Date: 23/04/2013

CONVERSION by free will is recommended or accepted by Hindus. But unfortunately, Catholics, Islamists refuse to give freedom for its innocent followers. Missionaries and Mullahs convert innocent people from low classless through deception or through sword. Coercive religious conversion or deceptive conversion is dangerous for the nation.

Once people or converted they are abandoned for rot, by the missionaries or conversion groups. People remember Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Aristophanes Hippocrates of Pre-christian Greeks. Once Greek was forcefully converted in to Christianity we never hear no great thinkers, scientists, or philosophers from Greek.

This happened in Kerala, Philippines and many other Islamic countries. Converted people are indoctrinated brainwashed and their memories are erased and a false memory is introductory. They flot aimlessly working for alien groups. Kerala has produced rich Christians through Forest land grab, appeasement policies and corruption But they have not produced any Mahkavi like vallathol, Ullor, or Kumaransasan,. A nation is know for the contributions in literature, poetry and philosophy. Can a converted group of Christians produce any Sankaracharya or Chttambi Swanmigal or Sri Narayana Guru? Of t course, Kerala Christian have produced great Prostitutes and nuns serving all over the world Philippines have produced great nuns, nurses and prostitutes . But they have not produced any great philosophers How can they? Once their cultural roots are cut and they float like parasites drawing inspiration or motivation from closed dogmas. Boston Brahmans, Walter Lip man, Emerson, Arnold Toynbee Adolf Hurley, and many literary giants who draw inspiration form Vedas and Upanishads praised Hindutuva.