Date: 26/04/2013



A five-year-old girl is fighting for her life after she was kidnapped and brutally raped by her 22-year-old neighbour in New Delhi.
The youngster went missing on Monday and was rescued nearly two days later after a passer-by heard her cries. Her attacker left her for dead after attempting to strangle her, according to reports.
RN Bansal, chief of the Swami Dayanand Hospital said her genitals had been mutilated and objects had to be removed from her body after causing internal injuries and infection, according to Al Jazeera. Her condition is said to be stable with the next 48 hours critical in her fight for survival.
Protests have taken place outside Delhi Police Headquarters and in front of AIIMS Hospital in solidarity with the victim. Police have been criticised after the girl's father claimed officers offered him a bribe of 2000 rupees to "keep quiet" about the case, whilst allegedly the assistant commissioner of police slapped a girl protester at least four times, causing her ear to bleed, reported the Hindustan Times.
murder." He added that police would investigate claims of police corruption.
The latest wave of protests come in the wake of a number of attacks. The death of a 23-year-old student who died after being brutally raped on a bus in New Delhi earlier in 2012 shocked the nation and gave new vigor to the women's rights movement.
Her horrific death prompted a national outpouring of grief and angry protests against a government which is perceived to have done little to tackle violence against women.
In the wake of the latest attack, President Pranab Mukherjee said it was important to identify the causes behind the repeated failure of society to ensure security of women and children, reported the Times of India.

BHARAT used to be a country of piety, morality and veneration of goddesses and respect for girls and women. The suffix “ben” (sister) is commonly used for women’s names in Gujarat. In temples and gurdwaras both sexes participate in worship freely together. Neither a burka nor a veil is seen. That is Bharat’s native civilisation!
In 1947 Bharat’s morality died with the death of “Akhand” Bharat. Her Secularism and HINDUS died, too.

Hindus became a “dead nation” when they could not defend Akhand Bharat being the majority community. With them died India's ancient civilisation. Her political chaos was PARTITION and her moral collapse was the anti Hindu Constitution and the Government that could provide “hajj” subsidies to the Muslims and support their mosques but not the Hindu pilgrims and our temples.
An honourable nation would have ensured that our defenceless girls are not for the predators and sex maniacs. For this to happen India had to be “HINDU RASHTRA” at the same time when she conceded ISLAMIC Rashtras on either side like the open jaws of a hungry crocodile.
Though the majority community, the HINDUS, love their religion more than their own lives but a tradition has set in to put the alien, the foreigner, even the ENEMY above own side.
The result is before our eyes. In secular India the Muslims dictate to the secular Hindus not to build the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. In secular India none can relate to the HINDU refugees fleeing South Kashmir. In secular India the KHANS of Bollywood can produce money earner films that openly ridicule the Hindu religion. And in secular India the savage rape of a small Hindu girl, though a calamity for her parents and siblings, is of no concern to the Parliament while the President can say a few words in all innocence and detachment, "it was (sic) important to identify the causes behind the repeated failure of society to ensure security of women and children.”
Will someone tell the great admirer of “Sone ki chidya” SONIA from Italy (Mr. Mukherjee) that “repeated failures of society” are due to moral vacuum created by “Secularism of the Sheep” where “Hadis” of Hazrat Mohammed prevails over the native code of Hindu Dharma with regard to status of women and protection of minor girls.

REMEDY: Re-write the CONSTITUTION for “HINDU RASHTRA”. Follow the example in the West where “Religious Education” is mandatory in schools. India’s “secular” Constitution is only to give a bigger say to the “Daughter of Italy” than to any “Daughter of Bharat”.

In future if a rape of a minor girl takes place the President himself should call on the parents of the victim and admit the system failure under a failed Constitution by anti Hindu and anti Akhand Bharat traitor Jawaharlal Nehru. Present collapse of morality is atheist Nehru’s legacy.
Our Hindu nation will neither wish to hear of another rape nor of another terrorist attack in Bharat.