Date: 12/01/2016

Dear ............

Thanks for raising some of the very pragmatic
and pertinent points relevant to the Kashmir
development. I could not agree with you more.
The way some of the Indian and foreign political
horse traders have assembled in Kashmir for
trying their luck in making the messy situation
of Kashmir messier, without any regard to the
health and stability of the Indian polity, the
option suggested by you seems to be more desirable
and in the best interests of the nation.

Regrettably neither Modi nor his tribe of thinkers
and politicians seem to be willing to think outside
the box and adopt such needed and firm actions and
challenge the opponents for coming up with a better
alternative. In spite of the fact that the present
political turbulence and uncertainty offers many
opportunities to BJP for ushering in new Indian
politics in Kashmir the question is does this
party have the stomach, guts and gumption to challenge
its opponents and divisive forces in the public domain?

Frankly Dr. Reddy, for India’s and Indian national
majority’s sake BJP must consider reverting back and
launching initiatives for achieving the goals set forth
by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerji for J&K as against keeping
on harping about the realization of Mufti’s dreams. In
nutshell these have been some of the characteristics of
the Mufti Mission in the state:

a) destruction of Hindu temples and places of worship
by the hundreds;
b) looting and illegal occupation of the Hindu properties;
c) stealing, breaking and black marketing of ancient Hindu idols;
d) self rule (read Muslim rule) in Kashmir;
e) no firing on Pak & PoK frontiers to make borders porous;
f) disbanding of Spl. task forces and spl. operation forces;
g) abrogation of anti-terrorism regimes & laws;
h) freedom for Kashmir Liberation Front seeking separation of
J&K from India;
i) free trade and free travel between J&K and PoK;
j) recognizing Pak-currency as legal tender in J&k;
k) Accepting Pakistan as an equal partner for administering J&K
l) Sharia to be law of the land;
m) drive the entire non-Muslim population out of Kashmir and leave
them leaderless by wiping out their activists;

All these PDP goals aim at speedily weakening the J&k and the Indian
administration in the state and encourage smuggling of currency, arms,
drug trafficking, terrorist infiltration and human trafficking. How could
BJP supposedly a patriotic party and claiming to represent the national
majority of India enter into an alliance with such a divisive, terrorist,
anti-Hindu and anti-India force only Modi and his two Kashmir
emissaries can explain!

At this point in time it seems that J&K urgently needs a heavy and
strict doze of central intervention as suggested by you.

Best wishes


Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 1:31 AM

Subject: Re: -=Kashmir-Interchange=- Obituary of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed by a KP.

Dear All,

This is the best God sent opportunity for BJP/NDA to break the coalition with PDF. and declare J & K under President's rule. citing Law & Order problem--teaching a fitting lesson to PDF for trying to hob nobbing with Congress.

The Presient's Rule can continue if any Govt. is NOT formed...In the meantime, Rajya Sabha vacancies shd. be filled up. If the BJP increases its Members' list in RJ, then all the problesm can be resolved including Article 370, Ramjanmabhoomi, Rehaibilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in a separate areas other than their previous residences in Muslim dominated localities,which they cannot occupy because Muslims will never allow them to live in peace...Let us hope that BJP's strength in RS increases for the party to fulfill its election promisses.