Date: 04/10/2016


The Shankaracharyas were once the pillars of Hindu (Sanatan) Dharma. Hence like the temples across Hindusthan, they, too, were rendered ineffective or mere ceremonial heads and little more after the arrival of sword wielding Mohammed in Bharat.

The Shankaracharyas were considered an obstacle by all the FOREIGN based CONQUERING religions that enslaved the Hindus for long centuries.

Now, if we are truly an independent nation, we need an urgent re-think of our religious guardians, the Shankaracharyas. It is not acceptable that they (and Shri Singh Sahibs) become mere spectators, watching large scale conversions of Hindus (& Sikhs) to well-funded, well-motivated & well organised alien Faiths.

We are up against the strangulating State doctrine of selective “secularism” (imposed in Delhi but not in Lahore and Dhaka) and zealots like Mr. Oweisi who threaten extinction of Hindus in Hindusthan and Zakir Naik who is seen converting vulnerable (“secularised demoralised”) Hindus in broad daylight!

Something needs to be done to give back POWER & DIRECTION to the high religious office that is now so reduced. We need to improve the QUALITY of Shankaracharyas and then raise their PROFILE.”

In the Secretariat of a Shankaracharya there should be an Ideological cell (IC) apart from the TEN or TWENTY cells devoted to Bhakti, Puja, Rituals, Symbols, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Divinity, Morality, Ahimsa and Spirituality, etc.

The task of the IC will be to liaise with, and guide, Benares Hindu University and establish more universities of Hindu Theology, one per State, in order to generate, and receive, INFORMATION from all over the world that should be turned into INTELLIGENCE and then IMPLEMENTED (ACTED UPON), and finally create or revive, resuscitate and rejuvenate the decomposed (or non existent) “tentacles & offshoots, limbs & muscles”, that will ACT, PERFORM and “DELIVER”, in order to ensure strong Hindu Faith and its survival in Hindusthan.

In this competitive world in which we see victims and predators (Why did we have to face the ONSLAUGHT that captured one third of our Bharat overnight in 1947, and why is Kashmir treated separately under Article 370?) the IC under the Shankaracharya deserves very special attention.

The 10 or 20 “religious” cells under any Shankaracharya will not ask questions like, “How could the Hindus be fooled & exploited so easily by the phrase “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma”, and why “Ghar Wapsi” is proving a damp squib in Bharat.

The SIKH counterpart of the IC, wisely established by the Sixth Guru, Guru Har Gobind ji (located at “Sri Akal Takht Sahib” was especially targeted by the far-seeing evil Indira Gandhi, a secret convert to Islam.

Maimoona Begum chose the target consciously (and maliciously) and also, at the same time, devised the clever diversion called “Bhindranwale”!

She was shrewd in statesmanship, no less than her father who had used the diversion “Kashmir” to cover up the unconditional surrender of five provinces in 1947!

From both major historic disasters (Partition & destruction of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, directed at Hindus and the Sikhs respectively) we ought to learn a lesson: NEVER concede top executive posts to NON Hindus. Nothing good will ever come out of such concessions and surrenders. What we really need is not only PRIDE in ourselves but also CONFIDENCE to run our own affairs, that is, rule, govern and administer Bharat with NO hostile, anti Hindu or FOREIGN finger in it to hit us hard, delivering lethal blows, while using diversionary stratagems.

We also need to clean up the media and lay stress on INVESTIGATIVE journalism. We could have saved Akhand Bharat as well as Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Having seen the curse of slavery, submission and being manipulated easily, we ask, “What about the others?”

The MUSLIM IC is the Koran that is spewing “FIRE” of separatism, hatred and violence day and night and is behind all the invasions of peaceful Hindusthan and the more recent acts of terror from “Partition of India”, the destruction of WTC Towers in New York, the destruction of Buddha statues in Afghanistan, the massacre of YAZIDIS and the loot of ancient Palmyra temples in Syria, the massacres in France, the attacks in Kargil, Pathankot and Uri, as well as the “FIRE” in the bellies of Taliban, Al Qaida, Al Shabab. Hizbutahrir, Boko Haram and a THOUSAND other splinter ISLAMIC groups including “IS” (Daesh) that all aim to “conquer the whole world and even fly the Islamic flag over Delhi!

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4 Oct 16