Date: 29/01/2016


A patriot posted the photo of French troops marching in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi last Tuesday. But there was something odd written below it. Media men had blundered but the fools kept laughing.

The question of impressing the guest of honour at the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, the French President, posed a problem. Modiji’s smart baboos wanted to highlight the French connection with India.

His “Gandhian” civil servants did not want to show a Hindu warrior. That would upset both the Muslims and the Italians! So they asked a Muslim colleague for advice. He did so promptly and suggested TIPU SULTAN who had fought the British, helped by the French. “Bingo!”, they clapped, congratulating the Muslim over his knowledge.

But in the battle Tipu suffered a crushing defeat and the French soldiers were taken prisoners by the British. It was a defeat that the French guests of honour did not need to be reminded of!
The French did some research on Tipu Sultan and discovered that he treated his Hindu subjects with utter contempt. The bigoted follower of Rasul Allah looted and destroyed the temples, massacred tens of thousands of Hindus, converted thousands to Islam, and his Turkish and Persian speaking soldiers raped the native girls day and night to their hearts’ desire.

“Don’t they have a Hindu general who fought the enemy bravely and won?” they asked.
The hosts replied sheepishly, “We do have remarkably brilliant Hindu military commanders like Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji and one who stands out above all, General Hari Singh Nalwa. He defeated the Afghans to capture Khyber Pass. But to mention him would have violated our Secularism and annoyed the “Rashtramata” from Italy and all the Muslims who very kindly stayed back after Partition!”

The French realised our need to put ‘Muslim above Hindu’ in Delhi, Srinagar and Ayodhya.
Friends, it is because of our collective Inferiority Complex that despite Partition we see Muslims in key posts in ‘Partitioned Indian Secular State’. Our own rulers have destroyed our pride in ourselves and robbed us of Hindu identity. The largest political party in our country is led by a non descript female foreigner from Italy. No one expects her to go away or become a Hindu!
Bharatiya general confessed, “We find it STUPID to mention the French fighting the British along with Tipu’s army and then ending up as prisoners of war of the British!”

He added, “To tell you the truth, we could have mentioned the General who captured Khyber Pass from the Afghans and another who inflicted a crushing defeat on Pakistan in 1972, taking 90,000 prisoners! But our official policy is to put Mohammed above the Hindu in Hindusthan. That’s why they are all over our “Bharat Mata” DESPITE Partition, even counselling our wise prime minister when he doesn’t know what to do about Article 370 or the new name for “Aurangzeb Road” in New Delhi, even the Temple in Ayodhya.

You may call it FAUX PAS in your language.”

29 January 2016.