Date: 12/10/2015

A Season In Hell
by Phyllis Chesler

Israel is up against both a terrorist, guerilla war and an international war which is funding chaos and barbarism over and above the forces of enlightenment and lawful order.

Israel is also up against a regional melt-down in which Muslims are stabbing, shooting, be-heading, enslaving, and exiling infidels (Christians and Yazidis) and the "wrong" kind of Muslims. Utter lawlessness has been set loose in the Arab, Muslim world. At this moment in history, the Jews cannot expect to be viewed as somehow more important than millions of non-Jewish and non-Israeli victims in the region. The ethical bar has been lowered, life is cheap, blood is flowing. Thus, a season in Hell is upon us.

In addition, Israel also faces Iran, a potential Super-Power, a country with clear genocidal intent towards Israel—a country with which European businessmen have avidly been doing business even before the invisible ink is dry on the non-treaty, non-deal, lift-the-sanctions deal.