Date: 13/11/2016

THE FIRST CHARGE IS THAT THE TRAITOR OF MILLENIUM, flippant JL Nehru, gave one third of India away "for a song"! His TRIAL for TREASON is overdue.

We should give this information WIDEST PUBLICITY to open the eyes of the ignorant nation where still so many fools are following Sonia Maino Gandhi, his successor, blindly.

In the knowledge of such IRREFUTABLE evidence the nation should change all those names of roads, parks and institutions after Nehru, and even Gandhi who chose the wrong man so foolishly.

Please contrast Gandhi with Maharaja Ranjit Singh. History tells us that the Maharaja looked at the man and in ONE MINUTE decided to send him away or give him the command of a thousand men to lead in battle. And here we have confused, appeasing, compromising Bapu GANDHI who spent years observing NEHRU and in the end gave him a clean certificate to TAKE OVER BHARAT to do what he pleased. And Nehru did what pleased him, that is, see LAHORE go under the SWORD of Islamic Constitution while putting Delhi under his own version of "Secularism".

Now just consider WHICH country ought to have its RELIGION in Constitution- Pakistan or Bharat?

Pakistan with NO connection whatsoever with Mohammed of Mecca, or BHARAT where Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singhji and Mahatma Buddha were BORN, LIVED, PREACHED DHARMA, DID NOBLE & HEROIC DEEDS, AND PASSED AWAY?

In the same tradition of "COOLIES" Nehru, his daughter and even down to his grandson DEGRADED the native HINDU women but preferred to be the "poodle" of European females. What inspiration was THIS to the Hindu youth? What kind of role model were Nehru, Indira and Rajiv to the native YOUTH?

Hence as a prime minister, Nehru, who handed over Bharat to his daughter, ignoring and suppressing all the NATIVE genius, Hindu patriotism and talent, and was happy to see India REDUCED by one third and MILLIONS MASSACRED, ought to be declared ENEMY of HINDUSTHAN and suitably dealt with!


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Sir, You have Done a Great yeoman's job to dig out those hidden Precious letters by Jawahrlal Nehru, our First Prime minister whom, I always consider him to be a stooge of British Government.

On 13 November 2016 at 15:01, CCCCCCCCCCCC wrote:

On the eve of Children’s Day (14th November)


Mr Nehru as a child was incapable of deciding his own future. He had no idea of what he will be when he grows up. His father Mr Motilal Nehru had to plan Jawaharlal’s education etc. Motilal wanted his Son to be an ICS officer. So…..

· Jawaharlal attempted to study for ICS and miserably failed to fit the bill

· Then his father asked him to become a Barrister, Nehru though a back-bencher in studies somehow struggled to complete the course

· But again Nehru woefully failed to become a successful Lawyer. He was a damp squib at the Law court

· Whereupon, Motilal realized that his Son was a ‘fit-for-nothing-guy’, and hence decided to make him a Politician (the rest is History)

Nehru never had any role in ‘deciding’ about what he should be, What he “aspired” to be and

What he ultimately became

By the way, do you remember what George Bernard Shaw said about politicians?

“Politics is the last resort for the Scoundrels”, George indeed was right!!!

1. Nehru said:- Disband the Armed forces, It’s a waste of money

2. “Nature abhors Vacuum” was Nehru’s reply to the hue and cry of Parliament on Islamic infiltration in Assam.

3. King of Nepal was prevented from attending DASARA festival at Nagpur because India was Secular (his daughter Mymoona Begum however declared India to be an Islamic country)

4. According to Nehru India is a Nation in the making

5. When Hindu girls were being abducted from border areas by Pakistani Muslims, Nehru said that the Hindu girls are being kidnapped for biological needs (of Muslim brothers)

6. Nehru set a precedent of having Muslim Education Ministers. It has had a disastrous impact

7. Sardar Patel was a thorn in his flesh

8. Nehru was against the restoration of Somnath Mandir

9. Nehru did not attend Rajan Babu's funeral (the First President of the Republic of India)

10. Nehru abhorred Dr Rajindera Prasad, whose adherence to the Sanatan norms and values were eye-sore for Bandit Nehru

11. In a statement about the possibility of avoiding partition, he uttered, I am getting old and so are my colleagues, none of us wished to continue the struggle and face jails. This is another example of his PATRIOTISM

12. The 1962 debacle was of his making, non-preparation for unforeseen circumstances was his virtues and very shamefully he declared in the Parliament that the area occupied by China does not grow even a blade of grass. THIS IS HIS PATROTISM

13. Edwina had an enormous impact on him. Lord Mountbatten had said that he often saw his wife with Nehru and left them alone by turning a blind eye. Was Edwina, a VISHA KANYA FOR BHARAT?

14. Kashmir problem is his "gift" - bone of contention for ever. Very stupidly, without any constitutional considerations, he took the case of Kashmir to the UNO, just because of Lord Mountbatten (Edwina Mountbatten too)

15. At the time of partition he said: A few cities this side or that side does not matter.

16. I will give Lahore where 75% are Hindus & Sikhs to Pakistan

17. In early 1946, three candidates Sri Acharya Kripalani, Janab Jawaharlal Nehru Saheb, and Sri Sardar Patel, were in the race for the post of President of Congress party (he who gets elected as President at that time would eventually be the first Prime Minister of India) Twelve out of 19 Pradesh committees nominated Sardar Patel. None nominated Nehru

18. Gandhi’s reasoning was that his British education was an asset: 'Jawaharlal cannot be replaced today whilst the charge is being taken from the British’

19. Gandhi’s another point was that while Sardar Patel would agree to work as Nehru's deputy, the reverse might not happen

20. Though everybody opposed, Nehru managed to be an imposed Prime Minister of India

21. Nehru boasted of being above caste or religion but liked to be called 'Panditji.' Nonetheless, this very Pandit has kept Kashmir out of the 500 other princely states, and created a permanent problem for us

22. In a letter to D P Mishra, Patel explained: 'He [Nehru] has done many things recently which have caused us great embarrassment. His actions in Kashmir … are acts of emotional insanity and it puts tremendous strain on us to set the matters right'

23. In September 1947, Hari Singh decided on Kashmir's accession to India. But Nehru refused, Nehru wanted Sheikh Abdullah to be freed and installed as prime minister of Kashmir. This was not acceptable to the maharaja.

24. Nehru's sentimental attachment to the Mountbatten deeply vitiated the Kashmir issue. It was certainly the most important factor for the failure to find a solution in the first years of the conflict

25. Nehru could make the greatest speeches, but was unable to take a decision at a crucial moment

26. Thanks to Patel's decisiveness, troops were flown to Srinagar the next morning and the airport, the only link with India, was saved. Military operations to expel the raiders started

27. Nehru had chosen Mountbatten to be the first governor general of independent India. Nehru manipulated matters so well that, Mountbatten became chairman of a newly created defence council. While Jinnah had kept the post for himself in Pakistan

28. Mountbatten, a British officer, was now at the helm of the executive defence machinery. British generals still serving in India reported to him. Mountbatten was not working for India's interests, but the British crown's

29. Events took a turn for the worse at the end of December 1947 when Mountbatten, the Governor general managed to convince Nehru that India had to refer the Kashmir issue to the UN instead of conducting a military counterattack in West Punjab. Patel did not agree. But at this precise point in time the Sardar, who had so far looked after the relations with the princely states, was side-tracked. On December 23, he wrote his resignation, but was prevented (by Gandhi) from pressing for it. From that day, with Patel out of Kashmir affairs, things went from bad to worse

30. In the first months of 1948, during the UN hearings, the British showed where their interests lay. The original Indian complaint was completely left aside and the Security Council began adopting anti-India resolutions

Gujarat committed an atrocious crime by producing Mr M K Gandhi. However, the sin was compensated to some extent by giving birth to a noble son of Bharat Sri Sardar Vallab Patel the Iron Man of Hindustan. Gujarat perhaps completely washed off its sin by producing a Narendra Damodara Das Modi (Na Mo)