindu HONOUR.

Those are stories of great courage and INSPIRATION for all the girls and women of Bharat but the Constitution of "Bandit" NEHRU has NO provision to ensure the DIGNITY of native WOMEN. To those unfortunate girls the police, the army, the whole nation, the United Nations, even God, were all DEAD!

Our 'numerically big but in patriotism small' HINDU nation shamelessly betrayed them as well our LAHORE, KARACHI and East Bengal in 1947. NONE HAS SINCE SPOKEN OF RECOVERING ALL THAT LAND SURRENDERED TO THE "RASCALS" WITHOUT A SINGLE CONDITION!

There must be a suitable MEMORIAL to pay homage to all those Sikh (and HINDU) girls who became victims of Islamic lust, barbarity and rape.

At least we could copy the Muslim "bas*ards" in this, that is, BEHEAD the rascal who inappropriately "touches" a Hindu girl.

In COWARDICE No. 1 on earth, we forget the great GENETIC deterioration of the Hindu nation through such births of the "BASTARDS" with the MOTHERS carrying the guilt feeling, the feelings of disgust, and the shameful memory of being VIOLATED & ABUSED while ONE BILLION of us, living all around them, from Kerala to Kolkata, did NOTHING!

There is NO scope for the "Three Esses" Gandhian theory of "Submit & Surrender to Survive" any more when Guru Gobind Singhji and Shivaji showed us the way. There is NO need of chanting "shanti shanti" all the time when our girls are being abducted and raped, and there is NO need of worshipping or folliowing sadhus, sants, deras and babas, who cannot raise a FORCE OF RETALIATION to teach every rapist a lesson which the court, hight courts and even the Supreme Counrt in our badly TORN, TEARFUL AND FEARFUL Hindusthan will NOT do. They are all rotten useless for all the NIRBHAYAS** of our Bharat Mahan Desh since the first uninvited & undesirable Mohammed was allowed to stay the night in our Hindusthan in 712 AD!

8 Mar 17
** Nirbhaya. See: